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10 office accessories to upgrade your cubicle or coworking space

whether you work out of a cubicle, coworking space or a tiny room at home, gadgets can help optimize your corner of the world. keep your coffee set to the ideal temperature, add a virtual window to give you an outside view, or invest in space-saving printers and other tools — these are the office...

second city coworking: training center opens space for outsiders to plug in

second city is getting in the coworking space game, opening its training center to freelancers and independent workers who need spots to work. coworkaholic, a coworking consulting business, is managing the effort. its founder, mike larosa, proposed the offering in may, figuring the space was underutilized...

how to increase your productivity in a coworking space

public coworking spaces and shared office spaces have become increasingly popular in the last decade. in fact, in over six years, the number of shared office spaces available has jumped from 1,130 to 13,800 — a leap of 12,670 spaces. this popularity is due to the undeniable benefits of shared working spaces, especially for freelancers […] the post how to increase your productivity in a coworking space appeared first on dumb little man.

coworking etiquette can be tricky. here's how not to be that person.

every day when katie lord heads to her private office in a coworking space, she makes her way past the guy who props up his shoeless feet on his desk. “he always has his shoes off,” said lord, who runs her own creative agency. “i have to walk past this guy — if i bring a client or an interviewee...

working from home: is it worth it?

we’ve all fantasized about trading in our demanding office hours, gossiping coworkers, and overbearing bosses for a work from home gig. but, how do we get past the anxieties that come with the transition? nip those fears in the bud and get ready to pursue the career of your dreams with some of the information […] the post working from home: is it worth it? appeared first on dumb little man.

is a coworking space worth the cost if you're already working from home?

the commute from kitchen to home office is great, but it gets lonely when it's just you and the dog.

why the cost of running our government is worth every penny

a look at the many benefits the united states funds through taxes, and why they're worth the cost burden.

come together right now: englewood becomes a hot spot for co-working space

the guild co-working space next door to englewood's civic center opened in november and is attracting more tech members by the week. it also happens to be the third englewood co-working space to open since 2015.

suburban coworking, less 'college campus' and more upscale, gains ground

ask chicagoans where to find a coworking center and there’s a good chance that they’ll tell you 1871, grind or one of 80 other places in the city. ask that question in the suburbs, you’ll more likely get a blank stare. that’s the dilemma that operators of these shared office communities have faced...

7 tips to happy coworking with your pets

it may surprise you to know a few facts: there are about 80 million dogs and more than 90 million cats nice and comfy in u.s.a. homes. according to the new jersey institute of technology, 45% of people telecommute for at least part of their work week. now that’s a lot of mega numbers and […] the post 7 tips to happy coworking with your pets appeared first on dumb little man.

the yard coworking space picks up $15 million in credit from idb bank

 the entrepreneurial spirit has never been stronger, so it’s no surprise that co-working spaces are so hot right now. the yard, for example, has recently secured a $15 million credit line to expand its coworking offering to startups in new york city. founded by morris levy and richard beyda, the yard wants to be the more ‘grown-up’ co-working space, with opaque walls instead… read more

is the cost of a home energy audit worth it?

every homeowner can benefit from a home energy audit, whether you're looking to combat an uptick in your utility bills or you're simply curious about improving your home's safety and energy efficiency.

the city of englewood is becoming a hot spot for co-working spaces

the guild co-working space next door to englewood's civic center opened in november and is attracting more tech members by the week. it also happens to be the third englewood co-working space to open since 2015.

wework brings kanye lyrics and vintage touches to google's former office

with more than $1 billion in funding and tens of thousands of members, wework has cemented its status as a juggernaut in the coworking world. today, the coworking company operates 125 global locations in 38 cities — with five in chicago alone. megan dodds, wework director of community midwest,...

look inside downtown’s newest co-working space, spaces denver

spaces denver hopes at least one amenity will set it apart from the crowd in a co-working market that's already home to wework, shift workspaces and thrive workplace.

repealing obamacare could cost a poor family benefits worth a third of its incom

the republican health-care bill could cost the average poor family benefits worth a third of its income while giving the most affluent families a $5,000 tax break, according to the first detailed report on the income distribution effects of president donald trump and gop lawmakers' plan to undo...

thales alenia working with three companies on deep space gateway concepts

thales alenia space is partnering with three u.s. companies that are working on nasa studies of concepts for the proposed deep space gateway, leveraging its expertise in space station and cargo module development.

roc co-working space in santa monica closing after terrace dispute and missed re

the real office centers co-working space in the heart of downtown santa monica is set to close in the coming days, forcing more than 100 tenants into a last-minute scramble for new offices.

$300,000 worth of jewelry stolen from derek fisher's home; no word on 5 champion

more than $300,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from lakers legend derek fisher’s home in tarzana on monday morning, police said. according to lapd officer liliana preciado, a person or persons entered fisher’s home between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m. and stole the jewels. the home was unoccupied at the...

dual cameras are a boon for manufacturers, but are they worth the hype?

dual cameras are expected to appear in many more smartphones in 2017, but are the benefits for consumers really worth the extra cost?

trump’s “america first” version of the u.s. home comes at a cost

all to trump's tough talk about immigration and imports carry costs for the new u.s. home, a global melting pot of labor and parts. his policies could add tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of a house.

oroville dam: dwr says repair cost estimated at $4.7 million per day

just how many people are out working at oroville dam in response to the spillway emergency and how much is it going to cost?

goods worth $400k stolen from venus williams' florida home

burglars hit tennis star venus williams' florida home, stealing $400,000 worth of goods while she was at the u.s. open, police said thursday.

10 working from home tips that are guaranteed to make you extra productive

have you ever had one of those days when you wake up promising yourself that you’ll have a successfully productive day…but you end up sitting in front of the television all day instead? this used to happen to me quite a lot when i first started working from home. i’d lounge around in my pajamas […] the post 10 working from home tips that are guaranteed to make you extra productive appeared first on dumb little man.

seattle's space needle, showing signs of age at 55, is getting a 'space lift' --

it began as a crude sketch on a cocktail napkin. someone thought it looked like a saucer on a stick. four-hundred days, $4.5 million and 605 feet later, it loomed majestically over the 1962 seattle world’s fair. like a saucer on a stick. its creators were going to call it the space cage, which...

on-orbit assembly required? made in space’s 'archinaut dilo' up to task | video

using a robot arm and a laser verification system, the satellite design can eliminate “size, cost and launch limitations,” according to the manufacturer made in space.

design q&a: wallpaper; designing for a small space; cost-effective home renovati

designer meg hoburg answers questions about designing for small spaces, organizing without closets, wallpaper, chalk paint and more.

work out of this coworking space and help puerto rico relief efforts

alley in nyc is donating $100,000 worth of office space memberships to help those devastated by hurricane maria.

tech spotlight: extraslice serves up work space, training for tech startups

the bellevue co-working space aims to give growing companies not just a flexible space to work in, but training and services as well.

airbnb leasing enough office space in downtown seattle for 300 workers

airbnb’s 50 seattle employees have worked in the westlake location of co-working space wework. but the 40,000 square feet of space the company is renting in the 8th + olive building will have room for 300.

big question for u.s. cities: is amazon’s hq2 worth the price?

amazon is promising $5 billion of investment and 50,000 jobs over the next decade and a half. but, as dozens of cities are working frantically to land amazon's second headquarters, raising a weighty question with no easy answer: is it worth it?

acquisition of willow bay open space in adams county was drawn out, but worth it

the adams county parks and open space department acquired the 147-acre willow bay lake property to add to the adams county regional park and fairgrounds through grants from great outdoors colorado, the adams county open space sales tax and others

roadshow: what burger is worth this drive-through wait?

plus: it is possible to get a new picture taken on your driver's license but it will cost you.

hook fish and win a prize at stanwood eagles blackmouth derby on april 22-23

the stanwood eagles blackmouth fishing derby on camano island is april 22-23. cost is $50 per person, and tickets must be purchased by 2 p.m. on april 21 or until closing at stanwood eagles. first place is worth 45 percent of the entry fee, second is worth 20 percent, third is worth 15 percent, fourth […]

daymond john: do this before selecting a coworking space

it matters who you spend time with, even in a coworking space.