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federal judge blocks texas law requiring funeral rites for aborted or miscarried

a federal judge late friday again blocked texas rules mandating burial or cremation of fetal remains, in a victory for abortion rights groups. austin-based u.s. district judge sam sparks said that the health department regulations would remain suspended until further notice and that a trial date...

us judge blocks texas regulations for fetal tissue remains

a u.s. judge in texas on friday halted texas regulations that would require abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetal tissue through burial or cremation, saying they imposed “undue burdens on a woman’s right to seek a previability abortion.” u.s. district judge sam sparks issu...

n.b. couple used giant manure heap to har neighbours, judge rules

so m ive was the pile of manure lining the edge of david and joan gallant’s property, it could be seen using ellite imagery. and the stench? unbearable

young robber convicted in deadly pot shop shooting wants lighter juvenile senten

a san diego judge has denied the request of a man convicted of murder to have his case transferred to juvenile court because he was 17 when he committed the crime. kurese bell, 20, was convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder and other charges in connection with two robberies in 2014,...

prosecutors will not pursue bridgegate charges against new jersey governor

new jersey prosecutors on friday said they would not pursue criminal misconduct charges against governor chris christie in connection with the “bridgegate” scandal. the office of the bergen county prosecutor said in a letter to a local judge it did not have sufficient evidence to prove a...