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here s some advice for millennials consider working at a startup instead of launching one - Search

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here's some advice for millennials: consider working at a startup instead of lau

the startup world is more exciting when you're receiving a paycheck than if you're the one worrying how to make payroll.

tech co-workers wage nerf wars in the office

dear amy: i'm a woman working for a software startup. we are all millennials. i really enjoy my job, except for this: picture a group of (mostly male) software developers shooting nerf guns at each other, with nerf darts whistling past you, hitting windows, office equipment and other employees....

5 ways millennials can make car buying a smoother ride

as millennials shop for wheels they’re finding it’s not as easy as swiping right on their smartphone. some dealers might assume millennials don’t have enough money and show them little respect. to avoid common car-buying headaches, experts offer these five tips:

want to recruit and retain millennials? upgrade your office design asap

one of the things that millennials find so perplexing — and admittedly, amusing — is how hard employers are trying to figure out what makes them tick. indeed, it’s almost as if millennials are strangers from another planet (millenus? millupiter?), with a profoundly different psychology and biology. well, at the risk of blowing the lid […]

millennials and long island need the lirr third track

to keep millennials working and living on long island, we need the third track.

why millennials will never retire

why millennials will never retire the meaning of “work” is changing, and with life expectancies growing, the gig economy taking hold and artificial intelligence taking plenty of people’s jobs, millennials will have careers that are worlds away from those of their forebears, says dr. linda sharkey, g...

this l.a. electric plane startup is working with easyjet to develop electric jet

european low-cost airline easyjet said it is working with wright electric, a los angeles electric plane startup that plans to eventually produce all-electric commercial jets. it’s a sign of the aviation industry’s increasing interest in electric-powered planes. the collaboration doesn’t involve...

adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials

millennials have been done a great disservice. they are told that if they go to college and earn a degree, they will make a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone without a college degree. while this statistic is true in some cases, many millennials are under the mistaken impression it is the college […] the post adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials appeared first on dumb little man.

to some millennials, bob dylan is a complete unknown

millennials are learning about a certain minnesota troubadour through a new class at the u.

millennials are becoming options trading experts

a recent study by e-trade financial found that 40 percent of millennials execute options trades online, at least once a month. this is compared to around 25 percent of generation x. millennials did grow up in a digital world. and, there are many digital tools that make it easy and convenient to engage in options […]

why millennials are finally starting to settle down and buy homes

millennials are finally starting to show interest in homeownership.weighed down by massive student debt and job struggles, the generation brutalized by the great recession has lacked both the money and the desire to buy homes. they've been a generation of renters.but as millennials have entered...

this startup helps medical students get into the u.s. — and they just won the ne

a health care startup that connects international medical students to clinical experience in the united states took home the top prize of $100,000 at the university of chicago’s new venture challenge thursday night. since launching more than three years ago, amopportunities and its online marketplace...

why are millennials having so much less sex than their grandparents did?

a new study finds millennials are having far less sex than their older counterparts, and that the ‘marriage advantage’ of more frequent sex compared to singles has dramatically declined.

questioning stereotypes about younger, older millennials

their money, their attention and their votes are all in big demand -- but identifying millennials is complicated by a divide within the generation

millennials: a boomer apologizes

in response to the article, “give us a break, plead seattle’s maligned millennials,” i offer all millennials a full and unconditional pardon in the face of your detractors. i am a baby boomer, born in ’57. my generation learned from president richard nixon that politics are corrupt, from big tobacco that corporations are corrupt, from […]

poll: nearly half of millennials prefer socialism to capitalism

twenty-three percent of millennials consider communist dictators kim jong un and joseph stalin 'heroes.'

the most millennial startup ever will front your down payment in exchange for ai

loftium signs a revenue-sharing agreement with its clients, thus offering a new way for debt-saddled millennials to make the jump into home ownership.

millennials aren’t horrible people for not buying houses and liking avocado toas

at the root of criticism of the millennials’ spending decisions is a value judgement and a narrow view of the america dream.

pepsi pulls garbage ad targeting garbage millennials because nothing makes them

millennials are why we can't have nice things. thank the boomers, their parents.

companies seeking to attract older millennials look to the suburbs

for millennials starting families and taking out mortgages, a job in the suburbs has its own appeal.

some advice for disillusioned epa scientists: 'don't quit, fight'

to the editor: i echo the advice given to the u.s. environmental protection agency employees disillusioned by working in the trump administration: “don’t quit, fight.” (“at trump's epa, going to work can be an act of defiance,” april 4) president trump cannot change basic science. he will learn...

cannabis industry “deluged” with resumes from millennials

millennials are the first generation of college graduates who can job-hunt in the legal marijuana industry, and many are showing an interest.

apnewsbreak: new ads show marines as good citizens, warriors

the marine corps is launching a new recruitment ad campaign meant to draw millennials by showing marines as not only strong warriors but good citizens.

millennials want more from love than hookups, study finds

it’s clear that ‘the talk’ needs to be about more than just sex. love rooted in reality is what millennials have been looking for after all.

will: there’s a success formula to keep millennials out of poverty; will they fo

a remarkable study shows a return to the pattern of getting an education, a job, a spouse and then having children can lift millennials from poverty.

for millennials in silicon valley, buying a home is pretty much a nightmare

a new report shows that home ownership among millennials in the san jose area plunged faster than anywhere else in the country.

there will be a yotaphone 3

the russian firm has confirmed it’s working on a third generation device –more than two years after launching its last handset.

kim dotcom says he's launching a bitcoin startup that will pay you for content

kim dotcom says he's launching a bitcoin payments system for users to sell content uploads, or charge for streaming live video. (more…)

is self-care healthy or the ultimate in millennial narcissism? yes

a new study finds a connection between millennials' high rates of 'self-care' and their obsessive use of the internet -- it's where millennials get solutions, including ones to problems they didn't previously know they have.

darden ceo: millennials still enjoy chains like olive garden

new york (ap) — millennials may be shunning some habits beloved by past generations, but one restaurant company ceo says they still want to go to sit-down chains like olive garden. “believe it or not, millennials still want to come to restaurants,” gene lee, chief executive of olive garden’s parent company darden restaurants, said tuesday, […]

millennials, women and college grads are most prolific library users

a pew survey found that the majority of millennials have visited a public library this year, making them the most prolific library-using generation. an ala spokesperson attributed this to the libraries' commitment to providing free, fast broadband and the ability to borrow devices such as tablets -- but the survey found that very few patrons use the libraries' apps. (more…)

here's more evidence that google is working on its own headphones

a new support page is the latest hint that we can look forward to some audio gear launching with the new pixels.

why millennials are finally starting to settle down and buy homes

millennials are coming of age as homebuyers, just as housing prices are climbing and a lack of homes in some markets is causing bidding wars.

yet another poll finds millennials incoherent about basic american rights

the press release for a new poll makes the welcome claim that 'vast, silent majority of millennials overwhelmingly support religious and social freedoms.' alas, the results are more complicated.

millennials more likely to wish for a mulligan after buying a home

about seven in 10 millennials report having a major regret in the home buying process versus just over half of all adults, a survey from trulia found.