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earth-like planet? not so fast — scientist says to watch your words

astronomers shouldn't throw around terms such as "earth-like planet" and "habitable world" too freely, one researcher warns.

'planet earth ii' is packed with wonders, stories and, finally, warnings

"looking down from two miles above the surface of the earth, it's impossible not to be impressed by the sheer grandeur and splendor and power of the natural world," says david attenborough at the beginning of "planet earth ii," the sequel to his landmark 2006 "planet earth." that globally popular...

nasa scientist tired of debunking planet x doomsday theories

the rumor claims that a planet called nibiru (or planet x) is orbiting the outer fringes of our solar system on a path that will soon send it careening toward earth, either to smash into it or cause a gravitational doomsday.

saturday's tv highlights and weekend talk shows: 'planet earth: blue planet ii'

series saturday night live jessica chastain hosts, with musical guest troye sivan. 8:29 and 11:29 p.m. nbc planet earth: blue planet ii this new installment of bbc america’s emmy-winning “planet earth” series premieres simultaneously across several networks. presented by david attenborough, the...

curious kids: what plants could grow in the goldilocks zone of space?

imagine a planet like the earth, orbiting a distant star. could that planet have life? well, life on earth (the only life we know) needs liquid water. so to find life on another planet, we think that that planet would have to be "just right."

bbc's 'planet earth' team created this african adventure that's all about nature

picture yourself as a bbc filmmaker on a 12-day journey to botswana, south africa and zambia sponsored by tauck tour and cruise company in conjunction with bbc's “planet earth ii” tv series. tauck has teamed with the bbc to create 16 nature-themed journeys that accent “planet earth”-style adventures....

'hello, is this planet earth?': amazing earth views by tim peake (gallery)

british astronaut tim peake shows off his view from space in a new photo book "hello, is this planet earth?" (little, brown and co., 2017).

bbc america's 'planet earth ii' offers another specatular nature trip

the six-hour “planet earth ii” does everything but talk to the animals.

america's 'planet earth ii' offers another trip to bountiful

the six-hour “planet earth ii” does everything but talk to the animals.

how nasa satellite will watch earth breathe from space

carbon is a building block of life on our planet. it is stored in reservoirs on earth – in rocks, plants and soil – in the oceans, and in the atmosphere. and it cycles constantly between these reservoirs.

scorching-hot alien planet may have earth-like atmosphere

a planet circling a star in the constellation cancer might have an atmosphere similar to earth's — but with daytime temperatures hot enough to melt titanium.

grab piece of the planet with nasa's earth day adoption

this earth day (april 22), nasa wants people around the world to "adopt" one of 64,000 sections of the planet seen from space.

in earth's backyard: newfound alien planet may be good bet for life

another potentially habitable planet has been found in earth's neck of the cosmic woods, and it may be an even better life-hosting candidate than the famed proxima b.

watch earth ‘breathe’! nasa explains stunning time-lapse video

data gathered by satellites circling earth since 1997 come together in a breathtaking time lapse of our dynamic planet.

scientists analyze earth's elemental makeup to see how the planet was formed

a new estimate of our planet's chemical composition will help scientists understand how the earth formed 4.6 billion years ago.

you are living in a unique time on planet earth — mineralogically speaking

you are living in an amazing time on planet earth — mineralogically speaking. scientists say there are more unique minerals on our planet than ever before in its 4.5-billion-year history, and it’s thanks in part to us. in a paper published this week in american mineralogist, a team of researchers...

hot-donut earth? planet may once have taken on odd 'synestia' form

earth probably became a "synestia" for a brief period about 4.5 billion years ago. that's the term for a newly proposed cosmic object: a huge, hot, donut-shaped mass of vaporized rock that results from the collision of two planet-size bodies.

saturday's tv highlights and weekend talk: 'campfire kiss' on hallmark.

series planet earth ii this new episode of the documentary series focuses one grasslands, which cover one-fourth of all land on earth and supports the greatest gatherings of wildlife on the planet. featured animals include the saiga antelope of asia, giant anteaters in brazil, caribou, lions,...

planet nine could be our solar system's missing 'super earth'

planet nine is out there, and astronomers are determined to find it, according to a new statement by nasa.

nasa satellites watch earth 'breathe' in awesome time-lapse video

a cool new time-lapse video of earth reveals how our planet has changed over the last two decades as nasa satellites continuously monitored the populations of plant life on land and in the oceans.

big new planet has the right temperatures for water — and it may be just right f

'we found a planet that we can actually study that might be actually earth-like.' the discovery, called lhs 1140b, is dense and rocky, and not too hot or cold

enormous near-earth asteroid 'florence' will safely fly by earth sept. 1

an asteroid named florence that will safely sweep past earth on sept. 1 is the largest object to give our planet a close shave since nasa began tracking these types of near-earth asteroids, an agency official said.

how big is earth?

earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system and the densest.

space dust could help life jump from planet to planet

fast-moving dust could theoretically knock microbes floating high up in a world's atmosphere out into space, potentially sending the bugs on a trip to another planet — perhaps even one orbiting a different star, according to a new study.

scientists will watch this giant asteroid fly by earth

on february 4, an asteroid called 2002 aj129 is due to slip past earth. it is between 1600 and 4000 feet across, according to nasa’s center for near earth object studies, but there’s no chance …... the post scientists will watch this giant asteroid fly by earth appeared first on raw story.

here’s when and where you can watch planet earth ii in blistering 4k ultra-hd

dish subscribers are getting a 4k ultra-hd broadcast of the awesome nature documentary straight to their homes.

rocks from ‘baby earth’ erupt out of volcano

rocks recently shot out of volcanoes contain evidence of what earth was like when it was still a young planet, 4.5 billion years ago. geologists got a nice surprise when they discovered the composition of the volcanic rocks, because many believe the way material circulates within earth’s solid mantl...

astronaut peggy whitson returns to earth, logs 665 days off the planet

astronaut peggy whitson returned to earth late saturday, wrapping up a record-breaking flight that catapulted her to first place for u.s. space endurance. whitson's 665 days off the planet — 288 days on this mission alone — exceeds that of any other american and any other woman worldwide. she checked...

another nearby planet found that may be just right for life

washington (ap) — astronomers have found yet another planet that seems to have just the right goldilocks combination for life: not so hot and not so cold. it’s not so far away, either. this new, big, dense planet is rocky, like earth, and has the right temperatures for water, putting it in the habitable zone […]

5 things to do in chicago this weekend

from doing your environmental duty on earth day to throwing on a cosplay costume for c2e2, here's what we're up to this weekend.  go short tree, it’s your earth day show your support for the planet on earth day this saturday, april 22. the eco-friendly holiday is the perfect time to give back to...

at denver’s civic center, 4/20 vs. earth day

interesting juxtaposition of your story on earth day next to the mess created by the marijuana rally. one group intent on saving the planet and the other on destroying it.

astronomers discover nearby earth-size planet, where a year lasts under 10 days

astronomers have discovered a close new world about the size of earth, where a year lasts just under 10 days. at a distance of 11 light-years, ross 128 b is the second-closest planet to be detected yet outside our solar system with surface temperatures potentially similar to ours. ross 128 b is...

proxima centauri planet loses its habitable status

lola gayle, steam register the recently discovered earth-sized planet known as proxima centauri b (or proxima b) may not be as habitable as we had hoped, according to new research. when it was first announced in august 2016, astronomers believed that the planet well within the nurturing habitabl...

see elusive planet mercury at its best this thanksgiving

now is the time to look up and see mercury, a planet that usually lingers too close to the sun for skywatchers on earth to observe.

red planet versus dead planet: scientists debate next destination for astronauts

nearly a half-century after humans voyaged to the moon, nasa and private u.s. companies are once again setting their sights beyond low earth orbit