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now is the time to become an ethical hacker

ethical hacking is big business these days, as the corporations try to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. you can get the skills you need for just $49.

learn to hack – and make big bucks the ethical way

it takes a hacker to stop a hacker, so ethical hacking is a booming business. right now you can learn all the skills you need for just $19.

‘super-sized’ network security bundle on sale for $49

everything from forensic computer investigation to ccna security to ethical hacking.

this post includes the words "penetration testers"

if you want to work in tech, but don’t have any desire to code web apps to help businesses sell things to other business, you might want to consider a career in cybersecurity. judging from the apparent complete infiltration of russian hackers in american cyberspace, it seems fair to speculate that there’s a major shortage of talented penetration testers. is it because “learn to code” is a more catchy slogan than “secure an organization’s information systems”? perhaps. but you can use that to your advantage—and get a head start learning a highly in-demand skill set--with the ethical hacking bootcamp.some of the topics you'll cover:enumerationdenial of servicesession hijackinghacking web applications and wireless networkssql injectionevading ids, firewalls, and honeypotscryptographytrojans a

how to hack with android

ethical hacking is not only a cool skill to possess, it's also highly valued by employers. learn to hack using just your android device for $23.

be a good guy hacker and keep wopr from running amok

this is how it happens: the bad guys break into computers, steal all the information, and then yahoo! sells for a whole lot less. (comparatively.) after that, white hat hackers are called in to crack the same susceptible networks, evaluate their security, and plug the holes in the digital dam, all for a very cool wage. ethical hackers are in constant demand these days as organizations seek to avoid becoming the next cautionary tale, and you can learn how to become one yourself with the ethical hacking a to z bundle.this bundle includes 9 courses and 45 hours of hands-on learning on topics ranging from keylogging to darknet and wireless attacks. an extensive training in ethical hacking and penetration testing with a variety of tools and operating systems, this bundle will even go so far as

we need ethical safeguards to stop our brains getting hacked, say the experts

a team of leading neuroscientists has published a paper calling for ethical guidelines in brain-computer interfaces.

here’s how you can become a white hat hacker

 ethical hackers are a critical part of cybersecurity. by actively probing their own (or clients') systems for exploitable vulnerabilities, they can help minimize the potential attack surface and patch holes before malicious actors can get inside. to help you learn to think like a cybercriminal, this white hat hacker bundle is currently being offered in the boing boing store for a price of your choosing. this collection includes eight courses to introduce you to the tools and techniques of ethical hacking. aside from learning about it system architecture and common security equipment, you’ll discover how to perform penetration tests on networks, inspect websites for known weaknesses, and administer a linux environment.here’s the full course list:the complete ethical hacking course for

how to become a highly-paid cyber security expert

not all hackers are malicious information thieves—white-hat ethical hackers work with technology companies to ensure the security of their computer systems and user data. with all of today’s high-profile data breaches, ethical hackers are in considerable demand. to learn these critical skills and break into the high-paying cyber security field, try taking the courses in this bundle.with nine courses that cover the foundations of ethical hacking, you'll get acquainted with penetration testing techniques used to uncover software vulnerabilities. in addition to exploring well-known tactics like keylogging, you will get familiar with lesser-known cyberattacks to broaden your knowledge.usually on sale for $49 from the full price of $681, this bundle is available today for an extra 50% off. get

hunting ers: an ethical er explains how to track down the bad guys

by timothy summers, director of innovation, entrepreneurship, and enga ent, university of maryland. looking deep into computer activities. via shutterstock.com when a cyberattack occurs, ethical ers are called in to be digital detectives. in a certain sense, they are like regular police detect...

behind the code: a conversation with an ethical hacker

ex 'white hat' hacker tim varkalis talks about what life is like as an ethical hacker

deal: today and tomorrow, 50% off ethical hacker bundle

the become an ethical hacker bonus bundle is already a pretty sweet deal, but if you snatch it before friday, you can get half off.

learn the secrets of hacking android

everything you need for hacking, penetration testing, and increasing your own security.

wikileaks vault 7: what you need to know about the alleged cia hacking

smart tvs, smartphones, and even internet-connected cars may have been compromised by government hacking tools.

conservatives blast trudeau’s ‘obvious ethical missteps’ despite promised fundra

conservatives are accusing liberals of ignoring the real problem when it comes to 'obvious ethical missteps' in cash-for-access fundraising

julian assange says wikileaks will share cia hacking tools with tech companies

wikileaks founder julian assange said on thursday his organization would provide technology companies with exclusive access to cia hacking tools to allow them to patch software flaws. the anti-secrecy group this week published documents describing secret cia hacking tools and snippets of computer co...

with book, ivanka trump must walk complicated ethical line

with the publication of her new self-help book, ivanka trump must navigate complicated ethical territory.

julian assange says wikileaks will share cia hacking tools with tech companies

wikileaks will provide technology companies with exclusive access to cia hacking tools that it possesses, to allow them to patch software flaws, founder julian assange said on thursday. the anti-secrecy group published documents on tuesday describing secret central intelligence agency hacking tools ...

kenyan accused of 'hacking tax agency, stealing $40m'

it expert alex mutuku charged with hacking into the country's tax authority, kenyan media reports say.

generate your own cia hacking code name a la wikileaks

create your own cia-style hacking program code name with this handy tool.

the latest: hacking disclosures test for new cia director

the latest on the publication by wikileaks of what it described as thousands of pages of confidential files about cia hacking activities (all times local):

wikileaks 'to share cia hacking tools' with tech firms

julian assange says anti-secrecy group to work with companies to help defend them against the cia's hacking tools.

sliding into a soggier pattern - are minnesota's sirens vulnerable to radio-hack

the recent hacking of the emergency outdoor sirens in dallas should give everyone pause. it wasn't an internet hack, specifically, but rather used radio frequencies to turn on the sirens. how many other communities are vulnerable to a similar hacking, which could become a matter of life and death during a tornado scenario. we get a break from the puddles today, but more rain arrives tomorrow with a few showers spilling into the weekend. march was dry - we're making up for lost time (and puddles).

nuclear industry says no impact seen from hacking campaign

washington (ap) — officials for the nuclear and electricity industries say there has been no apparent impact from a hacking campaign that has drawn the attention of federal officials. the assurances on saturday came after federal officials told electricity grid operators this week about a hacking or phishing campaign that has targeted the energy and […]

putin insists russian government not involved in election hacking

but russian president came as close as he ever has to acknowledging russian hacking

kellyanne conway promotes ivanka trump's brand on tv, raising ethical and legal

kellyanne conway, a top aide to president trump, has been “counseled” for making a sales pitch for ivanka trump’s product line during a television interview conducted from the white house briefing room. the endorsement thursday morning by conway raised ethical and legal questions, giving the appearance...

with book, ivanka trump must walk complicated ethical line

washington (ap) — with the publication of her new self-help book, ivanka trump must navigate complicated ethical territory. the focus of intense public interest, the first daughter and unpaid white house adviser has somewhat sought to limit her profile. but this week she came out with “women who work: rewriting the rules for success,” a […]

accused canadian in international email hacking case to appeal judge’s harsh bai

baratov was arrested in march at the request of the united states in connection with the massive hacking of yahoo and google email accounts

drawn to the news: wikileaks reveals cia hacking tools

according to documents published this week by wikileaks, the cia has hacking tools that allow it to break into users’ computers, mobile phones and even smart tvs.

nsa feared its hacking tool would get loose — then it did

when the national security agency began using a new hacking tool called eternalblue, those entrusted with deploying it marveled at both its uncommon power and the widespread havoc it could wreak if it ever got loose.

ex-trump adviser swaps messages with dnc hacking suspect

a political consultant and former campaign adviser to president donald trump says he communicated last year with an individual involved in hacking democratic national committee emails.

wikileaks reveals cia trove alleging wide-scale hacking

wikileaks published thousands of documents tuesday described as secret files about cia hacking tools the government employs to break into users' computers, mobile phones and even smart tvs from companies like apple, google, microsoft and samsung.

us inquiries into russian election hacking include three fbi probes

the u.s. federal bureau of investigation is pursuing at least three separate probes relating to alleged russian hacking of the u.s. presidential elections, according to five current and former government officials with direct knowledge of the situation. while the fact that the fbi is investigating h...

microsoft criticizes government creation of hacking tools used in global cyberat

as security experts continue to assess the damage from friday's worldwide hacking attack, microsoft's president said governments should come together to set guidelines on warfare in cyberspace.

congress to focus on russian hacking for many months, staffers say

congress will investigate russian hacking and disinformation operations for months to come, but reauthorizing a key u.s. foreign surveillance capability is a priority in 2017.