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'amazing stories of the space age': q&a with author rod pyle

a new book chronicles the history of the most bizarre and inspiring space missions ever conceived. the book's author (and regular space.com contributor), rod pyle, talked with space.com about these incredible space tales.

new 'space ' system could fly on orion deep-space mission

a new spacesuit system to flush away "space " will likely fly on the first crewed orion spacecraft flight, nasa said in an interview with space.com.

best space books and sci-fi: a space.com reading list

space.com's editors present a reading list for space and sci-fi lovers, as well as children who are interested in astronomy and spaceflight.

the most amazing space stories this week!

it's been a week of ups and downs in space — an experiment to collect space junk failed to deploy, but bill nye has a new show coming in april. these are the week's best space stories.

image of the day

astronaut thomas pesquet of the european space agency saw the northern lights from the international space station for the first time on jan. 18 and snapped this p o of the light show with space station’s solar panels in the foreground.

space football fail! nasa gives pigskin a beating ahead of super bowl 2017

can a football stand up to a space telescope's intense testing regimen? in honor of sunday's super bowl, nasa put a football through similar tests to those undergone by its next big space observatory, the james webb space telescope.

martian melodrama 'the space between us' crashes to earth

there are movies about the wonders of space travel — a short list would include “2001: a space odyssey,” “solaris” and “interstellar” — that seek to test the audience’s perceptual limits, altering our sense of time and place so as to usher us into the vast frontier of the unknown. and then there...

sierra nevada dream chaser gets eo of “the space between us”

dream chaser won't make its debut as a reusable space utility vehicle performing missions in low earth orbit for another two years. but in hollywood, it's already a prime-time player in space.

commercial group endorses use of space launch system

the commercial spaceflight federation (csf) says it supports the continued development and use of nasa’s space launch system, a move that may help placate space policy tensions in the new administration.

japanese craft leaves space station to conduct space-junk experiment

a japanese cargo ship undocked from the international space station today (jan. 27) and will spend the next week doing a science experiment in orbit before burning up in earth's atmosphere on super bowl sunday (feb. 5).

image of the day

space station commander shane kimbrough of nasa shared this p o of the hawaiian islands seen from space on jan. 29.

image of the day

nasa’s c ini orbiter captured the most incredible close-up s s of urn’s rings during a ring-grazing orbit in december. this view shows urn's outer b ring in visible light with unprecedented detail.

the best gift ideas in the universe

this valentine's day, get your space-loving loved one something really out of this world. whether you're a hardcore fan or a general space buff, it's illogical not to consider these gifts and gadgets to wear, build and bobble.

soccer ball recovered from ill-fated shuttle challenger flown to space station

a soccer ball that was on the ill-fated launch of space shuttle challenger has made it into orbit 30 years later, thanks to the connection between one of the fallen astronauts and the current commander aboard the international space station.

tailgating in space - what’s on the iss menu? | video

nasa astronauts megan mcarthur and reid wiseman explain how the international space station crew go about preparing tailgate-style foods.

japanese cargo craft falls to earth after failed space-junk experiment

a japanese cargo craft will fall back to earth today (feb. 5) after delivering supplies to the international space station and attempting a novel space-junk experiment.

cosmic cat greets space lobster in amazing nebula views

in a new deep-space p o of two starry nebulas, a cat's paw reaches out to high-five a glowing, red lobster.

real spaceships and mushy love: 'the space between us' delivers

a new science fiction film, "the space between us," hits theaters today (feb. 3), and it just might be the most spaced-out teenage love story yet.

japan's experimental space junk cleaning robot may be in trouble

a japanese spacecraft designed to pull space junk out of orbit has run into a malfunction, scientists have reported.

valentine's day in space: cosmic love p os

fall in love with space all over again with these romantic images from across the universe.

concerned about trump, scientists are leaning into politics

like many scientists, aaron parsons doesn’t have a history of political enga ent. instead of focusing on earthly concerns, the uc berkeley radio astronomer spent most of his time scanning the outer reaches of the cosmos, searching for the earliest stars in the universe. “we’re looking for when...

nasa highlights facilities during super bowl week | video

a football is symbolically thrown by an astronaut on the space station to the johnson space center and other facilities to highlight their work.

lunar eclipse in february 2017 - what will it look like? | video

depending on where you are, a penumbral lunar eclipse will occur in the late evening of february 10 or the early morning of feb. 11. “the moon will darken slightly as it p es through the outer edges of earth’s shadow."

amazing blue jets from thunderstorms seen from space | video

in september 2015, esa astronaut andreas mogensen captured the storm above india through the international space station’s cupola windows for turbulence heating observer (thor) experiment.

european space agency to help nasa take humans beyond moon

berlin (ap) — the european space agency says it will contribute key components for a future nasa mission to take humans around the moon within the next few years. astronauts haven’t gone beyond a low orbit around earth since 1972, when nasa ended its apollo program. the european space agency and aerospace company airbus have […]

footballs put through spacecraft testing - for educational purposes | video

nasa goddard space flight center ran regulation size footballs through some of the same machinery used to test the james webb space telescope. they didnt fare well, to say the least.

japanese htv-6 cargo ship released from space station | video

the "kounotori" h-ii transfer vehicle was released from the interational space stations robotic arm on jan. 27th, 2017. it will deorbit in early february and burn up over the pacific ocean.

would the 'hidden figures' leading ladies go to space? | video

actresses taraj p. henson (katherine jackson), octavia spencer (dorothy vaughan), and janelle monáe (mary jackson) give their answers to space.com’s sarah lewin.

private space station coming soon? company aiming for 2020 launch

the builders of the axiom international commercial space station aim to enlarge the landscape of low-earth orbit, to create what they view as a "historic shift" in human spaceflight.

winter snowstorm battering northeast us seen from space

as a winter storm blew over the northeastern united states today, a weather-monitoring ellite caught the whole storm on era from space.

the best valentine's day gifts in the universe

this valentine's day, get your space-loving loved one something really out of this world. whether you're a hardcore fan or a general space buff, it's illogical not to consider these gifts and gadgets to wear, build and bobble.

did space travel really reverse scott kelly’s aging?

while scott kelly was in space, his telomeres actually grew longer while his twin's remained more or less the same length

space calendar 2017: launches, sky events & more

here’s a guide to the major astronomical events of the next year, as well as space launches and milestones for spacecrafts already in travel.

the most amazing space stories this week!

results from the astronaut twins, a chemistry test for life, plants on a ellite and earth's oxygen on the moon — it's space.com's top news stories of the week.

us must deter chinese aggression in space, general says

the u.s. must be prepared for any chinese aggression in space, said gen. john hyten, leader of u.s. strategic command.