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first ever snowmobile double backflip

snowmobiles aren't the best cont tions for tricks, since they're so big and bulky. but, for the first time ever, this snowmobile driver pulled off a double backflip. the post first ever snowmobile double backflip appeared first on holy kaw!.

prince harry jogs with homeless youth in london, drawing double-takes from p ers

'next time i will come and play pool maybe,' his royal highness said after a tough warm-up and a 17-minute run through northwest london

un says migrant resettlement programs benefit us

two united nations agencies say long-standing u.s. support for resettlement programs has offered a double benefit, "first by rescuing some of the most vulnerable people in the world and second by enabling them to enrich their new societies."

suspect arrested in double killing at chinatown social club

tiles clacked at the mah-jongg tables in the main hall of the hop sing tong, the slow cadence of a typical afternoon at one of los angeles’ oldest institutions. the quiet broke when an intruder entered the chinatown building and started to argue with a man in his 60s playing the game at a felt-covered...

paleo cocoa

cocoa may be the most comforting beverage of all time. and while i have fond childhood memories of packets of cocoa with tiny hard marshmallows, my taste in chocolate has become slightly more sophisticated as an adult. this paleo chocolate is high on the cocoa content, lower on sugar. it’s sweetened with dark amber maple syrup and gets a flavor boost from espresso powder. make a double batch of the cocoa syrup base and store it in the fridge so you can have truly great chocolate in the time it takes to heat up some milk! continue reading "paleo cocoa" »

in kentucky, trump order ‘devastating’ to local refugees

kentucky last year took in more than double the national average of refugees per 100,000 residents.       

get chai: israel moving toward marijuana legalization

yesterday, the israeli government announced major steps toward legalizing marijuana. medical cannabis is already a big thing in israel and permitted by traditional jewish law. according to public security minister gilad erdan, the new policy is part of a "shift to decriminalization with responsibility." progress! yet, the focus on "treatment" for offending minors seems a bit ridiculous. from cnn: the new policy would apply to users carrying up to 15 grams, roughly a half-ounce. if p ed, first-time offenders would face a fine of 1000 shekels (about $265), with the offense not appearing on their criminal record. those caught for a second time would see the fine double. if caught a third time, the punishment would be at the discretion of the police. on the fourth offense, the suspect could

throwback thursday: five era accessories you probably didn't need

five era accessories you probably didn't need plenty of useful era accessories come on to the market every year – but among them are some real duds. so let's take a look back at some of the worst offenders, shall we? the first product that comes to mind, at least around here, is the sony party-s . the party-s , introduced in 2009, was actually pretty clever. you popped on a compatible era (originally the cyber-s dsc-wx1 and tx1) and off it went. the 'personal p og her' could rotate 360° and tilt up or down 24°, and would use the era's face and smile detection features to follow subjects and take a p o at the right moment. it even used the rule of thirds for proper composition! the party-s was portable, making it the thing to talk about at parties (no pun int