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here's how to wring value from outdated blog posts

a revival strategy will work for most content.

facebook now deleting 66k posts a week in anti-hate campaign

the company said in a blog post that deleting posts can "feel like censorship," but that it is working on explaining its process better and improving its enforcement of hate speech.

visit with america’s largest right wring militia

this is one of the stranger videos you'll see, but perhaps among the most important. it gives you an inside look at a far right wing militia.  the post visit with america’s largest right wring militia appeared first on holy kaw!.

a british teacher wanted to kayak down the amazon. she was brutally murdered in

emma kelty documented her journey online, including on a blog and in social media posts on twitter

canada should ok ‘three-parent babies’: commentary argues for lifting of ban on

the authors say the 13-year-old law is outdated, formed at the height of fears around cloning

the alberta personal health card is a blight on everything that makes alberta gr

it’s a brittle, outdated, fraud-prone abomination that should have been abolished years ago

religious groups urge mps to keep criminal code prohibition on disrupting a wors

the government says the section has outdated and non-inclusive language, is rarely used, and is superfluous given there is a charter right to religious freedom

purge outdated voter rolls? nyc tried it, with bad results

new york (ap) — whether you believe, or not, that voting fraud is a problem in the u.s., one thing is certain: tidying up outdated voter rolls is sometimes easier said than done. just ask election officials in the nation’s largest city. after an independent review found that new york city’s voting lists contained people […]

‘still using 19th century techniques’: rcmp recruitment video shows outdated tea

many assessments have knocked the rcmp's paramilitary style of training and governance, which emphasizes deference to authority, as a hindrance to modernizing it

animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff, part 2

unlike most blog posts that you'll find here, this one has no educational value at all. if you follow our facebook page, you've probably already seen a lot of these photos, but not all of them.

need some dancing goddess gifs? artist nina paley has got you covered

on january 1, artist nina paley wrote on her blog, "here are 24 individual goddess gifs to use for whatever. free culture. no permission needed. go crazy. i love you." on january 5, artist emily hesse posted this video she made using paley's animations, which then went viral on facebook (111k shares as of this writing): https://www.facebook.com/emily.hesse.121/posts/1941418776109862?pnref=story paley then responded: i'm glad my animation is getting re-used! just for the record, i did not (and never would) choose this music. i'm working on a scene with these goddesses for my film seder-masochism, that has totally different music - hopefully it'll be done in a month or so and of course i will share it online. you can remix/re-use/whatever these goddess gifs, the whole collection is on my bl

white house says trump believes cia systems are outdated

washington (ap) — white house press secretary sean spicer says president donald trump has “grave concern” about the release of classified material and believes the systems at the cia are outdated. spicer was responding thursday to questions about wikileaks’ disclosure of thousands of documents that it says reveals details of the cia’s cyberespionage toolkit. the […]

detroit fire officials investigating racist online posts

detroit (ap) — a detroit fire department official has been placed on administrative leave without pay after a civil rights organization said it found racist, xenophobic and anti-semitic social media posts purportedly written by him. michigan’s chapter of the council on american-islamic relations says the writer of the posts boasted he is a captain in […]

to become a royal, meghan markle may learn how to ‘wring’ pheasants’ necks

with meghan markle's engagement to prince harry looking likely, the american tv actress is learning how to be a royal, including why it's not ok to wear ripped jeans in public.

ontario doctor exposes life in the er, from a ‘crackling and popping’ penis to a

his blog posts read like short stories, but relate actual cases in ontario hospital's emergency department from the physician's perspective

germany seeks to fine social media over hateful posts

draft law wants social networks to remove fake news and abusive posts within a week or face $53m fines.

7 best instagram posts from the week gone by

here’s your weekly roundup of bollywood’s best instagram posts continue reading ...

facebook giving friends' posts priority over brands in news feedsfacebook giving

daily video: facebook is now prioritizing friends' posts over news items; microsoft and open whisper partner on encrypted skype conversations; google says its spectre and meltdown fixes don't harm system performance; and there's more.

alderman on cps: 'take rauner by his neck and wring it'

the head of the chicago city council budget committee on tuesday sought to point the blame at republican gov. bruce rauner when it comes to finding a way to avoid a looming financial meltdown at chicago public schools, saying in the often-blunt language she's known for that "somebody needs to take...

alderman on cps: "take rauner by his neck and wring it"

the head of the chicago city council budget committee on tuesday sought to point the blame at republican gov. bruce rauner when it comes to finding a way to avoid a looming financial meltdown at chicago public schools, saying in the often-blunt language she's known for that "somebody needs to take...

7 best instagram posts from the week gone by

varun, salman, ranveer and more impressed us with their insta posts last week continue reading ...

tweeter in chief: a by-the-numbers look at @realdonaldtrump since he won the ele

trump's most retweeted post in the year since he was elected is among his most controversial posts

terror posts, encryption targeted by u.k. following attack

the u.k. government urged social-media platforms such as facebook and twitter to tackle terror posts on their sites as it reinforced its demand to allow access to encrypted messages.

college clears professor whose online posts brought threats

hartford, conn. (ap) — the president of a private college in hartford, connecticut, says the commentary of a professor who was criticized for his social media posts is protected by academic freedom and he didn’t violate any college policies. threats related to posts by trinity college sociology professor johnny williams led the college to close […]

zillow backs off threat to sue mcmansion hell after compromise

after being down for days, the blog was back up thursday, complete with old posts featuring zillow photos.

four california high school students sue district over suspensions for ‘liking'

four california high school students have sued a school district after they were suspended over their responses to instagram posts that included a black student and coach with nooses around their necks. the students at albany high school in the bay area “liked” or briefly commented on the posts,...

fans wait in line for available tickets to game 3 of nlds

follow along below for live updates, social media posts, photos and more from mondays's game 3 of the national league division series between the cubs and nationals. on the tribune app? click here to see the live blog.

verizon takes over yahoo to complete $4.5 billion deal

verizon has taken over yahoo, completing a $4.5 billion deal that will usher in a new management team to attempt to wring more advertising revenue from one of the internet's best-known brands.

signposts from the women's march — angry, ironic and sometimes really funny

tweets are fine, but you can’t hold up a tweet for your fellow marchers to see. same goes for videos, blog posts and selfies. that explains why thousands of people marching saturday grabbed cardboard, colored paper and markers to make their feelings known. here are signs across the country. let’s...

facebook user found guilty of defamation for ‘liking’ posts accusing man of raci

erwin kessler argued that by ‘liking’ the posts the defendant had spread their content by making them visible to a larger number of people

kevin durant posts footage from ‘cloud nine’ during warriors parade

kd posts youtube video of his experience on the bus along the warriors parade route in oakland.

7 best instagram posts from the week gone by

these are our top favourite instagram posts from the week gone by continue reading ...

7 best instagram posts of the week gone by

sit back and take a look with us at the best instagram posts of the week gone by… continue reading ...

college closes due to threats made after professor’s posts

hartford, conn. (ap) — a private college in connecticut has closed its campus due to threats made against it after a professor’s social media posts that he says were twisted to sound as though they referred to last week’s congressional shooting in virginia. trinity college says it received threats related to social media posts by […]

us seizes control of russian posts in san fran, dc, ny

the united states seized control saturday of three russian diplomatic posts in the u.s. after confirming the russians had complied with the trump administration's order to get out within two days, officials said.