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hey you detective pikachu! will the first live-action pokémon film satisfy fans?

the get down star, justice smith, was recently confirmed to play the lead role in the upcoming live-action pokémon film, detective pikachu. this announcement reminded the internet that a movie starring a talking pikachu in an adorable sherlock holmes hat is really, actually happening. here’s everything you need to know about the first ever live-action pokémon […] the post hey you detective pikachu! will the first live-action pokémon film satisfy fans? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

filmmakers defiant over lynyrd skynyrd film rights

a judge's finding that a new lynyrd skynyrd film violates a "blood oath" made by the band to not exploit the group's name following a fatal plane crash hasn't stopped the film's creators from threatening to distribute the film.

l.a. film festival moves to crowded fall festival season for 2018

in a move that could drastically impact the film festival landscape in the city, the la film festival will move out of their long-standing summer slot and next take place from september 20-28, 2018. “everyone wants the film festival taking place in the heart of the film business to be strong, myself...

m night shyamalan announces sequel to ‘unbreakable’ and ‘split’ in new film call

after the amazing success and response to his latest film, split, director/creator m. night shyamalan revealed that a sequel to this film and a crossover with unbreakable will indeed go into production. bruce willis and samuel l jackson are both confirmed to return and reprise their respective roles from the 2000 film in a new film […]

screening room: february brings women in film, unexpected romance and david lync

the ucla film & television archive’s series “what a difference — women and film in the 1970s and 1980s” looks at two decades that featured a breakthrough of creativity from female filmmakers. spurred by feminism and a surge in independent film, directors such as julie dash, joan micklin silver...

13 delicious anime ramen to satisfy your inner foodie

no matter what genre of anime you watch, one thing is almost guaranteed: there will be ramen. and lots of it. such is the obsession that the popular manga ramen daisuki koizumi-san, which follows a ramen connoisseur searching for japan’s best ramen, is being turned into an anime that will air in january 2018. with so many delicious examples of the […] the post 13 delicious anime ramen to satisfy your inner foodie appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

‘new mutants’ trailer confirms josh boone’s spin-off is a horror film

the production of 20th century fox’s the new mutants, the new x-men spin-off film from the mutant-centric side of the marvel universe owned by fox, will indeed be a horror film as confirmed by the film’s first trailer. director josh boone said he was making a straight-up horror film, centering on young people with extraordinary abilities. “did you […]

12 french toast recipes for breakfast, dinner, and whenever the mood strikes

french toast fan? have at it. we have 12 recipes to satisfy you whenever the mood strikes. from classic slices bathed in custard and griddled to puffy perfection to variations flavored with chocolate, nuts, pumpkin — we even have a savory stuffed version — we’re here to satisfy. enjoy. [email protected]

"momotaro," a japanese world war ii-era propaganda animation film, finally gets

the first japanese animated feature, the 1945 propaganda film “momotaro: sacred sailors,” is being released on dvd and video in the u.s. although the occupation forces ordered the film destroyed after world war ii, a copy somehow survived and has been restored. the film is noteworthy in a number...

'in the heat of the night' and sidney poitier to open tcm film festival

once again finding timely subject matter in the celluloid past, the tcm classic film festival opens april 6 with the 1967 crime drama “in the heat of the night.” directed by norman jewison, the film won oscars for best picture, stirling silliphant’s screenplay, hal ashby’s film editing, sound and...

is pakistani film experiencing a revival?

the fortunes of pakistani film have been tied up with its neighbour's film industry, bollywood, but can it go it alone?

movie review: “kingsman” sequel lacks punch and vibe of first film

in the first film about a secret spy group known as kingsman, we learned they are well-dressed, courtly and perfectly groomed. but by the second film, there's a decidedly ungentlemanly whiff about them -- of desperation.

paramount shooting major ‘action film’ in marin county

the company has been scouting locations for about three months and is building a set in peacock gap in san rafael, according to deborah albre, marin film liaison for the california film commission.

south by southwest film fest to world premiere 'baby driver' with jamie foxx and

the year’s film festival calendar continues to roll right along, with the south by southwest film festival on tuesday announcing  its feature film program. the sxsw event in austin, texas, has become established in the festival landscape as a vital place for discovering new talent as well as a...

see the new l.a. film festival poster that's meant to brighten your day

long beach-based artist yoskay yamamoto has created the poster for this year’s los angeles film festival. this follows other festival posters in recent years by los angeles area artists ed ruscha, noah davis and carolyn castaño. the 2017 edition of the los angeles film festival, produced by film...

bid to oust minneapolis dfl chair mcconnell fails

censure and apology did not satisfy a contingent of party insiders.

california's drought is over, but conservation continues

there won’t be enough water to satisfy business, urban, farming demand.

geoff berkshire named film editor for l.a. times

geoff berkshire is joining the los angeles times entertainment team as film editor. for the past three years, berkshire has served as an associate editor and film critic for variety, overseeing film features, special sections as well as the big festivals and awards shows. prior to that, he worked...

vr at the tribeca film festival

artists and filmmakers at the tribeca film festival offer differing views on whether virtual reality creates more or less 'empathy' in viewers than traditional film.

socialists in france partner with hollywood for m ive tax loopholes to film ‘dun

new tax breaks have brought a rush of hollywood productions to france in the last year as the california taxation and corporate taxes in america drive a ton of big-budget overseas. valerie lepine, of the french film commission, film france, said spending by foreign film companies “almost tripled” to 152 million euros (usd 162 million) from […]

for 'the beguiled,' coppola turns again to dunst and fanning

sofia coppola has rocked the cannes film festival with the premiere of her latest film, "the beguiled," which offers a female spin on a famed 1970s film with the opposite perspective.

schnabel to make vincent van gogh film with dafoe

cannes, france (ap) — julian schnabel will direct a film about vincent van gogh starring willem dafoe as the dutch post-impressionist master. the film, titled “at eternity’s gate,” was announced saturday at the cannes film festival by production company rocket science. the film is to focus on van gogh’s period in auvers-sur-oise and arles, france, […]

john mayer teases and pleases but doesn't satisfy

review: his chameleonic concert was long on new tunes and short on guitar fireworks.

bid to oust minneapolis dfl chair mcconnell fails

a censure and apology did not satisfy a contingent of dfl insiders, revealing a clear rift in the party.

cannes film festival releases broad lineup, high security

paris (ap) — a civil war film by sofia coppola, a ukrainian road movie and a film about aids activism are among 18 films competing for the top prizes at this year’s cannes film festival, which organizers hope can help counter nationalist sentiment. the festival is embracing virtual reality and cell phone video as it […]

why the tribeca film festival isn't just about film anymore

for the last 15 years, the tribeca film festival has trafficked in a certain kind of independent cinema. it’s a place where art house hits such as “transamerica,” “city island” and “let the right one in”" — along with some lesser lights — have made their world premieres. these types of movies will...

‘fast & furious 8’ becomes highest grossing film in china

“the fate of the furious” has become hollywood’s highest-grossing film in china. universal pictures’ action film, the eighth installment in its “fast and the furious” franchise, earned an additional $43.7 million last week, bringing its total gross to $360.4 million, according to film industry...

indian film 'dangal' poised to become highest-grossing non-hollywood film ever i

the indian film “dangal" topped the chinese box office last week, putting it on track to become the highest-grossing non-hollywood film ever in china and underscoring the country’s growing fascination with bollywood films. “dangal,” produced by utv motion pictures, has grossed $61 million since...

on oscars red carpet, hollywood luminaries reflect on why film still matters

hollywood can be a bubble, an insulated space where reality is scripted and sometimes even fantastical. still, its cultural productions, especially film, can have an indelible impact on those who watch. as lin-manuel miranda said on the academy awards red carpet on sunday, film is important because...

new kevin sorbo film ‘let there be light’ lands sean hannity as producer, set fo

fox news talking head sean hannity appears to be broadening his resume and business ventures a bit with a role as producer on kevin sorbo’s next feature film, titled  let there be light. sorbo will star as an atheist who has a religious awakening and will also direct the film. the film is headed to post-production […]

3 must-see napa and sonoma film festivals

the alexander valley film festival kicks off the wine county film festival season, which includes napa valley's star-studded extravaganza, too.

dogs on stage at aquatennial film fest

taking cues from the infamous cat film fest the aquatennial will sponsor a dog film fest - starring your pooch perhaps!

pearl jam announces screenings for wrigley field concert film

a film that documents pearl jam's dual concerts at wrigley field last year is going all the way to the big screen. screenings of "let's play two" are scheduled to be held at metro sept. 27-28 for members of pearl jam's fan club. the film, born out of the band's sold-out shows on aug. 20 and aug....

film-to-table dinners in berkeley

there's nothing new about dinner and a movie -- until now. the babette cafe at the berkeley art museum and pacific film archive is doing "film to table" dinners inspired by movies.

duterte: drug war shift to satisfy 'bleeding hearts'

president launches into curse-laden tirade at foreign critics of a campaign that has killed thousands of filipinos.