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james franco's 'the disaster artist': a great movie about the greatest bad movie

james franco’s “the disaster artist” promises to make up for years of devastating reviews and late-night jeers aimed at tommy wiseau and his cult flick, “the room.” the infamous 2003 self-made, self-promoted indie flop turned midnight movie sensation is filled with bad acting, worse continuity...

south by southwest film festival to premiere james franco's 'the disaster artist

the south by southwest film festival, following up on its main program announcement last week, on tuesday released more titles for the upcoming edition of the austin, texas-based event. topping the new list is the world premiere of “the disaster artist,” directed by and starring james franco. based...

james franco’s ‘the disaster artist’ premieres at sxsw next month

the story about the 'citizen kane' of bad movies will premiere in austin next month.

dave franco and ‘mad men’ actor alison brie get married

franco and brie appear together in "the disaster artist," which stars and is directed by franco's older brother, james.

an artist hated the 'fearless girl' statue - so he put this at her feet

for nearly three months, the "fearless girl" statue has stared down the "charging bull," an iconic, 11-foot, three-ton monument to "peace, strength, power and love," according to the artist. this weekend, new york artist alex gardega decided he'd had enough. while "messing around" in his studio,...

artist salvador dali’s bones to be exhumed in spain for paternity test

a spanish judge on monday ordered the remains of artist salvador dali to be exhumed to settle a paternity suit, despite opposition from the state-run foundation that manages the artist's estate.

minnesota artist returns from l.a. for austere, magnetic solo exhibit

artist nathan hylden makes mystery out of the mundane.

magdalena abakanowicz, polish artist behind headless sculptures in grant park, d

renowned sculptor and fiber artist magdalena abakanowicz, poland's leading visual artist, has died at age 86, the rector of warsaw's academy of fine arts said friday. abakanowicz' work was notable for her larger-than-life, headless human figures, arranged in crowds in open spaces. she primarily...

arizona artist receiving death threats over controversial anti-trump billboard

the artist behind an arizona billboard attacking president donald trump claims she is now the subject of death threats after news and photos of her creation went national. according to azcentral, artist karen fiorito knew she would get a strong reaction for her work which went up of friday and depic...

'most beautiful island' and 'the work' win top prizes at south by southwest film

even as it garners more headlines for screening star-studded premieres such as this year’s “baby driver,” “atomic blonde” and “the disaster artist,” the true soul of the south by southwest film festival still lives in the charmingly homespun and offbeat appeal of its awards presentation. few other...

here’s the real reason ‘wonder woman’ is a pr disaster

wonder woman is a perfect storm of pr disaster. she cannot be written without triggering something that is completely and utterly unacceptable to trigger.

arizona artist receiving death threats over controversial anti-trump billboard

the artist behind an arizona billboard attacking president donald trump claims she is now the subject of death threats after news and photos of her creation went national. according to azcentral, artist karen fiorito knew she would get a strong reaction for her work which went up of friday and depicts trump accompanied by mushroom […]

editorial: why gop health care plan is an unmitigated disaster

why trumpcare is an unmitigated disaster for americans, and especially so for californians

artist protests new york’s ‘fearless girl’ statue by installing a dog statue pee

the artist says it's not a sleight against feminism, but against 'corporate nonsense'

federal government cutting back on disaster assistance as floods become more sev

‘(they don’t) want to be in the business of disaster assistance anymore,’ says jason thistlethwaite of the university of waterloo. ‘it’s too expensive’

fyre festival in bahamas, dubbed coachella for the super rich, ends in disaster

general admission packages started at us$1,200. guests said they found a dire, unfinished campsite and described accommodations as disaster relief tents

the ghost of goya rises in l.a.'s chinatown

manuel ocampo and irene iré combine their talents in a gallery show that feels like a three-artist exhibition. that's no mean feat, especially when the third artist is goya.

cnn brings courtroom sketch artist to white house briefing to flout camera ban

cnn took a novel approach to the white house’s decision this week to forbid cameras at press secretary sean spicer’s daily briefing. the hill said friday that the network brought in a courtroom sketch artist to draw the briefing. media critic brian stelter tweeted a picture of artist bil...

holcomb grants east chicago disaster request pence denied

gov. eric holcomb announced thursday he will grant a disaster declaration for east chicago to help address issues at the u.s.s. lead superfund site – a request vice president mike pence, the former governor, denied. mayor anthony copeland had previously requested a disaster declaration from pence,...

10 essential components of an effective disaster recovery plan10 essential compo

having a well-designed disaster recovery plan can be the difference between bouncing back from an incident or going under. here's what to include in your plan.

toronto gallery cancels exhibit of white artist’s paintings over complaints of c

amanda pl has said her work was inspired by the woodland school of art and has acknowledged a similarity to the work of anishinaabe artist norval morrisseau

‘this makes no sense’: trump proposes cuts to disaster relief funds to pay for b

the proposal would slash the budget of the federal emergency management agency, which provides disaster relief after hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters

national disaster declared after floods kill 246

officials declare national disaster and appeal to international donors for $100m to help thousands affected by floods.

dreezy has a bone to pick with the bet awards after “best female hip-hop artist”

chicago rapper, dreezy, makes valid points about her surprising absence from the "best female hip-hop artist" category.

world in motion: in conversation with the mo-cap artist behind destiny's lord sa

dunkirk, destiny and call of duty motion-capture artist james alexander-taylor talks about his job.

correction: art review-russia-triennale story

in a story march 11 about a russian art show, the associated press incorrectly spelled the name of an artist. the artist's name is aslan gaisumov, not aslan gaimov.

artist sam durant was pressured into taking down his 'scaffold.' why doesn't he

l.a. artist sam durant discusses "scaffold" at the walker art center, which generated an outcry from native american activists and has been taken down.

naked tree lovers subject of berkeley artist’s book

"we are trees" is the world's largest collection of naked tree activist photos, says environmental artist jack gescheidt.

remote washington park features work by artist maya lin

one of the best-kept secrets in the lewiston-clarkston valley appears to be the work of a world-renowned artist off the beaten path in washington's asotin county.

trump approves california disaster declaration

president trump on thursday approved a federal disaster declaration for california due to flooding, landslides and other damage caused by winter storms in late january, according to the white house. the declaration makes federal funding available to state, tribal and local governments to do emergency...

artist jann haworth talks about the fashion and style featured on the beatles’ i

artist jann haworth on collaborating with sir peter blake and sir paul mccartney on the 1967 image.

heroes wanted for disaster aid response team

the los gatos-monte sereno disaster aid response team is seeking civic-minded volunteers to join their ranks. volunteer numbers have dropped to critical levels and they'll welcome those willing even if they don't live in the area.

artist julian stanczak dies at 88

julian stanczak, an artist known worldwide for his brightly colored, geometric op art, has died. he was 88.

national gallery sleuth uncovers french artist’s secrets

at a national gallery exhibition of works by 19th-century artist frédéric bazille, a curator is using x-rays and other tools to examine painted-over images beneath the surface.

9 things you should do to prepare for a natural disaster

sure, it’s all the rage to come up with a zombie survival plan, but the likelihood of every having to put it into action is slim. meanwhile, people in tornado alley or along a fault line face the very real possibility of a devastating natural disaster befalling them within their lifetime. even though people are […]