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hypnosis helps expectant moms reduce pain, shorten labor

ogden, utah (ap) — in communities up and down the wasatch front, women are learning how to look at childbirth differently in hopes of experiencing more joy and less pain in the process. on a recent tuesday night, hypnobabies instructor and doula bonnie baker welcomed four couples to her mother’s kaysville home for the first […]

hospital confronts dilemma of opioid addicts who are expectant moms

sanford bemidji program helps free addicted moms-to-be

minnesota hospital confronts dilemma of opioid addicts who are expectant moms

sanford bemidji program helps free addicted moms-to-be

this virus is much more common than zika. why don’t expectant mothers know their

cmv, or cytomegalovirus, is a common virus that can be devastating to developing babies but is rarely brought up by doctors when talking with expectant mothers; now a small community of moms and health care professionals are working to change that.

hospital confronts dilemma of opioid addicts who are expectant moms

sanford bemidji’s program soothes both mother and infant

home for new and expectant single moms expected to open this year in wheaton

a proposed group home for new and expectant single mothers is expected to open later this year in a prominent wheaton location, now that the nonprofit organization behind it has secured zoning approval from the wheaton city council. the clarendon hills-based nonprofit group love from above recently...

how will hypnosis be useful for your weight loss?

people, who suffer from excess weight issues, are always ready to try out new measures that will help them shed those unwanted calories. this brings us to the very important point and that is, whether you have ever heard about the weight loss hypnosis process? yes, this is definitely something that will make your mind […]

6 lesser known symptoms of chronic pain

pain hurts ― and chronic pain hurts almost all the time. while some causes of chronic pain are well-understood, sometimes pain just happens, and doctors are at a loss to explain why. unfortunately, most chronic sufferers rarely tolerate just the burning, shocking, shooting, or aching pain alone; chronic pain comes with a slew of side […]

israeli prime minister meets australian opposition leader

sydney (ap) — australia’s opposition leader bill shorten says he raised his labor party’s concerns about israel’s settlements in palestinian territories during discussions with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the pair talked for almost an hour in sydney on friday, the third day of the first australian visit by a serving israeli prime minister. shorten […]

peanut, a new app dubbed 'tinder for moms,' fosters friendships

a new app called peanut is being hailed as a "tinder for moms" -- women who create a free profile can "swipe" to "wave" and connect with other moms with similar interests for friendship or even playdates with their children.

sorry, moms: prenatal vitamins with dha won’t boost your kids' iq after all

researchers have some bad news for moms who used dha supplements while they were pregnant in hopes of boosting their baby’s brains: it didn’t work. at age 7, kids whose mothers took dha scored no higher on an iq test than kids whose moms swallowed capsules that were dha-free. the results are the...

experts rethinking whether standard surgery helps ease knee pain

the experts said that less than 15 percent of patients felt an improvement in pain and function three months after arthroscopic surgery.

when jake bischoff hurts, it helps gophers hockey

gophers defenseman jake bischoff ignored the pain in blocking 87 shots this season. "you’ve just got to be willing to have a little pain for your teammates," he said.

study: low-tech remedies to reduce back pain, sick days

yoga, acupuncture and heat wraps are a few low-tech ways to effectively address low back pain -- a major cause of workplace absenteeism -- doctors said monday as they released new treatment guidelines.

peanut, a friend-finding app for moms, is making a push in chicago

chicago moms in search of friendships with other mothers, your tinder has arrived. peanut, an app that connects nearby users based on common interests and age of children, is ramping up efforts to sign up chicago moms starting this week. users show interest by swiping up to virtually "wave" at...

adventures in pain mangement: a tens unit really helps

shocking the bejeezus out of my lower back led me to the fastest recovery i've experienced yet from periodic bouts of debilitating back pain. for me, this inexpensive tens unit is a winner, and was as effective as a higher-priced comparison unit i tried. (more…)

colorado hospitals launch ambitious program to reduce opioid addiction

eight colorado hospitals and three freestanding emergency rooms are participating in a pilot program to reduce opioid prescriptions and find better ways to treat pain, using new guidelines that one expert calls the most comprehensive in the nation.

in defense of nice moms

bad moms have a movie. (which i loved.) mean moms have blogs. every few months, a new post pops up extolling the virtues of being the mean mom. last week it was "9 reasons i'm the mean mom, not the cool mom" on the wildly popular (and frequently fantastic) scarymommy blog. "it's exhausting," melissa...

2 long island moms meet 'this is us' star justin hartley

the two moms were privy to a q and a with the star.

poll: marijuana safer than opioids, but moms shouldn't use

americans think it's safer to use marijuana than opioids to relieve pain, but they were less comfortable with children and pregnant women using pot to treat medical conditions, according to a new yahoo/marist poll released monday.

what you need to know before taking opioid painkillers

before you or your child heads into surgery, check this advice to help reduce the risk of addiction to prescription pain meds

halle berry to appear on vh1 show celebrating moms

new york (ap) — halle berry has signed on for vh1’s show honoring moms ahead of mother’s day. the cable channel says the oscar-winning actress will honor a mother from the nonprofit domestic violence organization, the jenesse center, at “dear mama: an event to honor moms.” vh1 says the second annual edition of the show […]

hurricane irma forces cruise lines to shorten some trips and cancel others

hurricane irma has put a temporarily halt to operations at florida’s usually bustling cruise ports, forcing cruise companies to cancel several trips and shorten others. when the monster storm ripped through the caribbean and florida, it struck the world’s three busiest cruise ports — port miami,...

'ellen show' to host li moms running obstacle race for charity

a group of long island moms were flown out to los angeles for an episode of "the ellen degeneres show," which airs thursday.

what science says about whether fetuses can feel pain

to argue that fetal pain does not exist prior to the third trimester is to argue that our understanding of pain is complete and to ignore the overwhelming evidence that it is not.

let’s realize as moms that work-life balance just doesn’t exist

career-focused feminists give moms a hard time for abandoning career acclaim. but we all must make choices with the limited time and opportunities we have.

poll: marijuana safer than opioids, but moms shouldn't use

a new national poll says americans think it's safer to use marijuana than opioids to relieve pain.

mothers day special: bollywood songs that pay tribute to moms

whether it's a soulful ballad or a sweet little tune, bollywood knows how to shower its moms with love. take a look... continue reading ...

six great superhero moms

happy mother’s day! in addition to all the great mothers out there in the real world, there are tons of them in pop culture that carry the parental load while dealing with supervillains, catastrophes, and whatever assorted tasks come their way. superheroes have it tough but sometimes their hardest work is at home or, if the […] the post six great superhero moms appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

gaming’s greatest moms

mothers have always gotten the short end of the stick in video games. they’re either seeing their children off, getting killed, going to the dark side, or suffering some other terrible fate. that said, they’re not all bad! in honor of mother’s day, we’re taking a look at some of the best, strangest, and most tragic […] the post gaming’s greatest moms appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

defense chips away at total 'dance moms' star hid from court

defense attorneys for former "dance moms" reality star abby lee miller are trying to chip away at about $775,000 in income that federal prosecutors in pittsburgh say she tried to hide from a bankruptcy judge.

mothers day special: power moms of bollywood stars

take a look at some of the miracle moms of our stars who don't enjoy the limelight as much as their children do... continue reading ...

woman in serious pain unexpectedly gives birth

malden, mass. (ap) — a massachusetts woman preparing to go to the hospital for serious pain instead gave birth to an unexpected baby girl. wcvb-tv reports (http://bit.ly/2sircx8 ) christine harvey was waiting for a ride to the hospital when she suddenly went into labor monday. neighbors called 911, but harvey gave birth to a baby […]

defense chips away at total 'dance moms' star hid from court

defense attorneys for former "dance moms" reality star abby lee miller spent the day monday trying to chip away at about $775,000 in income federal prosecutors said she tried to hide from a bankruptcy judge.

terms now offensive: ‘expectant mothers’ ‘the elderly’ ‘biologically male or fem

an internal document to the staff at the british medical ociation states that pregnant women should not be called “expectant mothers” as it could offend transgender people. the teleg h details the contents which reveals new offensive terms: “the elderly”, “disabled lifts” and not state “biologically male or female”. the bma report, titled a guide to effective communication: inclusive language in […]