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the goal standard challenge: how to use reflection as a strategy to get unstuck

in a facebook live, emmy award-winning media entrepreneur natalie macneil discussed the importance of celebrating our wins, and tracking our challenges.

tech entrepreneur zain dhanani explains the importance of intense specialization

today's startups are on large internal teams to handle everything from product quality ure to complex advertising analytics. but not at tinsli. here's why.

entrepreneur startup stories: jennifer hyman, rent the runway

the entrepreneur and co-founder shares how she launched and grew two well-respected ventures.

how serial entrepreneur jennie enterprise builds successful membership businesse

the mastermind behind one of new york city's most prestigious private membership clubs offers a few lessons on turning your business into a one-of-a-kind destination.

how to overcome the blocks and challenges of goal achieving

in a facebook live, entrepreneur and author natalie macneil focuses on the mindset needed when you come up against obstacles.

entrepreneur's guide to outsourcing, part 1: emerging markets

businesses seeking to maximize efficiency shouldn't just stay with stalwarts like india and china.

entrepreneurship and philanthropy to take center stage at star-studded gala

actor john travolta and billionaire business owner john paul dejoria will headline this year's city gala, a charitable event sponsored by entrepreneur media.

entrepreneurship and philanthropy to take center stage at star-studded gala

actor john travolta and billionaire business owner john paul dejoria will headline this year's city gala, a charitable event sponsored by entrepreneur media.

how to encourage networking that boosts company culture

social hours and mixer-style events aren't the only ways for employees to connect beyond work meetings. the best conver ions -- and internal relationships -- grow from a range of different interactions.

how hard do you need to work to reach success?

entrepreneur network partner kelsey humphreys sits down with successful celebrities and entrepreneurs to answer this question.

gerard adams, 'mr. flawless' and photo shoots in the middle of manhattan traffic

greg yuna dropped out of high school before finding massive success as a jeweler, artist and photographer.

feeling overwhelmed? here's how these entrepreneurs stay productive.

every year, one entrepreneur is bestowed the honor of national small business person of the year. we talked to the six finalists about how they get things done.

women won't have equal numbers of board seats until 2055, new study finds

the equilar gender diversity index looks at the female representation on the boards of the biggest companies in the united states.

the biggest bounties facebook, microsoft and more have paid ers

bug bounty programs are not limited to tech companies -- the u.s. army, starbucks and gm are also taking a stand, and a startup dedicated to them recently raised $40 million.

3 conver ion starters to convert prospects into customers

to start a sales relationship off right, you have to offer value out of the gate, but just as important is attempting to understand a prospect's challenges. without these essential exchanges, you're just pitching into the wind.

how to create a polished ceo presence worthy of mark zuckerberg without hiring a

the facebook founder has a team that would be the envy of most startups simply to make him look good on social media.

6 things you can learn from actor, entrepreneur and investor ashton kutcher on h

he's more than kelso from 'that '70s show' or charlie sheen's replacement on 'two and a half men.'

the simple way to succeed? take care of people and make sure they're happy.

donnie madia, restaurateur and owner of one off hospitality group, discusses the most important lesson he learned from family members.

the secret to outpacing your rival? competitive insights.

entrepreneurs live to innovate and to stay a step ahead. here's how to use data to keep competitors in your rearview mirror and make it happen.

the goal standard challenge: why you must be a 'mad scientist' to achieve your g

in a facebook live, high-performance coach todd herman shares with us the importance of expectancy and exploration.

this ceo thinks it's time for business leaders to get political

today from 12 to 3 p.m., underwear brand thinx will hold a phone bank to challenge female gop representatives. this founder explains why.

super bowl advertisers struck political and social undertones

brands engaged viewers with displays of corporate conscience, even at the risk of offending some customer groups.

5 tools your online business needs for a super-productive 2017

from accounting functions to the ability to keep track of your team members' tasks, these five apps and software packages are non-negotiable.

elon musk defends role on trump advisory board. read his full text explanation.

the tesla and spacex founder clarifies his stance regarding the administration.

3 ways entrepreneurs can protect employees from trump's immigration executive or

if a member of your team from one of the seven muslim-majority nations leaves the us, you can no longer ume their visa will get them back in.

the most successful entrepreneurs start with 'noble causes,' john sculley says

in a time of exponential change, the former apple ceo says people have unprecedented opportunities to disrupt old industries with new ways of thinking.

4 science-backed tips to be happier at work (infographic)

from managing expectations to preparing for your day during your morning commute, these tricks can instantly boost your serotonin levels.

the 5 skills employers seek in today's digital economy

leading scholar ernest wilson discusses the surprising skills employers look for when hiring and promoting employees.

organization & management tools every entrepreneur needs to boost productivity

relying on technology can help save you time, energy and frustration.

an open letter from an entrepreneur dad to his kids on how to find success

i have no idea if they will be entrepreneurs like me, but i think these lessons matter regardless of what path they take in life.

10 things the artist and the entrepreneur have in common

trish duggan, one of 1,500 billionaires on this planet, shares her wisdom and knowledge about artists and entrepreneurs.

take a step closer to financial freedom with a free copy of 'from employee to on

are you struggling financially while t ped in a dead-end job? this resource can help.

women empowering women: preterm babies and the story of medolac

how one entrepreneur was moved by the plight of premature infants to develop a new company and a new business model.

atlantic records chairman & coo on ensuring long-term success in a changing indu

industry veteran julie greenwald shares her thoughts on corporate culture, brand mana ent and talent retention.

how southwest airlines created a mass market for air travel

herb kelleher created the first budget airline, which found great success by simplifying everything from the destinations to the (lack of) snacks served on board.