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texas approves feral hog hunting by hot air balloon

austin, texas (ap) — texas lawmakers have approved the hunting of feral hogs and coyotes from hot air balloons. texas’ growing hog population causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage to crops every year. texas has an estimated two million feral hogs. their high breeding rate and lack of natural predators has seen their population […]

‘define principled’: texas goper melts down over requesting money for texas afte

a texas lawmaker got into a contentious back and forth with cnn host victor blackwell saturday morning when he was forced to defend his decision to vote against aid for hurricane sandy survivors in light of asking for federal help for flood-ravaged texas. speaking by phone with the cnn host, rep. ra...

texas set to pass transgender bathroom law for schools

austin, texas (ap) — texas lawmakers have revived a more narrowly focused version of a transgender “bathroom bill” like the one in north carolina that sparked a national backlash, but the texas law would apply only to public schools and not all bathrooms. a broader proposal mandating that transgender texas residents use public restrooms according […]

texas trooper: multiple fatalities in church van-truck crash

uvalde, texas (ap) — a texas state trooper says there are multiple fatalities in a head-on crash between a church van and a pickup truck in southwestern texas. sgt. conrad hein of the texas department of public safety reports the van was carrying 14 people when it collided with the truck, which only had the […]

texas agriculture commissioner blasts six flags for removing confederate flag

fort worth, texas — texas agriculture commissioner sid miller, to put it mildly, is not happy about six flags over texas removing the confederate flag and four others from several of its amusement parks. calling the decision “a sad day for texas and all of america,” miller said in a stat...

transgender bathroom bill approved by texas senate

texas moved closer to becoming the second state in the nation to pass a “bathroom bill” that would ensure people use public bathrooms that correspond with the sex on their birth certificate tuesday, as the texas senate approved s.b. 6 after four and a half hours of debate. the texas sena...

q&a: what next in the long battle over texas voter id law?

austin, texas (ap) — president donald trump’s administration has abandoned an obama-era challenge to a 2011 texas voter id law that is among the toughest in the nation. civil rights groups are still contesting the texas law in federal court, but without the muscle of the federal government behind them. here are answers to key […]

take that, washington! texas looks to nullify federal laws

austin, texas (ap) — republicans who control congress and the white house have promised to slash the size of the federal government while easing regulations on guns, the environment and energy production. but in the nation’s largest conservative state of texas, it may not be enough. a proposal in the gop-led legislature would allow texas […]

authorities: 1 dead, several hurt in u. of texas stabbings

austin, texas (ap) — an attacker with a machete-like knife fatally stabbed one person and wounded at least three others monday on the university of texas campus, and police had a suspect in custody, authorities said.

3 killed when air ambulance crashes in texas panhandle

amarillo, texas (ap) — authorities say three people are dead after an air ambulance crashed overnight in texas just south of the airport in amarillo. texas department of public safety sgt. cindy barkley says the small plane went down about 12:30 a.m. saturday in an industrial section of the city between rick husband amarillo international […]

heated immigration debate led to texas lawmakers’ scuffle

austin, texas (ap) — a hispanic texas lawmaker who a republican colleague threatened to shoot “in self-defense” after the democrat pushed him said tuesday that the altercation was a boiling point in a session where minority members were powerless to stop conservative legislation they say is discriminatory. tensions erupted on the floor of the texas […]

texas ‘bathroom bill’ near collapse over gop standoff

austin, texas (ap) — a proposed texas “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people neared collapse friday over a deadlock between republicans heeding warnings from big businesses and sports leagues — including google and the nfl — and social conservatives who drive the state’s political agenda. the breakdown comes just three days before the texas legislature is […]

texas gop wants to let doctors lie to women about pregnancies to trick them out

the texas gop introduced yet another anti-abortion bill that would give doctors the right to lie to their patients about their pregnancies. texas senate bill 25, also known as the “wrongful births bill” has made its way to the texas senate floor, and would prevent lawsuits against doctors if a baby ...

texas man arrested in ex-wife’s disappearance day of harvey

baytown, texas (ap) — the body of a texas real estate agent was found in a marshy wooded area saturday more than two weeks after she disappeared the day hurricane harvey made landfall, authorities said.

texas pushes ahead with ‘bathroom bill’ as others shy away

austin, texas (ap) — a push for a “bathroom bill” in texas is coming down to the wire even as proposed restroom restrictions for transgender people have largely faltered in legislatures across the u.s. republican gov. greg abbott said thursday he’s hopeful that lawmakers will soon hatch a deal that would make texas the first […]

top texas official out over ‘unacceptable’ iraq consulting

austin, texas (ap) — the former watchdog over u.s. reconstruction efforts in iraq has been forced out of a powerful texas job after he moonlighted as a consultant for the iraq government. a spokesman for texas gov. greg abbott said thursday that stuart bowen had committed a “serious and unacceptable lapse in judgment.” abbott appointed […]

texas right to life praises two initiatives passing house vote

early friday morning, the house of the representatives in the texas legislature preliminarily adopted a c.s.s.b. 1, after 15 hours of debate. the adopted house two-year budget bill included multiple pro-life measures including the two top priorities for texas right to life. while many pro-life topics and policies were debated, texas right to life spearheaded […]

texas faces at least $21 million in wildfire damages

texas ranchers are facing at least $21 million in agricultural damages from wildfires that blackened more than 750 square miles in the texas panhandle last week.

texas border town sues over state law to punish ‘sanctuary cities’

a small texas town on the mexico border filed suit in federal court on tuesday seeking to throw out on u.s. constitutional grounds a new texas law that aims to punish so-called “sanctuary cities.” el cenizo, near laredo, said it has offered refuge since before texas, the largest republic...

no. 19 oklahoma edges no. 8 texas 74-73

texas had no intention of leaving oklahoma's best 3-point shooter alone in the corner, but with two seconds left, peyton little found herself alone and knocked down a shot that broke a 70-all tie, and nancy mulkey scored a free throw as the no. 19 sooners vaulted past no. 8 texas, 74-73, on saturday.

texas could charge people who help women get abortions

a texas bill that would ban the most common and safest second-trimester abortion procedure could also end up criminalizing anyone who helps a woman obtain one, reproductive rights advocates warn. texas senate bill 8, which according to the dallas observer is “the most stringent and most important an...

nba joins nfl in warning texas over proposed ‘bathroom bill’

austin, texas (ap) — the nba is warning texas over a proposed “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people that is similar to a north carolina law that prompted the league to move the all-star game out of that state. the nba on friday joined the nfl in suggesting that texas will be overlooked for future big […]

texas protest sparks lawmaker threats of gun violence

austin, texas – hundreds of protesters opposing texas’ tough new anti-sanctuary cities law launched a raucous demonstration from the public gallery in the texas house chambers monday, briefly halting work and prompting lawmakers on the floor below to scuffle — and even threaten gun violence — as tense divides over hard-line immigration policies boiled over.

what to know as texas nears passing ‘sanctuary city’ law

austin, texas (ap) — what to know about a texas bill targeting so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ that is heading to the desk of republican gov. greg abbott, who has pledged to sign the measure that immigrant-rights activists say will lead to profiling and discrimination. ___ comparisons to arizona’s law opponents blast the texas bill as a […]

aclu warns texas travelers about ‘sanctuary city’ law

austin, texas (ap) — the american civil liberties union has issued a warning about traveling to texas because of the state’s new law banning so-called sanctuary cities. the aclu said tuesday that texas travelers should anticipate “the possible violation of their constitutional rights” if stopped by police. the new law allows officers to ask people […]

federal audit finds more lapses in texas foster care system

austin, texas (ap) — a federal audit released tuesday heaped more criticism onto texas’ troubled child welfare system and warned of foster kids potentially put in jeopardy over missed deadlines during abuse and neglect investigations. the report was published a day after the texas legislature ended a session in which lawmakers approved an extra $500 […]

texas prosecutor finds ex-day care owners innocent of abuse

austin, texas (ap) — a texas prosecutor is seeking a declaration of innocence for the former owners of a day care who were imprisoned for 21 years for child abuse and satanic rituals. dan and fran keller were freed in 2013 after the texas court of criminal appeals determined a doctor gave false testimony in […]

bestiality isn’t illegal in texas — but a houston democrat wants to change that

it’s not a crime for people in texas to have sex with animals. when law enforcement comes across animal sexual abuse cases, they often only prosecute offenders for animal cruelty or public lewdness, according to various officials. a bill moving through the texas house would officially outlaw b...

texas state trooper: 12 killed, 3 injured in crash between church van and pickup

uvalde, texas (ap) — texas state trooper: 12 killed, 3 injured in crash between church van and pickup truck in southwestern texas.

texas teen admits making up gang rape

a texas teenager who claimed she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by three black men in ski masks revealed she made the story up, police said thursday. eighteen-year-old breana talbott went missing march 8 from her apartment in denison, texas, a town near the oklahoma border. when she reappeared...

officials: callers saw a pickup swerving before texas crash

law enforcement officials from two texas departments say they received phone calls about a pickup driving erratically shortly before a collision between a truck and church bus in southwest texas that killed 13 people returning from a retreat.

boy, 11, killed in east texas school bus crash

shelbyville, texas (ap) — an 11-year-old boy has been killed in a crash involving the school bus on which he was riding on a rural road near the texas-louisiana border. the texas department of public safety says the crash monday involved a school bus from the shelbyville independent school district. dps trooper david hendry says […]

a texas reptile sanctuary with over 350 alligators is causing big problems due t

a texas reptile sanctuary with over 350 alligators has one very big problem gator country, a beaumont, texas park that describes itself as the “largest alligator adventure park/sanctuary in southeast texas,” has a very large problem. floodwaters from hurricane harvey threaten to overwhelm the fences...

texas mulls asking drivers to help it clear rape kit backlog

austin, texas (ap) — texas is considering asking drivers to help it clear its huge backlog of untested rape kits, a novel approach that has been well received by cost-conscious republican lawmakers and one that other states might consider. the republican-controlled texas house on wednesday gave tentative approval to the bill, which would ask drivers […]

13 killed, 2 hurt when church bus and truck crash in texas

a small shuttle bus carrying texas church members home from a retreat collided head-on with a pickup truck, killing 13 people and injuring two others wednesday on a two-lane highway in southwestern texas, officials said.