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diversity workshop showed me that feminists are their own worst enemies

i joined this workshop in hopes that it would be a place to ask some tough questions and get insightful answers. i figured out some advocacy techniques and also got a quick view of how feminist advocates are their own worst enemies.

i got kicked out of diversity training

it’s not a good sign when you discover that everybody in a diversity workshop thinks the same way. i signed up for a one-month online workshop advertised as skill-building for white women who want to be “allies and advocates” for women of color. it’s a hot topic right now, framed as “intersectionality”...

are gender feminists and transgender activists undermining science?

in the world of radical identity politics, two groups with very different philosophies have been ignoring science in the name of a ncing equality: gender feminists and transgender activists. gender feminists — who are distinct from traditional equity feminists — refuse to acknowledge the role...

feminists have more in common with ‘the handmaid’s tale’ than they think

both feminists and fundamentalists try to build a comprehensive account of womanhood using a radically incomplete set of parts.

feminists catfight over emma watson’s skimpy vanity fair cover

by either denying their form or self-objectification, feminists are preoccupied with their bodies. they, not men, have failed to stop defining women by sexuality.

this is a new day for feminists, i reckon

as we chatted about sen. al franken’s embarrassing photo, a male friend acknowledged being unsettled by it. “i wouldn’t want to be remembered forever,” he said, “for the worst 20 seconds of my life.” right. who would? yet that may well be the minnesota democratic senator and former “saturday night...

7 things i learned at the women’s convention about feminists and abortion

abortion was a big focus of the women’s convention, but so was racism, a lack of diversity, and an obsession with women's genitalia. here’s what i saw.

explosion at turkish workshop kills 1; officials suspect it was caused by repair

an explosion inside a workshop where a police armored vehicle was being repaired killed one man and injured a number of other people, turkish police said tuesday. the blast in the mainly kurdish city of diyarbakir caused part of the workshop — an annex to the city's main police headquarters — to...

christina hoff sommers on feminists, eradicating men, and campus culture misery

do feminists exaggerate the oppression of women and ignore the misfortunes of men? don't miss christian hoff sommers on the federalist radio hour.

power tools and pigs’ feet? hands-on workshop encourages young women to pursue m

the one-day workshop included faux "surgery" sessions, lectures and a q&a session with parents.

john glenn airport to hold workshop on flight anxiety

columbus, ohio (ap) — an airport named for one of ohio’s most famous flyers is planning a workshop to help people face their fears of airports and flying. aviation and health professionals will lead the facing takeoff workshop, which will include a session on skills for managing anxiety. participants also can practice entering a security […]

berkeley offers how-to workshop on raising backyard chickens

the april 23 workshop will explore topics such as zoning, chicken care and chicken behavior, and how it relates to husbandry.

watch live now: planetary science vision 2050 workshop

nasa is hosting a live-streamed community workshop today to discuss its long-range vision for the planetary science division as part of its planetary science vision 2050 workshop.

john glenn airport to hold workshop on flight anxiety

an airport named for one of ohio's most famous flyers is planning a workshop to help people face their fears of airports and flying.

3 ways chelsea handler is the worst feminist cliché

if comedian chelsea handler thinks feminists should be rude, racist, and entitled, that word doesn’t mean what she thinks it means.

why are feminists trying to destroy ivanka trump?

the hypocrisy of most radical feminists these days is mind-boggling. the latest hypocrisy is their bullying of retailers to drop ivanka trump’s apparel line.

santa’s workshop set at north platte community college

north platte, neb. (ap) — it looks like santa claus is taking a break from the north pole to attend an event in north platte. north platte community college has announced the big guy will be featured at its santa’s workshop next week. the npcc student life department will host its annual santa’s workshop from […]

ohio college offers drug prevention education workshop

dayton, ohio (ap) — wright state university in southwest ohio is offering a workshop on drug prevention education for teachers and school administrators. the wednesday morning program covers tools for opioid and drug prevention in schools, and learning more about what’s called the hope curriculum. that stands for health and opioid-abuse prevention education. the workshop […]

watch: conservative mansplains on fox news why feminists won’t defend ivanka tru

appearing on fox & friends sunday morning, the head of the conservative citizens united pac lectured feminists for not standing up for  ivanka trump after she sat in for her elected father at a g20 meeting in hamburg. following the lead of host abby huntsman — who excitedly read some of th...

boulder to hire city’s first “diversity officer”

boulder will choose from three finalists for the position of "diversity officer," a new role the city created to increase diversity and inclusivity in its workforce.

is it anti-feminist to criticize ivanka trump?

women criticizing ivanka trump’s inclusion in the g20 summit are bad feminists, according to donald trump’s former deputy campaign manager. citizens united chairman david bossie said in an interview with fox news that left-wing criticism for ivanka did not benefit women. “these feminists...

are these skydiving dogs poachers' worst enemies?

elite dogs are trained to immediately sniff out the poacher, rushing to attack, pinning the poacher to the ground until more help arrives

strawberry theatre workshop actors’ relationships help ‘proof’ add up

a review of david auburn’s pulitzer- and tony-winning play “proof,” staged by strawberry theatre workshop in seattle through feb. 18.

diversity advocate: boards 'not moving fast enough' to add women, minorities

women and minorities are occupying more seats at corporate boardroom tables than they were four years ago and now hold 30.8 percent of board seats among 492 fortune 500 companies studied by the alliance for board diversity, a collaboration of four diversity organizations.

contest winners will visit workshop named for erma bombeck

dayton, ohio (ap) — two writers who won a contest will get a trip to a writers’ workshop named for late humorist erma bombeck and a two-week stay at a hotel in her ohio hometown to work on their proposed books. the university of dayton’s erma bombeck writers’ workshop on monday announced inaugural winners of […]

this is where the grammys are born — in a remote mountain workshop in colorado

few places feel more removed from the glamorous world of the entertainment industry than this remote town high in the san juan mountains. it’s an almost magical land of tumbling trout streams, turquoise lakes and craggy peaks. it’s also the home of the grammy awards. in a small workshop here, john...

pwc chairman on diversity pledge and oscar blunder

more than 150 ceos of fortune 500 companies have signed up for the "ceo action for diversity and inclusion"

photos: 25 award-winning shots from the denver post photography workshop

on a beautiful, cool fall weekend, 25 photographers gathered at the denver post for the denver post photography workshop series.

sesame workshop child refugee plan wins first macarthur $100m challenge

in the end, the muppet may well have been the secret weapon. a proposal by sesame workshop and the international rescue committee to educate middle eastern refugee children is the winner of the macarthur foundation’s largest-ever grant, a $100 million prize awarded under the 100&change label, the...

no, it isn't 'undermining science' to say gender identity is influenced by cultu

to the editor: as a trained neuroscientist like debra w. soh, i was disappointed to read her “nature only” argument regarding gender that she spins as “science.” (“are gender feminists and transgender activists undermining science?” opinion, feb. 10) soh argues that it is gender feminists who don’t...

the ncaa put out a diversity hiring pledge. notre dame and boston college won't

last september, the ncaa started circulating a "presidential pledge" intended to deal with a problem that continues to rankle college sports: diversity in hiring. while racial diversity on the sidelines and front offices of professional sports leagues has improved in the past decade, the situation...

israeli military demolishes workshop in west bank settlement

the israeli military has begun demolishing an illegally-built carpentry workshop in a west bank settlement as dozens of jewish settlers are rallying against the move.

diversity in tech: lots of attention, little progress

new york (ap) — the tech industry brought us self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and 3-d printers. but when it comes to racial and gender diversity, its leading companies are no trailblazers. despite loudly touted efforts to hire more blacks, latinos and women, especially in technical and leadership positions, diversity numbers at the largest tech companies […]

2017 mosaic high school journalism workshop — application and information

apply now for the 2017 mosaic high school summer journalism workshop, which will be held from may 28 through june 9 on the san jose state university campus.

'this is on people's minds': parents, students flock to social media workshop at

parents, teens and tweens packed a lounge at oak park and river forest high school on nov. 8 for information and discussions on risky teen behavior and social media use. the workshop, "sex, drugs and snapchat!" was facilitated by carrie goldman, chicago-area author of "bullied: what every parent,...