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github’s scandalized ex-ceo returns with chatterbug

 translation earbuds might eliminate some utilitarian reasons to know a language, but if you want to understand jokes, read poetry, or fall in love in a foreign tongue, you’ll have to actually learn it. unfortunately, products like rosetta stone leave people feeling burned after claiming the process should be easy while never helping you practice talking with a real native speaker. you… read more

after pretending to be scandalized by the word ‘boobs,’ cnn floods the zone with

cnn can't stop praising playboy magazine's hugh hefner. just two weeks ago, the network pretended to be scandalized by the word 'boobs.'

trump’s warsaw speech evoked reagan’s cold war rhetoric, not the alt-right’s

progressive media outlets were scandalized by trump’s defense of western civilization. but there was nothing radical about his speech, just his critics.

trump defiant on tax returns despite growing pressure

president refuses to release his returns, citing ongoing audit, but irs says returns can be released even if they're under audit

trump defiant on tax returns despite growing pressure

mr. trump refuses to release his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit, but the irs has said this doesn't bar any taxpayer from releasing returns

movie review: judi dench rules (again) in crowd pleaser ‘victoria & abdul’

though a foreign-born commoner, abdul represents the opposite of the scheming sycophants in queen victoria's court, who are scandalized that an indian man has risen to a position of trust and power that eludes them all.

when a kenyan woman took up a man's job, people said she'd be cursed. she persev

when faith khakai started up work as a motorcycle taxi driver in the kenyan capital, nairobi, it scandalized her neighbors. “they say, ‘women are weak,’” she recalled. “they say, ‘there are things that men can do but women can’t.’” people warned her she would become infertile. men whispered sinister...

ask farmer: examining kickoff returns and stars on the nfl badge

why do nfl special teams coaches allow kickoff returners to take the ball out of the end zone? a touchback now starts a drive on the 25. long returns are rare. the more common game changers from these “end zone” returns are turnovers (the rams’ pharoh cooper, returning from four yards deep against...

democrats now describe trump’s unshared tax returns as matter of national securi

washington — congressional democrats are hoping that growing concerns about russian interference in american politics might get them a peek at president donald trump’s tax returns. trump refused to release his tax returns during the campaign because, he said, he was undergoing an audit. since ...

$400,000 for an obama speech: tacky but not corrupt

should we be scandalized by reports that former president barack obama will be paid $400,000 to deliver a speech at a healthcare conference sponsored by cantor fitzgerald, a wall street investment bank? i don’t think so, at least not for most of the reasons offered by the prosecution. one count...

why fewer tax returns have been filed so far this year

the irs has seen almost a 9 percent drop in returns, and there are many reasons for the falloff

it’s tax time, and here’s one tip: filing early would be good

the irs began accepting returns jan. 23, and tax experts recommend that americans continue to file their returns early. for one thing, it reduces the chance of identity fraud. also, the irs is giving more scrutiny to returns claiming some credits before it sends out refunds.

in a heated fight over l.a.'s future development, measure s trails in early retu

a bitterly contested ballot measure that would impose new restrictions on building apartment towers, shops and offices in los angeles was trailing in early returns tuesday night. early returns, which include vote-by-mail ballots, showed less than 41% of voters in favor of measure s, with 59 out...

why ‘batman returns’ is the best batman film

batman returns turns twenty-five today and it’s a film worth celebrating. tim burton’s sequel was much maligned at the time of release, but it’s finally begun to get the reappraisal it deserves. in fact, this writer will go farther than most and declare batman returns the best live-action batman film ever made. the world of tim […] the post why ‘batman returns’ is the best batman film appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

trump: 'who paid for' rallies seeking release of tax returns

president donald trump says "someone should look into who paid" for the rallies around the country saturday that urged him to release his tax returns. trump tweeted sunday: "i did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a republican-easily won the electoral college! now tax returns are...

2 illinois lawmakers among 312 state employees who haven't filed 2014 tax return

you may be sweating through the annual race to file your income tax returns on time, but the state of illinois is still trying to get tax returns that were due two years ago from hundreds of the very state employees whose salaries you pay. two incumbent state lawmakers are among the 312 people...

trump likely to have leaked his own tax returns

amid the chaos president donald trump’s 2005 tax returns created following tuesday night’s “the rachel maddow show,” pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter david cay johnston said that trump may have leaked his own tax returns. johnston, who claimed that he obtained th...

early returns show tight race in georgia as nation watches

returns from absentee and early voting show the tight race that is expected in georgia's 6th congressional district, where republicans are trying to stave off a major upset ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. the first returns from the northern atlanta suburbs have republican karen handel and...

mnuchin: trump has 'no intention' of releasing tax returns

president donald trump "has no intention" of releasing his tax returns to the public, treasury secretary steve mnuchin said wednesday, asserting americans have "plenty of information" about the president's financial matters. for decades, presidents have released their tax returns. but trump has...

running for president? some states want tax returns public

honolulu (ap) — lawmakers in nearly half the states want to add a requirement for presidential candidates: show us your tax returns. the issue has dogged president donald trump, who became the first presidential candidate in modern times to refuse to make his returns public. it flared anew this week after msnbc said it had […]

watch: sen. tom cotton shouted down by angry town hall crowd for defending trump

sen. tom cotton (r-ar) faced a rowdy town hall on monday, eliciting boos as he attempted to defend president donald trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. “my question is you in congress and the senate have the power to subpoena these tax returns,” a constituent said to cotton. “the president s...

in pictures: varun dhawan returns from budapest while kriti sanon returns from o

varun dhawan and kriti sanon’s airport style file is the best thing you will see today continue reading ...

wild notes: assimilation continues as hanzal returns to lineup

wild forward returns from illness, still in a learning mode.

tv this week: ‘better call saul’ returns for season 3

also, 'homeland' wraps up its explosive season, 'angie tribeca' returns and 'the great war' is recalled on pbs.

white house responds to new report on donald trump's tax returns

a portion of trump's tax returns were obtained by msnbc through journalist david cay johnston

protesters take to streets demanding trump's tax returns

activists planned "tax march" events in 150 cities across the u.s. calling on president trump to release his tax returns

photos: denver rally demands release of trump’s tax returns

a couple thousand people gathered in denver’s civic center park saturday as part of a national movement demanding the release of president donald trump’s tax returns. the timing of the rally and march was no coincidence, with taxes due on april 18. some said trump should release his returns if he wants to prove he […]

tax day protesters demand trump release tax returns

demonstrators nationwide call on greater transparency from president over his finances, after he breaks pledge to release returns

newfound wealth returns to poverty-stricken hometown in “no one is coming to sav

nouveau riche african american returns to his impoverished hometown with big dreams

here’s where you can mail your tax returns at the last minute in colorado on tue

the federal government gave you a few extra days to file your 2016 tax returns, but time is running out on getting them into the mail.

san jose protesters join national push for trump tax returns

trump is the first major party nominee in more than 40 years not to release his tax returns, saying it was because he was under audit. he later said that voters don’t care.

trump: ‘who paid for’ rallies seeking release of tax returns

trump tweeted sunday: "i did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a republican-easily won the electoral college! now tax returns are brought up again?"

colorado democrats push to require tax returns from presidential candidates

at least 26 other states have introduced similar legislation this year after president donald trump refused to release his tax returns, but it's not clear if such an effort would be upheld in court.

thousands march in los angeles to demand release of trump tax returns

several thousand anti-trump protesters marched through downtown los angeles on saturday to demand the president release his tax returns. the peaceful demonstration was one of dozens of “tax marches,” held in cities around the country on the traditional deadline for filing federal income tax returns....

americans shouldn’t be responsible for filing tax returns; the government should

house republicans want to simplify the tax code. the ultimate goal of tax simplification should be shifting the burden of preparing returns from taxpayers to the government.