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donald trump has no conscience — he only sees profits

immediately following donald trump’s missile strike in syria, the media, political analysts, pundits, they began telling us that trump was so moved by those images that he saw on tv of the chemical attack in syria that he just decided that he had to act. well, this is a lie. donald trump has n...

donald trump jr takes over washington el near white house

donald trump jr. has taken the reins of the trump international el near the white house after critics charged it was a conflict of interest for u.s. president donald trump to run the el while also running the federal government that is leasing the building to his company. a filing with the dis...

donald trump jr., running the family business, says he has nearly 'zero contact'

during the presidential campaign, donald trump jr. was one of the most ardent and visible supporters of his father's candidacy. the eldest son of donald trump traveled nationwide, giving speeches, holding fundraisers and appearing on television to stump for his dad - and even advocating for some...

it turns out donald trump is not an artist of the deal

“winning is everything,” donald trump often said as he campaigned for president. “nothing is presidential except victory.” last week, trump suffered a major defeat when he couldn’t force a house vote for the healthcare bill he endorsed. but trump being trump, he said it wasn’t really a defeat;...

it turns out donald trump is not an artist of the deal

“winning is everything,” donald trump often said as he campaigned for president. “nothing is presidential except victory.” this week, trump suffered a major defeat when he couldn’t force a house vote for the healthcare bill he endorsed. but trump being trump, he said it wasn’t really a defeat;...

the most impressive thing about donald trump’s first 100 days

tired of the 100-day review of donald trump’s presidency? you should be, with one exception. the drama, ambition and accomplishment in the first 100 days of donald trump’s presidency lie not in his record, but in the resistance to this president. ever since franklin roosevelt pushed through major le...

5 things about the donald and melania trump

donald trump and his wife melania trump’s relationship has always been under the scanner and the duo’s relationship seem to be a little strange. they have also been compared to other presidents and their first ladies, specifically to their predecessor the obamas. donald seems to sideline his w...

‘this country cannot survive with a failure at the top’: chris matthews explodes

msnbc hardball host chris matthews gave a passionate critique of president donald trump during his trump watch segment. matthews explained the racist underpinnings of trump’s political rise to power leading the birther movement. “birtherism is donald trump’s original sin,” ma...

donald trump borrows wwe’s playbook to play the heel

this article originally appeared on the conversation. during a panel at harvard on march 7 on press and the presidency, political journalist jessica yellin described donald trump’s conflict with the press as “wwf, media edition: in one corner, donald trump, defending the anti-institutionalist positi...

here’s how to donald trump’s phone

how to into donald trump’s phone donald trump refuses to give up his insecure android-based smartphone even after becoming president. he continues to use his old samsung galaxy s3 to tweet from his @realdonaldtrump account. the president, who on jan. 4, called the democratic national comm...

‘hey, donald, settle the f*ck down!’: fox’s roger ailes worried trump was ‘crazy

in an extensive politico piece detailing president donald trump’s evolving relationship with conservative media it is revealed that roger ailes at one time thought he could control then candidate donald trump only for him to finally concede he thought trump was “crazy.” according t...

the trump show

a look at the blurred lines between donald trump, reality tv star and donald trump, president of the united states.

is trump to blame for violence at his rallies?

what can you say to defend yourself after you are accused of roughing up a protester at a donald trump campaign rally? well, you can try blaming donald trump. that's the road taken by alvin bamberger, a 75-year-old veteran from ohio who can be seen in videos of a march 2016 trump rally in louisville,...

donald trump jr. ‘liked’ tweet hoping quebec shooter was a muslim because it wou

donald trump jr. liked a post on twitter extolling the “tremendous spike in political capital” his father, president donald trump, will receive once “it’s revealed that the quebec shooting terrorists are muslims.” the original tweet was posted monday by john cardillo, a former nypd officer and syndi...

donald trump: women’s rights and pregnancy in the workplace

the 45th president of the usa, donald trump, is making waves with the executive orders he is signing. on 20 january 2017, donald j. trump took office as the 45th president of the united states of america. some think this event was a glorious occasion (america will become great again), while others are holding their […]

how not to go bonkers over donald trump

so, here we are in week two of the donald trump presidency. and i don't know about you, but i'm kind of exhausted. my brain feels slightly bedraggled, and i think i am plum out of sighs. not because of president trump, mind you, but because a significant chunk of america seems to have made a hobby...

donald trump's populism is a charade

president donald trump likes to say he is keeping his campaign promises. however, in the most important respect, he is reneging on the message he delivered to his most ardent supporters: he's not leveling the playing field, but rather, he's boosting the already-rich. first, trump's big infrastructure...

the past, present, and future of trump’s troubling attitude toward the press

after a whirlwind first weekend containing both the historic inauguration of donald trump and a global, record-breaking protest led by women, it is perhaps surprising that one of the most important news developments is perhaps months or years old: trump’s treatment of the press. throughout the paign and after the election, donald trump and his […]

donald trump rips nfl qb colin kaepernick during speech in kentucky

trump told the crowd he read an article reporting that nfl owners don't want to pick kaepernick up "because they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump."

donald trump’s true 100-day achievement

donald trump's greatest single achievement in his first 100 days in office is that we are not talking much about whether russia colluded with trump's campaign to help elect him.

donald trump is king of the links most weekends

for the tenth weekend in a row, president donald trump visited a trump-branded property, something he has done every weekend except the first two after his inauguration.

donald trump will likely betray his white working-class voters

for many months on the campaign trail, donald trump sent a clear message about his fellow republicans: ideologically, i'm not one of them. this wasn't just true on trade, but also on safety-net programs that protect, among others, low-income whites. president trump, he said, won't let people die...

donald trump's woeful ignorance about the civil war and andrew jackson

president donald trump always ends his self-reverential rallies with the rolling stone song "you can't always get what you want." kinda fitting since, 102 days in, he has proved that point over and over. but after trump's intellectually deficient interview with the washington examiner's salena...

donald trump just escalated his war with the intelligence community

president donald trump's latest round of early morning tweets thursday go well beyond the usual bluster about his opponents. he is now basically calling for the use of the government's investigative machinery to be turned loose on them. trump tweeted angrily about the leakers who have disclosed...

donald trump criticizes colin kaepernick’s current nfl predicament

"they don't want to get a nasty tweet from donald trump. do you believe that," said trump.

can the u.s.-japan alliance survive donald trump?

concerned. anxious. confused. perplexed. these are the most common adjectives i heard in tokyo from japanese officials and experts who are trying to understand the trump administration's approach to foreign policy and what it might mean for them. they are concerned about president donald trump's...

russia denies intelligence contacts with donald trump campaign

the latest on president donald trump (all times local):

dionne: donald trump and the bear in the woods

donald trump's relationship with russia is a direct threat to american democracy

can donald trump deliver a serious speech?

president donald trump has, in nearly 40 days in office, not told us what the substance of any -- let alone all -- of his major proposals will look like.

why the resistance is the best thing that’s happened to donald trump

by offering a zero-sum choice, democrats have made defending donald trump a lot easier.

economic reality check: donald trump's first 100 days

is us president donald trump doing a good job managing the world's largest economy?

trump's sons open dubai golf club stamped with family name

two of u.s. president donald trump's sons ceremonially opened a trump-branded golf club in dubai on saturday, meeting privately with emirati elites as questions remain about how separated their father is from the empire bearing his name. eric and donald trump jr., who now lead the trump organization,...

why american voters elected donald trump president (2 letters)

some of the folks i see around me may have missed the reason some of us voted for donald trump. yes, we know the man is a buffoon, inappropriate and cr .

is donald trump about to lose his attorney general?

us president donald trump's links with russia are under further scrutiny.

cartoons: keeping up with donald trump

president donald trump is illustrated under many situations by these syndicated cartoonists.