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"i don't sleep": deadline looms for mom who relies on health program for her kid

chip helps nearly nine million children without health insurance

why denver health officials hope a simple cardboard box will reduce infant morta

a free giveaway at the baby and kids experience expo on saturday in denver and a program by denver public health mark the first efforts in colorado to connect new mothers with baby sleep boxes, a simple tool that experts say could greatly reduce baby sleep-related deaths.

can't sleep? maybe a digital doctor can help.

if you've been having trouble getting some sleep, a new online therapy program may help ease your insomnia. the online program also reduced patients' rates of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations, a new study found. "getting our shut-eye can help improve...

parents, tell us about your experiences with putting your kids to sleep

how do you sleep at night? no, really, we want to know. a recent op-ed piece titled "why do we make children sleep alone?" has generated a lot of discussion about sleeping arrangements, particularly parents of young kids. tell us about your experiences. this form requires javascript to complete....

celebrity cruises launches a sleep program for travelers who are tired of being

can't get to sleep? sail off to dreamland with a new program from celebrity cruises called mindful dreams. the wellness program, which has just become available on all celebrity ships, combines nutrition, spa treatments and sleep aids to help guests relax and get a good night's sleep. canyon ranch...

editorial: renew funding for california kids’ health insurance

if the program is not reauthorized, more than 200,000 kids in the bay area will lose their health care coverage.

are you sleep deprived? 8 health risks of poor sleep

no energy drink can invigorate you more than a good night’s sleep. sadly, our society has become too proud to acknowledge that sleep is as important as proper nutrition and regular exercise. this is evident in our overworked culture and amplified by technology that keeps us connected 24/7. when are we going to improve our […] the post are you sleep deprived? 8 health risks of poor sleep appeared first on dumb little man.

if teenagers get more sleep, california could gain billions

sleep deprivation among teenagers should be regarded as a public health epidemic. only about 60% of teenagers get the eight to 10 hours of sleep a night recommended by sleep scientists and pediatricians. a major reason teens aren’t getting enough sleep isn’t hormones, their busy social lives, too...

nectar sleep reviews the link between sleep, weight, and health

the autumn season is a busy one, and getting enough sleep every night becomes very difficult. however, it is vital that you try to get a good night’s rest. not doing so has significant effects on your overall health, as well as one your weight. this is why, when nectar sleep reviews these links, it […]

trump says gop health care bill still a few votes short as deadline looms

president donald trump said wednesday the republicans' last-resort "obamacare" repeal effort remains two or three votes short, forecasting days of furious lobbying ahead with a crucial deadline looming next week. the legislation by sens. bill cassidy of louisiana and lindsey graham of south carolina...

louisiana children’s health program faces february deadline

baton rouge, la. (ap) — louisiana has four months remaining of federal money needed to pay for health insurance coverage for low-income children and pregnant women, as congress allowed financing to expire in september. louisiana’s health department said wednesday without congressional reauthorization of the children’s health insurance program by february, louisiana would have to come […]

deadline looms on tv and film writers contract negotiations

the contract for television and film writers is nearing expiration and a costly strike looms that could send some popular televisions shows into reruns.

lights out? indiana governor mum as solar bill fate looms

indiana gov. eric holcomb remains mum as a deadline looms on a bill that would sharply curtail the benefit available to those who install solar panels.

decision week: california lawmakers to vote on hundreds of bills as friday deadl

proposals to create a single, state-run health plan, overhaul the bail system and protect california's marijuana industry are on the table.

why sleeping too much is bad for your mental health

why sleeping too much may be bad for mental health this article originally appeared on medical daily. sleep is a good indicator of our overall health and well-being. seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended to feel truly rested, but oversleeping on a regular basis could signal problems with our b...

routine thriller 'don't sleep' relies on supernatural boilerplate

there’s scarcely a new or old horror movie cliché that goes unused in “don’t sleep,” a supernatural thriller that tries a little bit of everything — all competently, none memorably. dominic sherwood and charlbi dean kriek play zach and shawn, a smitten pair of college students who set up a love...

dreamer gets glimpse of homeland as daca deadline looms

worried about republican efforts to eliminate a program that protects people who were brought into the country illegally at a young age, itzel guillen struggled to control her nerves as she recently sat in a car waiting to cross back into the u.s. from mexico.guillen, a san diego resident who first...

we sleep less as we age because our brains don’t think we’re tired

sadly, there’s nothing we can do about it—yet pixabay it’s a known fact that as we age, we sleep less. but the reasoning behind this phenomenon is poorly understood. do older adults sleep less because they need less sleep, or because they simply can’t get the sleep they need? in a review out today i...

insurance for kids from low-income families at risk amid obamacare debate, advoc

health coverage for more than 100,000 children from low-income families in illinois could be in jeopardy if congress doesn’t act soon to renew a program that health advocates say is being overshadowed by debate over obamacare. in illinois, about 131,000 kids receive health care coverage through...

friday is deadline in colorado to buy health insurance that starts jan. 1

while people in states using the federal health insurance exchange face a hard deadline friday to buy health insurance, open enrollment on colorado's exchange will remain open until jan. 12, though friday is the deadline to sign up for plans that begin jan. 1.

9 million kids get health insurance under chip. congress just let it expire.

congress has allowed the children's health insurance program, which provided low-cost health insurance to 9 million children, to expire. if action is not taken soon to restore the funding, the effects will become obvious in schools across the country, with many of the children in the program unable...

colorado program wants to get kids hooked on fruits, veggies

in a typical preschool, you're already likely to see signs of one of the state's biggest health challenges: obesity. one in five colorado children on average, ages two to four, are obese, according to the 2016 kids count.

colorado’s health insurance exchange extends deadline to enroll, amid surge in s

connect for health colorado, the state's affordable care act health insurance marketplace, is extending the deadline for people to sign up for coverage this year.

qatar stands firm, rejecting arab demands as deadline looms

qatar says it doesn't fear any military retaliation for refusing to meet a monday deadline to comply with a list of demands from four arab states that have imposed a de-facto blockade on the gulf nation.

congress has two months to act or 75,000 kids and pregnant women in colorado wil

more than 75,000 children and pregnant women in colorado could lose their health insurance under the state's child health plan plus program if congress does not act by jan. 31 to renew the federal children's health insurance program.

10 high-tech gadgets to help you get to sleep

we’re losing sleep over … sleep. blame it on job stress or the circadian-rhythm-wrecking blue light of cellphones and tablets, but studies show that nearly half of americans don’t sleep well and that significant percentages of us suffer from chronic insomnia and sleep apnea, and that causes us...

lights out? indiana governor mum as solar bill fate looms

indianapolis (ap) — indiana gov. eric holcomb remains mum as a deadline looms on a bill that would sharply curtail the benefit available to those who install solar panels. tuesday is the last day the republican can veto or sign the bill that critics contend is part of a broader nationwide push by utilities to […]

how to sign up for obamacare before the deadline

the deadline for enrolling for health care coverage -- jan. 31 -- is fast approaching

a torn trump still weighing fate of daca recipients as deadline looms

with a deadline looming, president donald trump remains torn over the fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally as children — a decision that will draw fury no matter what he decides. trump railed against the deferred action for childhood arrivals...

vote set today for california gas-tax hike measure

as the deadline looms, gov. jerry brown and other proponents are trying to secure votes.

as budget deadline looms, trump pushes border wall funding

with a budget deadline looming, president donald trump plans a whirlwind of activities seeking to highlight accomplishments while putting fresh pressure on congressional democrats to pay for a wall on the u.s.-mexico border, even if that pressure risks a possible government shutdown.

tips that will help you pick the right mattress for good sleep and health

most people suffer from health problems such as chronic back pains due to the mattresses that they sleep on. pain can make it difficult for people to take part in physical activities and maintain stamina and balance as they age. therefore, getting a good mattress is crucial for every individual. these guidelines will help you […]

after lengthy rules debate, minneapolis dfl convention getting down to business

midnight deadline looms for endorsement of mayor, park board.

us health care relies heavily on foreign workers. trump’s immigration ban is rai

c leveland – president trump’s temporary immigration ban could quickly undermine american health care, which relies heavily on foreign-born labor – including many workers from the middle east – to fill critical gaps in care, industry specialists say. as many as 25 percent of ...

penn state launches new research effort to help abused kids

a new research program at penn state aims to improve the health of neglected and abused children and test an innovative approach to screen kids for head injuries.