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jacqueline fernandez amuses the paparazzi at the airport

she’s a glob of sunshine round the clock. jacqueline fernandez is one actress who loves going candid for the paparazzis. the actress was clicked at the airport yesterday and jacqueline created dramarama on the runway with her infectious energy and antics. she was seen blowing kisses and even meeting her junior fans and planting kisses on their cheeks. we love to love her! continue reading ...

sridevi clicked with jhanvi and khushi at the airport

while sridevi still manages to regale us… looks like her daughters are surely following her footsteps. it was a sight to behold when we spotted sridevi at the airport with her daughters jhanvi and khushi. sridevi looked stunning in a white top and denims, jhanvi and khushi too proved to make an electric runway appearance. tell us who do you think nailed the airport look… too close a call, eh? continue reading ...

netgear’s orbi might be the best wi-fi router i’ve ever used

 i’m rarely this excited about a wi-fi router. i’ve used apple gear for years now, replacing airport after airport until i found i hit a wall. my house is made of wood, brick, and lathe with a little horsehair and metal sheeting thrown in so i was unable to get good wi-fi throughout. i ran powerline ethernet to the attic and added an airport express to speed things up but i was… read more

donald trump's executive order means he is now officially gunning for muslims

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071296'; click here for reuse options! first, we bomb you. then we ban you. donald trump is now officially gunning for the muslims. on friday, he signed an executive order titled protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states. the order is nothing short of a muslim ban by another name. it is cruel and callous, espouses positions contrary to the professed values of the united states, and will certainly produce more problems than it purports to solve. in other words, it’s exactly like donald trump.i cannot tell you how livid these scant pages of bureaucratic language make me. in them, trump is returning the country to the dark days of excluding m es of people on the basis of our national prejud

ultimate travel kit - thailand with olympus' e-m1 ii & 25mm prime lens

introduction iso 200, 1/4000 sec, f2. when i travel, i always bring a dedicated era with me. my preferred form of 'travel p og hy,' at least when taking pictures for myself, is to document my experiences and create a visual diary. i like to travel as light as i can while still being able to come back with results of decent quality (though a personal trip to iceland with a d810 was a notable exception to the notion of traveling light). so, what would i bring for a planned personal trip to thailand? my d700's are solid but a bit bulky, and i'm not entirely sure how my original x100 would stand up to high humidity, beaches and possibly a rain shower or two (understatement of the year, as i'll get to in a bit). i considered the ni d500 or the pentax k-3 ii, but both are also fair