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holiday lights shine bright in nasa satellite views (video)

bright holiday light displays can be seen all the way from space, and new satellite views help nasa scientists learn more about culture and energy usage.

southern california's best holiday light shows for keeping spirits bright

you’ve made plans for thanksgiving, but what are you doing the day after? going to see holiday lights may be the ideal bridge from turkey day to christmas. here are five events guaranteed to keep your spirits bright. festival of lights, riverside the festival of lights at the mission inn in riverside...

2017 holiday lights guide: 'illumination' lets there be a little more light

when morton arboretum began decking its trees in led lights in wintertime, the idea was to be judicious and tasteful with the wattage. this was going to be trees as theatrical set pieces, glowing artfully in different shades, rather than trees as hangers for the maximum number of bright holiday...

red sprites, blue jets, pixies, elves: weird lights studied from space (video)

in views from the international space station, a mysterious set of electrical discharges shine above a roiling thunderstorm in earth's upper atmosphere.

blastoff! esa's sentinel-2b satellite launches atop vega rocket | video

a vega rocket launched the satellite from europe’s spaceport near kourou in french guiana. the new satellite will give the european space agency unprecedented views of earth.

earth at night - new global maps created from satellite imagery | video

“patterns of human settlement across our planet,” can be seen from nighttime views of earth from space, according to nasa goddard spaceflight center.

where to find the best holiday lights in naperville

rick tarulis' future is looking bright, and so is his house on morven court. the dazzling holiday display is a testament to the naperville resident's christmas spirit and the fact he is healthy enough to decorate this year. "i do it for the fun of it," tarulis said. "that's the main reason; it's...

neighbors maintain christmas light tradition

elizabeth city, n.c. (ap) — neighbors in dances bay have lit up a huge winter wonderland in their yards for what has turned into a christmas tradition. at three homes, about a million lights total shine bright across a dark rural landscape with no street lights to spoil the effect. their yards are covered with […]

nasa seeks payload ideas for mystery satellite

nasa is soliciting concepts for payloads that could fly on a mysterious satellite it is in discussions to inherit from another government agency.

image of the day

nasa is releasing new, high-definition satellite images of earth's "night lights" and using them to study how patterns of human settlement have changed over time.

image of the day

a bright blue flash of lightning illuminates the atmosphere above earth's city lights in this photo taken by nasa astronaut randy bresnik.

judwaa 2 continues to shine bright at the box-office

the film has collected rs. 125.84 crores at the box-office continue reading ...

spacex rocket is reused! satellite launch makes history | video

the private spaceflight company launched the ses-10 communications satellite from pad 39a at nasa's kennedy space center. it’s the second launch for the this falcon 9 first stage (first being in april 2016).

here is your 2017 denver post holiday lights winner

christmas just got a little bit more merry for the onstott family in commerce city -- they've won the denver post's holiday lights contest!

nasa satellite reveals source of el niño-fueled carbon dioxide spike

nasa's oco-2 satellite observed carbon dioxide response to one of strongest el niños on record.

earth observing-1 satellite supposed to be 1 year mission, lasts 17 | highlight

the nasa satellite was shut down on march 30, 2017 after 17 years of service and will burn up in earth’s atmosphere in 2056. it captured over 92,000 images and more than 1,500 research papers were written as a result.

the lights of broadway shine bright, even in downtown l.a.

thousands took to the streets of broadway in downtown los angeles on urday for a festival that celebrated the movie palaces, architecture and urban beat of the famed street. the event - which stretched from third street down to olympic boulevard - included performances on 10 stages as well as...

this new satellite could produce the most accurate weather predictions yet

nasa has just sent the newest noaa weather satellite into space. the joint polar satellite system-1, or jpss-1, will give the nation a powerful new tool for predicting natural disasters.

nasa mars satellite shifts course to avoid hitting planet’s moon

a nasa science satellite orbiting mars was forced to make a rare evasive maneuver to avoid a collision next week with one of the planet’s two small moons, the u.s. space agency said on thursday. flight controllers at nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena, california, commanded the...

november's full beaver moon to shine bright tonight and saturday

november's full beaver moon will shine bright overnight tonight and early saturday (nov. 3 and 4), a day before the moon reaches perigee, its closest distance to earth each month.

nasa satellite sees overheated tropical forests oozing with carbon dioxide

nasa's latest carbon dioxide-mapping satellite has detected a dramatic spike in the amount of the greenhouse gas, measuring the largest annual increase earth has seen in at least 2,000 years.

where to recycle old holiday lights, how to put together festive containers and

where to recycle your old holiday lights in denver, how to put festive containers together with pine boughs and other tasks to tackle in your garden over the thanksgiving weekend.

black marble: amazing earth at night photos from space

see spectacular views of the earth at night as seen by nasa's suomi npp satellite.

nasa, palo alto satellite company team up to explore unique asteroid

nasa and a palo alto-based satellite manufacturer are working to get a spacecraft to an asteroid before one gets to us.

earth hour urges people, businesses, to douse lights, raise environmental awaren

lights around the globe will be turned off on saturday night as part of an annual grassroots movement to shine light on environmental issues.

follow these safety tips for your christmas trees and holiday lights

christmas tree safety tips, and how not to start a fire with your holiday lights display.

nasa satellites watch as hurricane harvey intensifies off texas coast (video)

tropical storm harvey has been gaining strength and will likely make landfall as a major hurricane, nasa satellite images revealed.

rowdy revelers led homeowners to pull plug on west metro holiday light display

trista lights with its 17,000 computerized lights went dark over the weekend.

rowdy revelers led homeowners to pull plug on west metro holiday light display

trista lights with its 17,000 computerized lights went dark over the weekend

zap map: satellite tracks lightning for better warning

washington (ap) — a new u.s. satellite is mapping lightning flashes worldwide from above, which should provide better warning about dangerous strikes. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration on monday released the first images from a satellite launched last november that had the first lightning detector in stationary orbit. it includes bright flashes from a […]

10 places to get in the holiday spirit with light displays in colorado

beyond parade of lights and denver zoo lights, all the way to high-country there are tree lightings and parades where local color abounds.

campbell youth decorates home in holiday lights

(click here, if you are unable to view this photo gallery or video on your mobile device.) alex call, 13-years-old, decorated his campbell family home with christmas lights and synchronized them to music. he started after halloween and finished the first week of december.he also collects food for second harvest. last year he collected 650 […]

trees, lights, holiday magic: christmas events and displays

new york (ap) — destinations around the u.s. are dressing up for christmas with trees, lights and holiday magic. here’s a look at a few events, displays and other attractions. new york city the city’s tried-and-true christmas attractions include rockefeller center’s tree, this year a 75-foot norway spruce wrapped with 50,000 lights topped with a […]

a hole in the sun's atmosphere: the 1st solar views from new satellite

a sun imager aboard the goes-16 satellite captured its first vivid images, showing a "hole" in the sun's hot upper atmosphere, called the corona.

tiny weather satellite will boost storm forecasts

nasa is launching a shoebox-size satellite into earth's orbit that could help improve weather forecasting.