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health canada approves application for interim safe injection site in toronto

'supervised consumption sites save lives and improve health without increasing drug use or crime in the surrounding area'

canada expands safe injection sites as overdose deaths rise

montreal (ap) — canada is attacking its expanding opioid crisis with an unusual measure: it’s giving addicts a safe place to shoot up. the government already has allowed seven “safe injection sites” to open and a score of others are being considered across the country. the storefront sites give addicts clean syringes, medical supervision and […]

canada expands safe injection sites as overdose deaths rise

canada is attacking its expanding opioid crisis with an unusual measure: it's giving addicts a safe place to shoot up.

mcdonald’s canada says its website’s jobs section was hacked

toronto (ap) — mcdonald’s canada says the jobs section of its website has been hacked, compromising the personal information of about 95,000 applicants over the last three years. the company said friday that the accessed information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, employment histories and other standard job application information. mcdonald’s canada says the site doesn’t […]

podcast: should seattle and king county voters decide whether to block safe drug

a lawsuit was filed to block an initiative that would ban safe drug-injection sites in king county, arguing public-health decisions should be left to the experts. here's what opponents and proponents have to say.

safe injection sites: readers weigh in

a chance for help my heart goes out to op-ed writer lisa dufour [“i lost my son to a drug overdose: say no to safe injection sites,” march 18, opinion]. i can’t imagine the pain she is dealing with after losing her son to an opioid overdose. as seattle’s police chief for six years, i […]

safe-injection sites: save our youth

we hear about all the advantages of “safe-injection sites” from our government officials for individuals hooked on drugs. seldom do we hear about the harm these sites can cause our “clean” children. our 18-year-old grandson could be tempted to try drugs because, from his viewpoint, the government condones drug use and has provided a safety […]

canada's 'prince of pot' arrested in toronto

canada's so-called "prince of pot" has been arrested in toronto and police are raiding several of his marijuana dispensaries, his lawyer said thursday.

initiative proposed to ban heroin safe-injection sites in king county

the proposed initiative to ban heroin safe-injection sites in king county was launched by local officials. next step is collecting more than 47,000 signatures to place the measure on the november ballot.

toronto’s hot tech sector and canada’s inclusiveness are winning cards

while canada generally and toronto specifically may not yet be ready to replace the united states and san francisco as the leading hotbeds for tech innovation, they’re coming up fast. there’s a lot on the plus side: top-notch schools, with their incubators and accelerators. the requisite skilled workers, with pay scales and benefits to attract […]

safe injection sites: harm reduction

safe injection sites are a harm-reduction measure shown to dramatically decrease overdose deaths by placing trained, nonjudgmental observers in a position to reverse accidental overdoses. the science shows that contrary to lisa dufour’s assertion, they do not increase or encourage drug use. moreover, they have been shown to facilitate users accessing treatment programs when they […]

backers of safe drug-injection sites sue to block a public vote in king county

backers of safe-consumption sites for heroin and other drugs have filed a lawsuit in king county seeking to invalidate initiative 27, which would ban the facilities. the lawsuit argues public-health decisions cannot be vetoed by citizen initiatives.

safe injections centers are not opium dens

government-sanctioned and supported “supervised injection centers,” where addicts can bring their illicitly obtained drugs and shoot up with little fear of arrest or a fatal overdose, have been in service in europe for decades. there’s only one in all of north america, though. it’s in canada —...

toronto financial district stabbing suspect wrote judge to insist she is innocen

prosecutors say rohinie bisesar should not be held criminally responsible. an application for a mental health assessment include letters the accused wrote in jail

canada’s transport minister: ua incident won’t be tolerated

toronto (ap) — canada’s transport minister has warned airlines operating in canada that the federal government will not tolerate the forcible removal of passengers from overbooked airplanes. marc garneau sent a letter to the heads of every airline flying in and out of canada to warn them that an incident like the one that injured […]

canadian court approves bid for trump tower in toronto

a canadian judge on thursday approved the sale of the donald trump-branded toronto hotel and condo tower to its main debt holder after no other bids were submitted for the troubled building.

canada census 2016: toronto growth well above the already high national average

the census indicated that toronto ranked no. 1 among the country's 35 census metropolitan areas

trudeau should ‘lift the cap’ on refugee sponsorships in wake of trump immigrati

'we don’t feel safe in our country with all the islamophobic rhetoric.' a toronto rally against islamophobia tells prime minister 'this is not the time to play it safe'

trudeau should ‘lift the cap’ on refugee sponsorships in wake of trump immigrati

'we don’t feel safe in our country with all the islamophobic rhetoric.' a toronto rally against islamophobia tells prime minister 'this is not the time to play it safe'

toronto isil suspect appears in court, lawyer raises questions about police case

pamir hakimzadah, 27, stood with his hands clasped in front of him at toronto’s old city hall courthouse, where he was faced a single count under canada’s anti-terrorism law

pot activists marc and jodie emery arrested in toronto as police raid their mari

police were seen raiding the couple's cannabis culture stores in several cities across canada on thursday, including toronto, vancouver and ottawa

trudeau should ‘lift the cap’ on private refugee sponsorships in wake of trump i

'we don’t feel safe in our country with all the islamophobic rhetoric that’s going around.' toronto rally against islamophobia tells prime minister 'this is not the time to play it safe'

eu approves italian cash injection for troubled bank

milan (ap) — the european union’s executive has approved italy’s plans to inject 5.4 billion euros ($6 billion) into the struggling bank monte dei paschi di siena as part of a rescue plan. the commission said tuesday that it has cleared the capital injection only following the contribution of 4.3 billion euros from monte dei […]

philadelphia to mull safe injection sites in opioid fight

a task force charged with outlining ways for philadelphia to combat its opioid epidemic has recommended the city consider allowing safe sites, where drug users could inject heroin.

ontario, canada brings in foreign housing tax to cool market

toronto (ap) — foreign nationals who don’t live in toronto and its surrounding communities will pay an additional 15 percent tax on homes under legislation proposed by the ontario government. ontario premier kathleen wynne made the announcement thursday in an effort to cool a hot housing market in canada’s largest city. it matches the 15 […]

canada extends mission in iraq to march 2019

toronto (ap) — canada is extending its military mission against the islamic state group in iraq for another two years. defense minister harjit sajjan said thursday that canada is renewing its contribution to the global coalition until march 31, 2019. canada has about 200 special forces soldiers operating in northern iraq supported by a combat […]

canada’s largest school board stops booking new us travel

toronto (ap) — canada’s largest school board will no longer book any trips to the u.s. because of fears students might have trouble at the border due to travel restrictions enacted by president donald trump. the toronto district school board cited the uncertainty of the new travel restrictions wednesday. director of education john malloy said […]

public health officials warn canadians to update vaccines after mumps outbreak s

in toronto, public health officials said friday that there were 17 confirmed cases of mumps in the city, all involving people between 18 and 35 years of age who had frequented west-end bars

what’s open and closed in toronto on canada day and the holiday monday

everything torontonians need to know before they celebrate canada 150 this weekend

air canada flight nearly lands on crowded taxiway at s.f. international

the national transportation safety board on tuesday joined the investigation into an air canada flight that almost landed on a san francisco international taxiway crowded with four other jetliners. air canada flight 759, en route from toronto with 140 passengers and crew aboard, had been cleared...

canada warns trump administration over talk of us tariffs

toronto (ap) — canada’s foreign minister has warned the trump administration that canada will retaliate if the u.s. applies new tariffs. foreign affairs minister chrystia freeland said wednesday from washington that her government strongly opposes any new possible tariffs and would respond. she says they would be mutually harmful. more than 75 percent of canada’s […]

hayward: development at old mervyn’s site gets initial ok

the hayward planning commission approves 476 apartments and 80,500 square-feet commercial space on the former mervyn's headquarters site.

deportations on the rise in canada amid migrant influx

toronto (ap) — canada has stepped up deportations of migrants this year as a surge of asylum seekers enter the country illegally from the united states. canada border services agency said thursday there have been a total of 5,529 deportations as of tuesday compared to 7,357 in all of 2016. the number of deportations to […]

milwaukee school district approves 'safe haven' designation

the milwaukee public schools board has approved a resolution designating the district as a "safe haven" for students and families who are living in the country illegally.

who is encouraging haitians to cross the border? canada wants to know

facebook posts and whatsapp messages promising safe haven in canada claim to have the blessing of the canadian government, or so the stories go. the disinformation spread via the web is causing a massive exodus of haitian immigrants from the u.s. to canada.