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is kellyanne conway anti-feminist?

white house counselor kellyanne conway said thursday she does not consider herself a feminist in the “classic sense” and criticized those who don’t think women in power are as powerful as men. “it’s difficult for me to call myself a feminist in the classic sense because it seems to be very ant...

activist, feminist angela davis talks prisons and politics in chula vista

it should surprise no one to hear that angela davis, the feminist, scholar and radical social activist, is no fan of the current u.s. president. but she stresses the point anyway. “of course, i did everything i could to prevent donald trump from being elected because of the danger it could do for...

mpls. council oks demolition of 20th century feminist writer brenda ueland's hom

vote overrides efforts to preserve home of 20th century feminist writer.

5 most badass feminist game characters

for all the progress made in how women are portrayed in games now still a long way to go for games to be completely inclusive and representational. yet, even among the industry’s early humble attempts to diversify female character archetypes, we can find and praise charismatic and inspiring women and speculate where we can proceed […] the post 5 most badass feminist game characters appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

'i don't feel at home in this world anymore,' 'crown heights' headline feminist-

a sundance film festival that was colored, gripped and sometimes overshadowed by the early days of the donald trump administration saw a slew of feminist films win big at the gathering's awards. multiple female filmmakers nabbed top prizes, while a tale of a woman re- erting control over her...

kellyanne conway says she's not feminist in 'classic sense' due to views on abor

kellyanne conway, the first woman to run a successful u.s. presidential campaign, said thursday that she doesn't consider herself a feminist "in a classic sense" because the term is associated with being "anti-male" and "pro-abortion." conway, who now serves as white house counselor to president...

elisabeth moss and stylist karla welch on creating a feminist red-carpet story f

“the handmaid’s tale,” margaret atwood’s dystopian feminist manifesto, which makes its debut as a 10-episode series on hulu on april 26, couldn’t be any more tailored for our times. its star, elisabeth moss, is also the perfect foil for the message. most audiences know moss from her seven-year...

the getty acquires miranda july's feminist diy video archive for 'joanie 4 jacki

before there was youtube, there was “joanie 4 jackie.” in 1995 artist miranda july, who was steeped the portland riot grrrl scene at the time, created a feminist “chainletter tape,” a diy effort to spark and distribute new video work by women nationwide. she handed out pamphlets asking budding...

in silencing sen. warren, a new feminist rally cry born: 'nevertheless, she pers

senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, bless his heart, has coined a new feminist rally cry. “nevertheless, she persisted.” he used it to rebuke sen. elizabeth warren, d-m ., who read a 1986 statement from the late coretta scott king during a debate tuesday night over attorney general nominee...

cnn media analyst: fox honchos fear o’reilly fans will revolt if they ‘caved to

during a discussion on anderson cooper 360, a cnn media analyst said head honchos at the fox news network are leery of firing top talent bill o’reilly because they’re afraid this his fans will believe they caved to a “feminist plot.” the fate of o’reilly’s return ...

customizable, animated feminist "candy hearts" for an anti-trumpist v-day

clair writes, "in light of all the coverage of trump valentines, i wanted to share a kick content piece i helped create that is a feminist alternative. with the women's marches and trump's complete disregard for the american people--especially women--it's important to share positive, pro-female content too!" (more…)

opinion: it’s time for uc regents to implement principles against intolerance th

a year ago the university of california regents adoped principles against intolerance to protect freedom of speech and freedom from hate on its campuses. it's time to implement them.

home of the week: silicon valley oasis boasts time-tested feng shui principles

this silicon valley oasis was designed by high-tech icon david lam, implementing time-tested feng shui principles. its distinctive features include architectural elements of light, wood, stone and water, achieving balance and harmony.

shilpa shettyâs sweatshirt is saying somethingshilpa shetty

in the wee hours of the morning (still counts as women’s day, na) shilpa shetty was snapped travelling back to mumbai from the states. the actress donned a sweat shirt that read ‘feminist’. she paired it with skinny jeans, shiney boots, her favoute channel shades, a bright red tote and a red pout. the sweat and the look overall struck the right cords with our fashion and feminist tastes. continue reading ...

11 problems with teachers shutting down schools for the women’s strike

my feminist problematic buzzer just went nuts. i know, it's always doing that, but this time the alarms are extra-loud.

lena dunham bringing feminist variety show to st. paul

the star of "girls" will bring her lennyletter newsletter to life at the fitzgerald theater june 3.

sorry, feminists, ‘girlboss’ epitomizes how capitalism empowers women

sophia marlowe's passion for building her business and brand are when the netflix show is at its best and, despite contrary reviews, the most feminist.

why dropping joss whedon from ‘batgirl’ will not make it feminist

the identity of those behind and in front of the camera for a superhero movie are irrelevant to the production and the content, because these are not designed to be personal stories.

ditch the dudes: how amy poehler turned galentine's day into feminist celebratio

to combat the pressure that feb. 14 can put on romantic relationships, ladies around the world — single or not — are reserving feb. 13 as a day to honor their besties.

the women’s strike embodied feminist phallacies that set us all back

today’s feminism will harm the next generation of women and put men at a unique advantage.

ask amy: feminist wonders about husband’s exploitation

i am a 40-year-old woman married to a 30-year-old man. he is sweet, intelligent, funny, passionate, hardworking and kind.

women have lots more to offer society than cat hats and giant unmentionables pic

i humbly ask more of the feminist movement—not just for the sake of womanhood, but for the sake of humanity.

minneapolis council oks demolition of brenda ueland home

vote overrides efforts to preserve home of 20th century feminist writer.

terry glavin: sorry, canada, when it comes to political leadership it turns out

when asked whether women are just as qualified to lead their country as men, canadians are less likely to agree than respondents in some stereotypically macho countries

how the far-right’s marine le pen is winning over female voters who feel left be

'this is not a feminist vote.' le pen distributed 4 million copies of a glossy, magazine-style brochure that set out her plan to 'defend french women'

the women who started feminism would have joined the march for life

these great matrons of the feminist movement could not fathom the idea of abortion as central to a ‘woman’s health’ and ‘reproductive rights’ when it fails to serve either.

indie feminist technology magazine "the recompiler" needs $3000 to get to year t

sumana writes, "the recompiler is a feminist technology magazine launched in 2015. their goal is to help people learn about technology in a fun, playful way, and highlight a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. they're running a fundraiser right now, asking for $3,000 in subscriptions, book orders, contributions and ads, to publish the seventh issue on time and sail into its third year, and they've made $2236 so far. and for every $500 raised, podcast host christie koehler will record a dramatic reading of a tongue-twister."

‘she’s complicit’: scarlett johansson skewers first daughter ivanka trump in fau

'a feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but like how? ... complicit: the fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this but won't'

‘a day without a woman’ protest calls on u.s. women to stay home from work. is i

there are concerns among some supporters of the burgeoning feminist movement that the burden of the protest will fall too heavily on the poor

every strong woman who doesn’t want a divorce should read this little book

'the alpha female’s guide to men and marriage' treads where few women dare to go: helping women save their marriages from feminist hell.

women’s bodies deserve much more than amy schumer’s degrading jokes

like the sexual revolution as a whole, the feminist preoccupation with women’s private parts has not freed women from objectification, it has furthered it.

minneapolis pacifist who went to prison three times, dies

orin doty came from an antiwar family, and he lived his principles.

if ivanka trump were a democrat, she’d be a feminist hero

hardly a card-toting republican, ivanka trump is doing everything a liberal would get away with, but because her dad is the gop president, she’s instead getting burned.

minneapolis council oks demolition of brenda ueland home

council overrides efforts to preserve home of 20th-century feminist writer.

the msfa's stewardship of the people's stadium

we recognize concerns over the use of suites, and have responded. let us also reiterate our guiding principles and directives.