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200 years of authenticity (or lack thereof) in casting

the debate surrounding authenticity in casting has a long and dramatic history. here is a look at pivotal moments that built the discussion into where it is now.

don't get too fancy in your marketing -- authenticity always wins

focus less on the product and more on the company and the people who work there.

the wades and fancy team up for ‘d&g: a his & hers fancy pop-up experience’

be sure to pay a visit if you're in nola for all-star weekend.

fancy a bentley? you can get one at the confed cup

forgot your toothbrush on your way to moscow for the confederations cup or the 2018 world cup? you can buy a new one at the hotel lobby. fancy an ultra-luxury car? you can get one of those too.

which marketing strategy is right for your business?

marketing is a tricky profession. it takes hard work and a wiliness to be flexible and open to different marketing strategies for a business to succeed. you have choices when it comes to launching your marketing campaigns and connecting with your customers. it’s rare you’d use only one tactic throughout your marketing career. review the […]

essential arts & culture: misty copeland and dudamel, 'heisenberg' uncertainty,

a ballerina and the la phil. broadway stars on the stage. and a look at the meaning of authenticity when it comes to casting. i’m carolina a. miranda, staff writer for the los angeles times, with your weekly dose of all things culture: copeland and dudamel team up two of american ballet theatre’s...

glenwood springs historical society now doubts authenticity of doc holliday’s gu

the authenticity of a gun thought to be previously owned by old west gunfighter doc holliday and recently purchased for $84,000 by the glenwood springs historical society has been put in to question.

#authenticityincasting: six cases where social media spread the conversation

social media has driven the conversation about authenticity in casting. here are a few of the most visible hashtags along with a brief summary of their use. #whitewashing this hashtag crops up whenever a light-skinned actor’s ethnicity departs from the heritage of his character. it recently surfaced...

5 email marketing terms you need to know

starting a new marketing campaign can be a little daunting, especially if there is a lot of technical jargon that makes the process even more complicated. to help you get off to the best possible start, we’re looking at the email marketing terms you need to know. marketing automation marketing automation is the use of […]

attorney wins legal fees in tourism marketing case

attorney cory briggs may not have prevailed entirely in his lawsuit challenging a tourism marketing charge paid by hotel guests, but he still deserves to be paid legal fees of nearly $900,000, a superior court judge decided this week. the award represents about a third of the more than $2.6 million...

reap the rewards of digital marketing wizardry

digital marketing can boost your business. get the expertise to grow your company or your pay check with the complete digital marketing course 2017

which industries are the winners where digital marketing is concerned?

while it may be that pretty much every industry is making use of digital marketing tools nowadays, there are some industries that seem to be benefitting more than others. in fact, there are four big stand-outs who are getting some pretty impressive returns on investment where digital marketing is concerned. digital marketing agency single grain […]

seen: dine & d’art not your typical fancy-pants bash

tennis shoes may not be de rigueur for a fundraising gala. but then, dine & d'art isn't your typical fancy-pants bash.

4 ways to digital marketing success

digital marketing is the way of the world these days. if you don't want to be left behind then the digital marketing guru bundle will get you up to speed.

fancy is a pocketable smartphone gimbal

smartphone stabilizers are a great tool for capturing professional-looking video footage on your mobile device and are getting more powerful with every new generation. however, most current models have one thing in common: they are not really pocketable, making them more of a dedicated tool for serious video shooters rather than an everyday item for the average consumer.  the fancy stabilizer is now out to change this. it is an electronic smartphone gimbal that takes up less space than the smartphone it is attached to. the makers of the fancy, chinese company wewow, is currently running an indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the device and claims it is the currently smallest and lightest smartphone gimbal on the market. with just 43.5mm (1.7 in) wide, about 118mm (4.4 in) ta

ex-state dept official: syria missile strikes are just ‘fancy fireworks’ without

former state department spokeswoman and senior white house director nayyera haq appeared on msnbc friday afternoon and said that president donald trump’s missile strike on syrian territory is just “fancy fireworks” if it’s not followed by a concerted diplomatic effort. anchor...

'moonlight' wins best picture after 'la la land' presented award in error

update: "moonlight" wins best picture, emma stone wins best actress for "la la land" and casey affleck wins best actor for "machester by the sea." the jimmy kimmel-hosted 89th academy awards seesawed between jabs at donald trump and passionate arguments for inclusivity, with awards going to "la...

wikileaks releases info on what it says are a trove of cia hacking tools

a cia spokesman would say only that 'we do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents'

chicago inmates can order fancy italian pizza made in jail

chicago (ap) — a chicago jail has started offering gourmet italian pizzas to inmates. for the past few weeks, inmates have been able to order a pizza made by fellow inmates in a fancy $16,000 pizza oven. it’s part of a training program designed to give inmates skills that can land them jobs when they […]

adobe consolidates several marketing functions into 'experience cloud'adobe cons

company has combined a flotilla of cloud-based marketing functions into what it calls the adobe experience cloud, debuting it march 21 at its digital marketing summit.

trends that will revolutionize the digital marketing industry for 2017

every year the analysts and researchers come up with trends for the entire year ahead. digital marketing is an industry which is constantly evolving and if you are a web developer who is eager to set your website online and keep profits rolling, you have to increase your knowledge on the changes to digital marketing […]

salman khan and angad bedi go out for a fancy chopper ride

salman khan and angad bedi’s chopper selfieâ€¦â  continue reading ...

‘la la land’ is hollow, so no wonder hollywood loves it

for all its pretense about art and authenticity, 'la la land' is painfully artificial and ends up having very little soul at its core.

peta wanted disturbing cat abuse video to go viral — before they were going to r

‘your posting of the provocative piece would simply be to acknowledge that it’s in circulation – not to make any claims about its authenticity,’ went the pitch

cupertino, sunnyvale: two big softball wins for homestead girls

with time running out on its season and its hopes of returning to the post-season, the homestead softball team needed not just wins last week, but quality wins. the mustangs got both.

the arab airlines using trump's bans for marketing

arab carriers use electronics ban for clever marketing ads, garnering thousands of clicks and reactions online.

failure and authenticity: why millennials succeed at marketing

millennials seem to have the tightest grasp on which marketing tactics meet these new expectations and are successful with today's consumers, mainly because they are today's consumers.

have you heard the latest about ‘rumors’ at hillbarn?

the men clearly are the best-drawn characters in simon’s world, and that’s true in “rumors.” but kelly hudson and dan demers take top honors here, she for her over-the-top performance, and he for the aching authenticity of his many, many moments of pain.

microsoft adding email marketing app to office 365 business premiummicrosoft add

microsoft's small business customers will soon be able to launch professional, data-driven email marketing campaigns using office 365.

class 4a softball state tournament

farmington wins over chanhassen 2-0 and anoka wins over woodbury after 13 innings 1-0.

drake sets new record, beyonce and more take home wins at billboard music awards

the 2017 billboard awards was definitely a time to be alive, especially when your name is drake. the more life artist walked away with 13 trophies, setting a new record for the most wins in one year. before the award show kicked off, the toronto had already accumulated 10 wins and no. 11…

hunger strike leader barghouti says eating video fake

marwan barghouti rejects authenticity of the video that israel released, saying he will see his protest 'to the end'.

hunger-strike leader barghouti says snacking video fake

marwan barghouti rejects authenticity of the video that israel released, saying he will see his protest 'to the end'.

sendgrid expands further into e-mail marketing with bay-area acquisition

sendgrid on tuesday said it acquired san francisco e-mail startup bizzy to help the company's expansion into marketing.

trump's typos are very unprecedential, but we're not so innocent either

president trump, who once famously complained of an “unpresidented” action taken by china, has used the written english language in a novel way (and typically in 140 or fewer characters at a time). to some this reinforces his authenticity and therefore appeal, but it also has made him the target...