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johannes kepler biography

johannes kepler used mathematics to calculate the path of the planets.

watch triton orbit neptune via kepler space telescope | video

neptune came within kepler space telescope's field of view late 2014 into early 2015. the imagery kepler captured was compiled to show the moon triton orbit neptune.

postgame: kepler is heating up for the twins

max kepler is on a roll for the twins, at just the right time. "hopefully he's getting a little confidence back," manager paul molitor said.

kepler-22b: facts about exoplanet in habitable zone

kepler-22b is an alien planet that's a bit larger than earth, but it's in the habitable region of its star.

kepler day-to-day after pinkie injury vs. red sox

max kepler's right pinkie finger on saturday was stepped on by red sox third baseman pablo sandoval. x-rays were negative.

sano, kepler break out for twins in victory over boston

young sluggers miguel sano and max kepler combined for all four rbi on wednesday to back up a strong start by adalberto mejia at fenway park.

nasa's planet-hunting kepler tackles mysteries of the pleiades' 'seven sisters'

although the telescope's camera can't take clear pictures of bright stars, astronomers have figured out how to study stars using kepler's distorted photographs.

weak no more: sano, kepler break out for twins in victory over boston

young sluggers miguel sano and max kepler busted their slumps, combining for all four rbi on wednesday to back up a strong start by adalberto mejia at fenway park.

hobble-off victory: kepler's hit by pitch gives twins sweep of white sox

max kepler took an 88 mph slider off the shin in the bottom of the ninth inning, and the twins rallied to win - good for a sweep the three-game series.

kepler, sano have big hits while mejia shuts down red sox in 4-1 win

miguel sano and max kepler busted their slumps, combining for all four rbi. afterward, sano declined to address a social media report that he's been invited to participate in the all-star game's home run derby.

kepler space telescope: exoplanet hunter

nasa's kepler space telescope is an observatory in space dedicated to finding planets outside our solar system.

hartman: kepler moves about twins' lineup and outfield, stays productive

no matter where he hits in the twins order or plays in the outfield, max kepler has been productive lately.

kepler analysis finds 219 additional exoplanet candidates, including 10 similar

are we alone in the universe? are there other planets like earth in the galaxy? could they harbor life? nasa’s kepler telescope spent four years staring long and hard at a small fraction of the night sky to help answer those questions. on monday, mission scientists said the most sophisticated and...

kepler leaves saturday's twins game with hip injury

max kepler left saturday's game after the first inning when he injured his left hip while fielding and throwing a miguel carbera single. twins manager paul molitor does not believe the injusy is serious.

kepler telescope finds 10 more possible life-friendly planets

astronomers on monday added 219 candidates to the growing list of planets beyond the solar system, 10 of which may be about the same size and temperature as earth, boosting the chances for life. scientists found the planet candidates in a final batch of nasa’s kepler space telescope observatio...

kepler telescope beams back raw data on earth-size exoplanets of trappist-1

scientists, have at it: nasa has released raw data from the kepler space telescope probing the many earth-size planets around the star trappist-1.

nasa telescope finds 10 more planets that could have life

nasa's planet-hunting telescope has found 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially have life on them, broadly hinting that we are probably not alone. after four years of searching, the kepler telescope has detected a total of 49 planets...

kepler telescope sees pixelated view of 7-planet star system

nasa's planet-hunting kepler space telescope captured a very pixelated view of a star system containing seven earth-size planets.

former officer injects new racial element in 2014 slaying

tulsa, okla. (ap) — a white former police officer is headed for a fourth trial in the killing of his daughter’s black boyfriend, but shannon kepler has recently added another racial element to the case: he now says prosecutors can’t try him because he’s a member of an american indian tribe. attorneys for kepler also […]

amid indonesian graft probe, minn. man kills self after fbi standoff

johannes marliem feared for his life after talking to authorities.

ex-oklahoma officer to testify in his fourth murder trial

tulsa, okla. (ap) — a white former oklahoma police officer on trial for a fourth time in the fatal shooting of his daughter’s black boyfriend is expected to testify in his defense. ex-tulsa officer shannon kepler is expected to testify wednesday in the 2014 shooting of jeremey lake, the 19-year-old boyfriend of kepler’s daughter, lisa. […]

embroiled in massive indonesian graft probe, minnesotan took own life after fbi

johannes marliem feared for his life after talking to authorities.

accel leads $22.8m series a in swedish telehealth startup, kry

 swedish digital healthcare startup kry has closed a €20 million ($22.8m) series a round of funding to grow its on-demand video-call-a-doctor business, including expanding into new markets. existing investors index ventures, creandum and project a also participated in the round. read more

two dutch journalists kidnapped by colombia's eln

derk johannes bolt and eugenio ernest marie follender captured by marxist rebel group in northeast colombia, army says.

postgame: gee happy in pen, would be glad to start, but hopes not both

max kepler was scratched after becoming ill in chicago's hot, humid weather.

despite productive 2016 with twins, kepler not resting on laurels

he saw a lot of flaws in his highly touted rookie season.

indians feast on twins' mistakes in 11-4 victory at target field

kepler’s gaffe in the first is just the start of issues.

kepler’s forms independent nonprofit

new foundation is fully funded by community; bookstore signs 5-year lease extension

twins' max kepler, eddie rosario are late lineup scratches

that left the team with a corner outfield tandem of robbie grossman and chris gimenez.

monday's twins-l.a. angels game recap

twins right fielder max kepler went 4-for-4 with a home run and three rbi.

kepler goes 4 for 4 in twins' 9-5 win over angels

the twins have sought consistent starting pitchers all season behind ervin santana and jose berrios.

twins outfield trio has finally come together

eddie rosario, byron buxton and max kepler are playing the way the twins imagined they would long ago.

nasa's kepler mission could detect exomoons formed by giant impacts

the hunt is on for moons orbiting distant exoplanets — but only the most massive "exomoons" may be detectable.

dudamel, mozart and the hope and joy of 1791

he was baptized johannes chrysostomus wolfgangus theophilus mozart. he went by wolfgang amadeus but liked to be called amadè. he died dec. 5, 1791, less than two months before his 36th birthday, and the mawkish hooey began immediately. no, mozart wasn’t poisoned by salieri, entertaining a notion...

indians feast on twins' 'clunker' to take 11-4 victory

max kepler's gaffe in right field - dropping a routine fly ball - was just the start of the twins' issues tuesday night against the defending al champions.