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how to cope with depression in the connected age

in the age of technology, what kind of apps could help with depression, something that affects more than 300 million people around the world?

lsd could help treat depression and anxiety, researchers hope

scientists are looking to use lsd to help patients cope during stressful times. a new study from the university of basel in switzerland found that the drug reduces activity in the part of your brain that deals with negative emotions, according to sciencedaily. read: rectal medical marijuana is effec...

scientists may have found a depression gene

depression is one of the most widespread and debilitating diseases in the world, but scientists still aren’t entirely sure what causes it. in a new study however, a team of researchers discovered that variants in a certain gene are linked to depression. although other outside factors also contribute...

depression in many kids starts from the age of 11 in us

have you seen your teenaged child being unhappy most of the times in the recent times? it’s likely that he or she might be experiencing depression as it can start in the turbulent teenage years, and as parents, you have to watch out for the symptoms. according to a recent study, depression in ...

doctor depression, suicide slowly coming out of shadows

adam hill sat in the woods, contemplating suicide after months of debilitating despair. he'd moved to a new state for a demanding job in a profession he was no longer sure was right for him. he was overworked, sleep-deprived, stressed and abusing alcohol to cope, but that no longer eased his pain....

tropical depression isn’t expected to become tropical storm

miami (ap) — a new tropical depression is moving across the atlantic but isn’t expected to become a tropical storm. the depression’s maximum sustained winds early thursday are near 30 mph (48 kph). the u.s. national hurricane center says little change in strength is forecast and the depression isn’t currently expected to become a tropical […]

following other schools, stevenson launches program to help students with depres

sarah bowen, director of student services, and other administrators at stevenson high school realize when teenagers enter adolescence, they encounter difficult challenges for the first time, including depression, which can lead to suicide. to address the often unspoken effects of depression and...

things that you can do at a trampoline park

in our daily lives, we get into a lot of hassles and depression situations. to curb depression, we need to spend good time with family or friends. research says that spending good time with family members or kids is the best way of rejuvenating mind and healing deep stress or depression. not just adults, even […]

dan haifley, our ocean backyard: jack kerouac’s moody, wild coast

in his 1962 novel "big sur," jack kerouac wrote a fictional account of his real-life retreats to a wilderness cabin owned by friend lawrence ferlinghetti to escape the pressures of his notoriety as a writer, which had come suddenly and without a handbook on how to cope. the book chronicled his drinking and descent into depression, which occurred despite the best efforts of his friends.

psychologists warn google’s depression-screening plan violates privacy and ‘may

a group of psychiatric professionals are taking exception to google’s plan to direct users to a depression screening questionnaire when they search the words “clinical depression” on their u.s. mobile phones. gizmodo.com said that the search engine behemoth received plaudits last w...

chrissy teigen shares her battle with postpartum depression

the often energetic model and author opens up about the anxiety and depression she faced after giving birth to her daughter, luna.

depression: major study of college freshman kicks off at ucla

health experts say depression is the world’s leading cause of disability, and 800,000 lives are lost each year through suicide.

quantifying despair and depression / keep swimming

you may feel more happy or more depressed from one day to the next, but how might one go about measuring a person's level of despair or depression? several clinical tools attempt to address this tricky question.

swing dancing lives in high-flying doc 'alive and kicking'

with its acrobatic zest, swing dancing was a perfect expression of defiant resilience during the great depression. for contemporary enthusiasts, it’s an antidote to the emotional disconnect of the so-called connected age. swing buff susan glatzer, a film executive turned director, makes these points...

video games a viable treatment for depression

treating depression is not an easy matter, and prescribing medication is far from a perfect solution. and given the nature of the problem, it is also often difficult to get patients to continue with the course of treatments. a study by researchers from the university of california, davis, tested the...

eric dane’s depression puts tnt’s ‘last ship’ on hiatus

los angeles (ap) — tnt has temporarily shut down production of its drama, “the last ship,” while star eric dane battles depression. variety reports the series is going on production hiatus through memorial day. the publication reports a representative for dane says the actor suffers from depression and asked for a few weeks of downtime. […]

rain, and more rain, is in our dna: your seattle survival stories

it’s not just you — it’s been a miserable winter because of rain. you shared with us your rain stories and how you cope (or don’t cope) in essays, poetry and photos. bottom line: oh, boy, did you answer.

progress on depression slow in china as stigmas persist

kerry yang speaks openly to foreigners about the bouts of depression that have haunted her for a decade — her emotional meltdowns in college, the bruises she inflicted upon her body as a coping mechanism, her initial unsuccessful attempts at treatment.

btk serial killer’s daughter works on book about experience

wichita, kan. (ap) — the btk serial killer’s daughter is writing a book about dealing with the emotional trauma of discovering that her father had killed 10 people. kerri rawson told the wichita eagle (http://bit.ly/2l02ezs ) that she hopes the book helps people cope with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, betrayal and depression. rawson says she experienced […]

cu researcher finds mindfulness techniques, lay counseling can help postpartum d

for a woman experiencing postpartum depression, other women -- women who have been there -- can play a critical role in her mental health care, according to research from a university of colorado boulder psychologist.

tag heuer connected modular 45: your swiss-made luxury smartwatch is here

following up on last year’s tag heuer connected the swiss watchmaker is back with a new and highly-customizable model: the tag heuer connected modular 45.

egypt announces $2.49 billion package to cope with inflation

egypt on monday announced a $2.49 billion package of income tax discounts, bonuses for state employees, increased pension payments and cash subsidies for lower and middle income egyptians to cope with soaring inflation.

depression in high achievers: lessons for the rest of us

clinical depression remains a very poorly understood illness outside medical circles; this is despite the fact that more than one in twenty americans will suffer from it in any given year. alarmingly, the number of professionally diagnosed cases is rising by 20% annually. while many of those affected have difficulty in reaching their full potential […]

depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide

more than 322 million people across the globe are suffering from depression, according to the world health organization (who), and the increasing number of people struggling with the debilitating disorder has caused significant economic damage. the organization released updated figures depicting the...

hemingway’s depression was spurred on by cte, blows to the head, new book argues

in his new book andrew farah argues against earlier theories that hemingway was suffering from bipolar disorder or manic depression

driver derrike cope of spanaway will compete at nascar’s highest level sunday

derrike cope, 58, hasn’t raced in a nascar cup event since 2009, but he’ll drive sunday in georgia. the winner of the 1990 daytona 500 said, “i wasn’t really sure i’d ever get back. but it feels really good and i can’t tell you how excited i am.”

floods caused by tropical depression kill 15 in vietnam

floods triggered by a tropical depression in vietnam have killed 15 people and left eight others missing, officials said wednesday.

top economist: puerto rico could fall into deeper depression

nobel economics laureate joseph stiglitz has criticized puerto rico's new fiscal plan, cautioning that its "draconian" measures could plunge the u.s. territory into an even deeper depression.

how teens reveal depression without using the word

next time you talk to a teenager, listen closely—he or she may be describing developing depression without using that actual term. a study set to be presented sunday at the 2017 pediatric academic societies meeting in san francisco found that teens rarely invoke the phrase “depressed” to...

google and levi are developing connected clothing with a designer price tag

the first project jacquard garment, a connected denim jacket, is set to appear later this year.

depression-era manhattan sets tempo for minnesota opera's 'dinner at eight'

review: depression-era jitters set the tempo for this minnesota opera world premiere.

chrissy teigen reveals postpartum depression battle

chrissy teigen has revealed that she has battled postpartum depression since the birth of her daughter last year.

how to spot a depressed cat

we have enough trouble spotting depression in our own species, so it will come as no surprise not everyone can see it in a cat. the post how to spot a depressed cat appeared first on holy kaw!.

man serving life for killing daughter in disputed case dies

rock hill, s.c. (ap) — a 53-year-old man in prison for ing and killing of his daughter has died, as his lawyers continue to insist that dna evidence shows he was not guilty. richland county coroner gary watts said billy wayne cope died from natural causes while in custody thursday. prosecutors say cope confessed to […]

more than a third of teenage girls experience depression, new study says

depression is usually considered an issue parents have to watch out for starting in the turbulent teenage years. the cw channel, full of characters with existential angst about school, friends and young love, tells us so, as do the countless parenting books about the adolescent years in every guidance counselor's office.