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another one: the internet clowns bow wow for latest internet stunt

that internet wrath will never let up for mr. moss.

net neutrality: the internet’s buzzing with internet chatter

social-media chatter is intense as supporters and critics weigh in on the fcc's move to deregulated the internet

net neutrality is under threat (again). here’s why you should care

the internet was built to work as a level playing field. the way the internet is regulated could have a profound effect on the web as we know it. norlando pobre/flickr, cc by 2.0 the internet is an entirely human phenomenon. it is a an unfathomably vast interconnected sea of computers that hold roug...

centennial’s new gigabit internet service that’s not comcast breaks ground next

ting internet has been working with the city of centennial for more than a year to study whether the community was a good place to offer gigabit internet service. the city is among more than 100 that opted out of a state law preventing municipalities from offering internet service.

why is the internet still out for some in florida?

new york (ap) — the power’s back on in florida. so why is the internet still out for some people, more than two weeks after hurricane irma struck? when power fails, so do home and business internet connections. many homes will get internet back once power is restored. but that’s not true for everyone. there […]

fcc open meeting focuses on deregulation of internet

the federal communications commission laid out a wide-ranging policy agenda that aims to get rid of existing regulations at every level of government related to internet access and voted to change the definition of “sufficient competition” for internet services available to businesses, s...

get set: your internet bill is about to soar, thanks to trump's fcc

thursday’s the day that the trump administration will overturn former president obama’s rules protecting consumers from greedy telecom companies manipulating internet access and pricing. i got a preview of what’s to come over the weekend as my spectrum internet bill soared by 20% — and as i encountered...

microsoft opens its first european lab for internet of things

the u.s. software giant is launching a new lab in munich — following openings in redmond and shenzhen, china — for customers investing in the so-called internet of things (iot), the idea that everything from refrigerators to industrial robots will be connected to the internet.

microsoft opens its first european lab for internet of things

the u.s. software giant is launching a new lab in munich — following openings in redmond and shenzhen, china — for customers investing in the so-called internet of things (iot), the idea that everything from refrigerators to industrial robots will be connected to the internet.

is there structural racism on the internet?

is there structural racism on the internet? by charlton mcilwain, associate professor of media, culture, and communication, new york university. do people use the internet in ways that disadvantage nonwhites? magic pictures/shutterstock.com the racial inequalities afflicting americans and our societ...

comcast jumps into securing internet of things devices with new xfi system

now that the majority of americans have access to broadband and people who pay comcast for internet outnumber those who pay for video, the cable provider is rolling out a service monday that has nothing to do with cable tv. it wants to make it easier for customers to use internet securely at home.

a guide to understanding internet advertising for lawyers

during the nearly quarter-century that the internet has existed, the ways it has been harnessed for commercial interests has been diverse and impressive. one of the prime modes of online commerce quickly grew to be marketing, because regardless of the reasons one is on the internet, advertising drives the revenue of most content-serving sites, making […]

internet of things, video driving internet traffic, cisco saysinternet of things

by 2021, global internet traffic will jump to 3.3 zettabytes, with emerging technologies like sd-wan, virtual reality and augmented reality growing.

ny attorney general sues internet provider over speed claims

new york's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against charter communications alleging that the cable and internet provider failed to deliver on promised internet speeds and reliability.

‘nobody’s got to use the internet’: gop’s sensenbrenner calls internet optional

as republican lawmakers continue to defend their decision to vote to roll back a set of broadband privacy rules that would have required internet service providers to ask for permission before collecting user data, the federal communications commission is readying more drastic changes to the regulat...

illinois moves to implement internet privacy safeguards

democratic lawmakers in illinois are considering implementing their own internet safeguards at the state level after republicans in washington voted to roll back obama-era internet privacy protections that were to take effect later this year.

top reasons to choose satellite internet: is it better than other internet optio

none of the businesses and households can choose to stay disconnected from the internet these days. businesses need the most reliable connection which is required for continuing business in the best possible way. as the demand for staying connected keeps growing day by day, so does the business’ need to operate in even the remotest […]

alexander: what to do when the internet keeps cutting out

q: my dell inspiron 5520 laptop with windows 10 has been losing its internet connection via wi-fi. i wondered if it was a wi-fi problem; the laptop is 50 to 60 feet from the wireless router, and is separated from it by several walls. but recently my hp desktop pc has also lost its internet signal, and it’s in the same room with the wireless router.

what to expect now that internet providers can collect and sell your web browser

after congress handed president donald trump legislation tuesday that would wipe away landmark privacy protections for internet users, we received a lot of reader questions about what happens next. the legislation makes it easier for internet providers, such as at&t and verizon, to collect and...

i hate the internet, and you should, too

join me, friends! we should all take our own little part in the great internet revolt of 2017.

ee internet is back - here's why you may have had issues earlier

ee was having some problems with mobile internet but all should now be fixed.

feds prepare to unravel internet-speed rules

fcc vote could usher in big changes in how americans use internet

what can the un do if your country cuts the internet?

the un considers the internet a human right, but governments are increasingly infringing on the rights of people online.

colorado singer-songwriter grayson erhard can’t escape the internet

after a retreat to the desert, stevie wonder -- and the internet -- e knocking.

california internet privacy bill could have nationwide sway — if it passes

california’s legislature is poised to vote friday on a landmark internet privacy bill, one that could quickly become a bellwether for the rest of the country. but the measure is opposed by large internet providers and tech companies, in an unusual alliance that could doom efforts by privacy groups...

internet for students: get the best broadband deal at university

you don't want to waste you precious student loan on paying lots for your internet - here's how to get the best deals.

togo blocks internet as protests continue

internet access restricted as thousands take to the streets for a second day against president gnassingbe's rule.

18 more colorado municipalities vote in favor of city-owned internet, while fort

the cities of fort collins, louisville, vail and 15 other municipalities in colorado voted tuesday to take internet service into their own hands that could one day provide their citizens an alternative to the entrenched cable internet provider.

it's not time to scrap net neutrality

the internet is one of the last truly democratic domains in our world, and that is thanks entirely to net neutrality. your editorial, “why deregulating internet service makes sense” (dec.1), argues that ending net neutrality protections will spur capitalism's favorite buzzword, innovation. in reality,...

quad9 dns service debuts to help improve internet securityquad9 dns service debu

the free service backed by ibm, packet clearing house and the global cyber alliance aims to make the dns resolver of choice for internet security.

the ‘internet of things’ is sending us back to the middle ages

internet-enabled devices are so common, and so vulnerable, that hackers recently broke into a casino through its fish tank. the tank had internet-connected sensors measuring its temperature and cleanliness. the hackers got into the fish tank’s sensors and then to the computer used to control them, a...

vote to gut internet privacy rules provokes backlash

a vote to repeal internet privacy rules in the u.s. has led to backlash from critics, who say it will “fundamentally undermine” online security and enable unconstitutional mass government surveillance. the vote by the u.s. house of representatives on tuesday to allow internet providers to share pers...

congress just voted to wipe out landmark internet privacy protections

house republicans voted overwhelmingly tuesday, by a margin of 215-205, to repeal a set of landmark privacy protections for web users, issuing a sweeping rebuke of internet policies enacted under the obama administration. it also marks a sharp, partisan pivot toward letting internet providers collect...

clendaniel: khanna wants tech industry to fight for net neutrality and keep the

the guarantee of equal access to information has from day one been one of the most fundamental gifts of the internet

trump has signed repeal of fcc's internet privacy rule. here's what happens next

president trump signed legislation monday night that repeals the federal communications commission's privacy protections for internet users, rolling back a landmark policy from the obama era and enabling internet providers to compete with google and facebook in the online ad market. the obama-backed...