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who'll control the house after 2018? a lot depends on president trump.

looking at the numbers, democrats seem to have a better chance seizing control of the senate in 2018 than winning a majority and clawing their way back to power in the house. republicans hold a mere 52-48 senate majority while outnumbering democrats in the house by 44 seats, with five vacancies....

democrats' road to winning back the house goes through california, and it won't

democrats intent on taking back the house in 2018 have settled on a key strategy: focusing on the 23 districts nationwide where voters chose republicans for congress last year but favored democrat hillary clinton over donald trump for the presidency. seven of those seats are in california, and...

mayor emanuel on democratic problems: 'you're not going to solve it in 2018'

mayor rahm emanuel, one of the architects of the last democratic takeover of congress, played down the importance of the 2018 midterm elections, saying sunday that the party's long-term problems run far deeper than whether democrats can win back the house. emanuel said the democrats had lost so...

rep.ted lieu: democrats will fully investigate trump and russia if we take back

appearing on msnbc’s am joy to discuss revoking trump son-in-law jared kushner’s security clearance over accusations that he lied to the fbi, rep. ted lieu (d-ca) promised democrats with go hard after president donald trump’s russia connections if the his party reclaims the house i...

democrats ‘dicking around’ military, house rep. martha mcsally says

democrats are stalling, or, to put it in the words of one republican congresswoman, “dicking around,” and challenged a top democrat over negotiations to pass the federal budget and immigration reform.... the post democrats ‘dicking around’ military, house rep. martha mcsally says appeared first on raw story.

can democrats win back the house?

democrats are bullish on their chances as moderate gop lawmakers head for the exits, but dems still face headwinds

illinois house democrats divided on whether to pass tax hike rauner vows to veto

the illinois house was back in session sunday as doubts remain about whether democrats who control the chamber can unite behind a budget to pay for schools, universities and social service programs. there is much to figure out between now and wednesday's scheduled adjournment, and at the top of...

gleeful democrats see trumpcare as political suicide for house gop: ‘they are st

republicans may be celebrating the passage of the american healthcare act (ahca) in the house of representatives on thursday, but many democrats believe that the gop has signed its 2018 death warrant by supporting the doomed bill. the new york times said on friday that the controversial bill —...

the republican tax plan is a victory for the democrats — maybe

republicans won the tax fight in congress by overpowering democrats. now the battle begins to retain that power in next year’s elections. their celebrated victory could cost them control of the house. theoretically anyway. democrats need to pick up 24 republican seats nationally to take back the...

ryan presses dems to back bill keeping government open

house speaker paul ryan tried pressuring democrats on wednesday to back legislation preventing a weekend federal shutdown. but he gave little ground on the partisan battle over immigration, an issue many democrats say must be resolved before they'll vote to keep agencies functioning.

don’t get demoralized by the big georgia loss, democrats

instead of feeling demoralized, let's hope democrats take a different message from this year's special elections: the house is very much in play in 2018.

democrats see hope for 2018 in thin gop victory in montana

republicans and democrats alike are finding something to be happy about in the special election for montana's only seat in the house.

would a trump impeachment help democrats in 2018?

would a trump impeachment help democrats in 2018? following the resignation of republican president richard nixon in 1974, a democratic wave helped the party retain control of the house for two decades. with president donald trump’s administration facing an ever-growing russia scandal, democra...

billionaire pledges to spend $30m on 2018 elections. his aim: impeach trump

tom steyer says he will do everything he can to help democrats retake the house in 2018, with the aim of impeaching the president

billionaire pledges to spend $30 million on 2018 elections. his aim: impeach tru

tom steyer says he will do everything he can to help democrats retake the house in 2018, with the aim of impeaching the president

suburban democrats line up to challenge roskam, hultgren in 2018

there is no shortage of suburban democrats hoping to challenge incumbent republican u.s. reps. peter roskam and randy hultgren in 2018. a crowded field of democrats in the two congressional districts could duke it out this spring for a spot on the 2018 ballot to challenge the incumbents as monday...

black vote is key in georgia house race — but can democrats energize it?

as democrats seek to win the hotly contested house race in this longtime gop stronghold, one of their toughest and most urgent challenges has become energizing black voters who have gone lukewarm on the party nationally. even in a race where democrats have more money to spend than in any house...

democrats should filibuster neil gorsuch with 2018 in mind

i'm not counseling eye-for-an-eye revenge. i'm advising democrats to consider what course of action is most likely to improve their chances of making gains in 2018.

2 house democrats launch longshot bid to impeach trump

washington (ap) — two house democrats are launching a longshot bid to impeach president donald trump. the effort by reps. al green of texas and brad sherman of california has little chance of success in the republican-led house. they don’t even have the backing of many fellow democrats. nevertheless, the lawmakers said wednesday they are […]

another leadership test for pelosi, who’s weathered many

washington (ap) — minority leader nancy pelosi is telling democrats that next year could be the year they take back control of the house. the response from some is that it better be. pelosi is confronting renewed questions about her leadership in the wake of a dispiriting loss for democrats in a georgia special house […]

another leadership test for pelosi, who’s weathered many

washington (ap) — minority leader nancy pelosi is telling democrats that next year could be the year they take back control of the house. the response from some: it better be. in the wake of a dispiriting loss for democrats in a georgia special house race, pelosi is confronting renewed questions about her leadership, especially […]

house democrats question flynn disclosures of middle east travel

house democrats say he may have misled security clearance investigators.

election 2018: who will control congress?

most everyone expects that democrats will pick up some seats in the house of representatives during the 2018 midterm elections. an opposition party almost always does during a new president’s first term; the republicans did in 2010, largely because of the tea party movement animated by a populist di...

inward-looking house democrats seek best way to make gains

house democrats are united against president donald trump, but as they w up a somewhat painful, inward-looking retreat, they are still trying to figure out how to turn that opposition into a winning strategy.

some house democrats mull over how to oust pelosi as leader

a dozen or so house democrats want minority leader nancy pelosi to go after a dispiriting loss in a house election in georgia. they just don't know how to make it happen.

house democrats signal they want to keep meeting, likely continuing budget impas

illinois house democrats resolved to keep meeting in a "continuous session" this summer, signaling they're unlikely to agree on a budget plan to send to republican gov. bruce rauner on what was previously their last scheduled day to be in springfield on wednesday.earlier, democrats in the senate...

democrats are supposed to be fighting back, but they just keep losing

donald trump may be off to the worst start in presidential history, but recent polls and election results show democrats are even more unpopular than he is. what’s wrong with the democrats?

house gop blocks effort by democrats to obtain trump’s taxes

washington (ap) — house republicans on tuesday blocked another attempt by democrats to obtain president donald trump’s tax returns from the irs. house democrats tried for a third time to use a procedural vote to pry loose trump’s returns. republicans thwarted the effort, 228-190, on a mostly party-line vote. the vote happened as the house […]

angry at trump, north carolina democrats hope for 2018 gains

north carolina democrats say they're energized for 2018, intent on regaining their historical control of the state's general assembly.

poll: colorado democrats have early momentum headed into 2018

colorado democrats have begun the 2018 election cycle with an edge over their republican rivals, according to a statewide poll released tuesday.

the 2018 election could be democrats and impeachment vs. republicans and good ec

if the only thing democrats offer in 2018 is a call for trump's impeachment and claims of the gop's mistreatment of widows and orphans, then republicans may have a fighting chance.

house republican tax chief to huddle with democrats

the texas republican spearheading tax reform efforts in the u.s. house of representatives will meet with democrats to discuss policy ideas, as republicans try to secure a victory for president donald trump after his healthcare bill’s failure. house ways and means committee chair kevin brady sa...

democrats push for vote on dream act as white house backs off linking it to bord

democrats are pushing for a vote on the dream act in a matter of weeks after president trump told congressional leaders he wanted action on legislation to protect the young immigrants known as “dreamers.” house minority leader nancy pelosi said tuesday that democrats are trying to force a vote,...

why are democrats fighting for a tax break that benefits mostly the rich?

to the editor: the democrats are desperately fighting the gop tax plan for one reason: these tax breaks will severely jeopardize their designs on picking up seats in congress in 2018. (“here are the 5 major differences between the house and senate versions of the gop tax plan,” nov. 10) the nonpartisan...

florida democrats hope trump factor boosts them in 2018

lake buena vista, fla. (ap) — florida democrats are counting on republican president donald trump to drive voter turnout for their candidates in a critical 2018 election year. the president was mentioned often saturday as the florida democratic party held its biennial convention and many said he will be the reason democrats could break more […]