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karen gillan discusses her ‘jumanji’ costume ‘there’s a valid reason for it’ - Search

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karen gillan discusses her ‘jumanji’ costume, ‘there’s a valid reason for it’

fans responded to the first official p o from the upcoming reboot of jumanji with questions about karen gillan’s revealing outfit. now the guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 star addresses the costume during an interview with the hollywood reporter. “i’ve experienced something similar when i worked on doctor who and there was such an uproar about my costume when that was first […]

‘guardians of the galaxy vol 2’ will be ‘better’ ‘funnier’ than ‘gotg’ as karen

while discussing her as-yet-untitled directional debut (which was called tupperware party) karen gillan spoke with thr about various upcoming projects, but fans will be eager to learn anything about guardians of the galaxy vol. 2. “i’m so excited for people to see it! i just feel like it’s all of the best elements of the first […]

decades-old slaying of righteous brothers singer’s ex solved

los angeles (ap) — investigators used a controversial dna testing method to solve the decades-old killing of the ex-wife of righteous brothers singer bill medley, the los angeles county sheriff’s department said. karen klaas was attacked jan. 30, 1976 as she returned to her home in hermosa beach. the 32-year-old was ually aulted, strangled with […]

roe v. wade is a ‘jealous god’ that demands blood and generates rage

the legacy of roe v. wade and its companion case doe v. bolton is a 43-year flight from reason and a society and political system distorted almost beyond recognition.

miracle survivor larry desjarlais points to gideon bible in hospital room for jo

larry desjarlais was looking to end his life when he jumped from a moving vehicle nearly 3-1/2 years ago and now discusses his relationship to god and conversion in the hospital. “this story has to be told,” said desjarlais in the interview published by minot daily news, explaining that he thought death was the answer, […]

joe manganiello discusses playing deathstroke in ‘the batman’

fans are excited to see some one of the villains make their way into the dc cinematic universe: deathstroke. actor joe manganiello has vowed to make fans proud of his performance in the forthcoming batman film, titled the batman. “growing up an avid comic book fan, and then there were a lot of superhero roles, and […]

director zack snyder discusses superman’s role in ‘justice league’

warner bros has kept the role of superman a secret in the beginning of justice league as the final events of batman v. superman: dawn of justice left the world believing the kryptonian was dead. director zack snyder re ures fans that the man of steel will have a “big part” in the jl film. “superman does play […]

dead cyclist's friends, biking community question drunken driver's 10-day senten

friends and family members of a cyclist killed three years ago when he was struck by a drunken driver expressed disappointment friday with the 10-day jail sentence the motorist received after pleading guilty to reckless homicide and aggravated driving under the influence. "the reason it was so...

important tips on how to find a new doctor

do you need to change and find a new doctor? the need to find a new doctor may arise from various situations, including moving to a new location or looking for a specialist. patients may also be dis isfied with how their current physicians handle them or provide treatment. regardless of what your reason may be […] the post important tips on how to find a new doctor appeared first on dumb little man.

how twisted superhero movie ‘donnie darko’ be e a cult cl ic

donnie darko recently received a 4k restoration from arrow video, the cult cl ic hitting shelves via special edition blu-ray and dvd. to celebrate the release, we got the chance to chat with writer-director richard kelly about the movie. which he’s already exclusively revealed to fandom might get a sequel. below, we speak to him about the film’s […] the post how twisted superhero movie ‘donnie darko’ be e a cult cl ic appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

ask the itunes guy: better ways to view your itunes media

when your media library grows, you need better ways to view your content in itunes. in this week’s column, i answer two questions about viewing media. the first discusses a better way to view by genre. the second explains why some tv shows aren’t separated by season and how to fix this issue. with a little bit of work, you can view each of your media kinds more efficiently.a better way to view by genre q: i have a large collection that includes many genres. i’d like to be able to see all my artists and albums in a particular genre. for example: i’d like to listen to some jazz but i’m not sure which album, so i’d like to be able see at a glance which artists i have to choose from. the current choice seems to be an album cover s along with a list of songs on the album. this limits the info

how to make fast, no-soak beans in the pressure cooker

i think that a warm pot of beans whenever you want them is at least half the reason for owning a pressure cooker. forget pre-soaking. forget hours of gentle simmering. with a pressure cooker, you can go from opening a bag of dried legumes to plump, tender beans in under an hour. how’s that for a sales pitch?! continue reading "how to make fast, no-soak beans in the pressure cooker" »

lifeproof nüüd case review: protect your ipad pro from the elements and physical

at $130, lifeproof’s nüüd case for the 9.7-inch ipad pro isn’t cheap. but if you look at the cost of the case as an investment against your tablet getting borked by exposure to water, dust or physical abuse, it’s an absolute steal. weighing just under seven ounces, the nüüd is surprisingly light, considering its 10.08 x 7.29 x 0.73-inch dimensions and solid polycarbonate, synthetic rubber and silicone construction. that the case’s back is made from a sheet of thin transparent polymer is likely the main reason why it doesn’t weigh a ton. i’m not thrilled that the polymer is slick to the touch, but fortunately, the polymer backplate is slightly recessed. the rubber-coated bezel around it allowed me to keep a good handhold on the tablet while using it. the bezel’s texture also kept the ipa

chrome, firefox start warning users when websites use insecure http logins

the war on insecure webpages has begun, and mozilla fired the first s . recently, mozilla rolled out firefox 51 to its mainstream user base. with the new release comes an insecure warning on any page that offers a login form over an http connection instead of https. chrome plans to follow suit with version 56, expected to be released to mainstream users on tuesday, january 31, as ars technica first pointed out. http uses an open, unencrypted connection between you and the website you’re visiting that could be intercepted by anyone monitoring traffic between you and the site. for that reason, it’s never a good idea to share login or credit card information over an http connection. most major sites offer the encrypted version—https—but every now and then you’ll come across a site that doe

another trump lie: 'i’m smart'

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071045'; click here for reuse options! it isn’t clear if he’s trying to convince his interviewer or himself. the only two words donald trump has uttered more frequently than “you’re fired” are “i’m smart.”he did it again urday during his visit to cia headquarters. trump’s handlers staged the event so he could demonstrate his full support for the agency (despite spending the past year bashing the nation’s intelligence community) and to divert media attention away from the tens of thousands of americans who had come to washington, d.c. that day to protest trump’s presidency. but trump’s scripted remarks turned into a rambling rant that included attacks on the media and his insistence that as many as 1.5 million people att

noam chomsky: explaining the 'collapse' that gave us donald trump

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071120'; click here for reuse options! noam chomsky interviewed by kenneth palmer and richard yarrow. noam chomsky is a philosopher, social critic, political activist, and pioneering linguist. having served as a professor at the m achusetts institute of technology since 1955, chomsky is the author of dozens of books, with his most recent book, who rules the world?, published in 2016. chomsky spoke with hir editors kenneth palmer and richard yarrow about his reflections on politics in the west, and what issues he thinks it has failed to properly address.what would you consider the origin of the rise in populist sentiments, illustrated by the referenda in the united kingdom and colombia and the ascent of trump in the uni

a national sanctuary paign is rising to defy trump's nightmare white supremacist

var icx_publication_id = 18566; var icx_content_id = '1071226'; click here for reuse options! movements are demanding material safety and well-being for all people under attack. defying a multi-pronged ault from the trump adminstration, black, latinx and migrant organizations gathered inside chicago’s city hall on thursday to demand that officials expand existing sanctuary policies so that they materially defend the safety and well-being of all residents.“sanctuary in chicago today means a commitment not just to symbolically defy trump but to actually transform our city’s policies to stop targeting us for imprisonment, risk of removal and state violence at the hands of police and aggressive immigration agents,” said tania unzueta, who hails from organized communities again