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kickin’ it with kiz: doomed to repeat history? when the broncos draft a quarterb

broncos nation seems to be divided between trying to sign a free-agent quarterback or taking a quarterback in the draft. a word of caution: in more than 65 years, the broncos have only successfully drafted one quarterback that became their primary starter and had a winning record in more than one season. brian griese had two winning seasons out of four, but never won a playoff game. i wonder if any nfl franchise other than the cleveland browns has a more futile record of drafting quarterbacks.

kickin’ it with kiz: all broncos want for christmas is a little luck getting a t

is there any chance the broncos can repeat history and pull off another huge trade for a quarterback with the colts? andrew luck is on injured reserve, and i’ve read he might want to find a better situation, but is too nice to come out and say it. how about john elway offers our first-round choice in the 2018 nfl draft, plus the modern-day versions of chris hinton and mark herrmann for luck? (maybe shane ray and paxton lynch?) maybe it’s far-fetched, but a man can dream, can’t he?

kickin’ it with kiz: how did the broncos get in this qb mess? well, it all start

the broncos and john elway need to do everything possible to get quarterback kirk cousins from washington during the offseason.

kickin’ it with kiz: broncos and chiefs have same question at quarterback: gunsl

if paxton lynch doesn’t earn the starting job in 2017, will he ever be an elite quarterback for the broncos?

kickin’ it with kiz: how soon before broncos qbs paxton lynch and trevor siemian

kiz: might want to hold off a bit on trading siemian or lynch. from the final pick of the entire draft to starting quarterback for the broncos in one year? if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

nfl draft analysts expect broncos to select a quarterback in the first round

in his latest nfl mock draft, espn's todd mcshay had the broncos taking quarterback baker mayfield at no. 5.

kickin’ it with kiz: are the broncos soft? is vance joseph a weak leader? should

threats? motivation? john elway can upbraid the broncos all he wants, calling them out for being “a little bit soft.” but the key position on the team will not and cannot function when the quarterback is flat on his keister. the broncos must be rebuilt, starting with most of the offensive line. and, boy is it offensive!

kickin’ it with kiz: if the broncos are a sad team, fans deserve happy-hour pric

but good luck trying to find anybody to offer you full price for broncos tickets, which were being sold for as little as $42 on the secondary market, last time the crack staff here at kickin’ it headquarters checked.

kickin’ it with kiz: imagine the stink if the broncos pass on christian mccaffre

denver needs to pass on misfits in the nfl draft. the broncos should take running back christian mccaffrey with the 20th pick in the first round. if oklahoma’s joe mixon is available in the late rounds, then take a chance on him.

kickin’ it with kiz: can broncos country find kindness in its heart to forgive b

i’ve been a dedicated broncos fan for 52 years, so please quit writing columns like you speak for the entirety of broncos nation. for you to inject yourself by writing ridiculous things like broncos country got kicked in the gut and it was a sad day when safety t.j. ward was cut and brock osweiler was brought back to town? it makes you look silly, in my opinion. the broncos want to be no. 1 on offense and no. 1 on defense. they have a chance to be just that. so stop making the broncos about you and your thoughts.

kickin’ it with kiz: would the patriots ever dump tom brady? well, the colts did

it is john elway’s fault for not bringing in anything remotely resembling a viable nfl starter at quarterback. the two tall draft busts on the bench behind trevor siemian aren’t the answer. there were and are other quarterbacks on the market besides tony romo. it doesn’t take much to be an improvement on any of the three quarterbacks the broncos have. they are wasting the d again.

kickin’ it with kiz: please, broncos. we beg you not to let christian mccaffrey

you’re right, kiz. the broncos need production out of their first-round draft pick. but christian mccaffrey was a nice college running back that would look like a tragedy at no. 20 in the opening round.

kickin’ in with kiz: drafting for need is for losers. how about the broncos draf

if denver wants more touchdowns, is there a player in the draft that can score in more ways than christian mccaffrey, the pride of stanford and valor christian high school?

“i don’t even know how to tank.” broncos scoff at idea of maneuvering for better

the broncos' all-pro cornerback is not concerning himself with where the broncos select in the upcoming nfl draft. and he's certainly not going to help denver boost its draft position.

kickin’ it with kiz: love for kyle sloter most irrational form of broncomania si

kyle sloter is an nfl back-up quarterback this year, but watch out next year. sloter is john elway. trevor siemian is gary kubiak. history repeats for the broncos, with two great young quarterbacks.

fluctuation at quarterback continues in one of the most unstable seasons at the

trevor siemian, the third-year, former seventh-round pick, was going to be the starting quarterback for the broncos in 2017. that much vance joseph believed he'd be able to count on in his first season as the team's head coach.

denver broncos 2017 nfl draft primer and history guide

a guide to the denver broncos' draft history and 2017 selections. the 2017 draft will be held april 27-29 in philadelphia.

kiszla: forget the quarterbacks. player the broncos should covet in nfl draft is

quarterback is the no. 1 priority for the broncos. so john elway better find one before the nfl draft. why? penn state running back saquon barkley is the quickest way back to the playoffs for denver.

broncos report card and game balls from week 3 against the bills

the broncos took the lead in the first quarter sunday, but two interceptions by quarterback trevor siemian doomed their chances of regaining it in the fourth quarter. a big letdown after their performance a week ago.

kickin’ it with kiz: the real reason for trevor siemian’s success with the bronc

kiz: the hard-working and dedicated staff here at kickin’ it headquarters is not in it for the money. but applause is always graciously accepted. and now that you mention it, if siemian wants to say thanks, a lifetime supply of skittles would be nice.

kickin’ it with kiz: in the nfl today, can a running back lead the broncos back

i would definitely like the broncos to trade up in the nfl draft for penn state running back saquon barkley. he would be worth every ounce of value we give up. barkley could run for 1,500 yards, even behind our questionable offensive line, and we would immediately return to the playoffs. keith, enjoys super bowl 50 replays

kickin it with kiz: you can forget about broncos finishing better than 9-7 unles

ok, smart guy, how do you think the broncos will finish in 2017?

kiszla: when the broncos needed juice, elway gave us peas and carrots in nfl dra

was elway, with a history of wheeling and dealing on draft day, asleep at the switch? or were the broncos so desperate for an offensive lineman that elway couldn’t think straight?

13 reasons the bears should draft a quarterback at no. 3

if not now, when?the time to invest a first-round draft pick in a quarterback appears to have come for the bears, who have not selected a passer in round 1 since rex grossman in 2003. the bears dealt two first-round picks to the broncos in the 2009 jay cutler deal, a trade that proved to be too...

13 reasons the bears should draft a quarterback at no. 3

if not now, when? the time to invest a first-round draft pick in a quarterback appears to have come for the bears, who have not selected a passer in round 1 since rex grossman in 2003. the bears dealt two first-round picks to the broncos in the 2009 jay cutler deal, a trade that proved to be too...

broncos draft preview: tyler polumbus, cameron wolfe and mark kiszla break down

the nfl draft is right around the corner and the broncos have plenty of needs to address. what will denver do in the first round and the rest of the draft, and where will former valor christian star christian mccaffrey go?

broncos need to find offensive playmakers on day 2 of the nfl draft

garett bolles is the face of the broncos 2017 draft class, but he's just the beginning. denver currently has nine more selections in this draft, including three on friday's day 2 (second and third rounds).

kickin’ it with kiz: why the raiders, not the chiefs, will always be the nfl tea

if you’re a broncos fan, you hate the raiders on a level akin to someone that did something terrible to your family. the chiefs are just a division rival. to be a broncos fan is to unconditionally revile the raiders.

kickin’ it with kiz: the broncos will stand tall during national anthem, then ma

yes, raiders week did get hijacked by a debate between true american patriots and protesting broncos.

kickin’ it with kiz: broncos country’s resolution for a healthier 2018? stop obs

there are too many miserable football fans that refuse to see the truth. denver is a good baseball town with a broncos problem.

kickin’ it with kiz: if broncos are serious super bowl contenders, it’s time to

i’m on to you, kiz. i know you secretly have your fingers all over the broncos organization. so can you tell us why front-office honcho john elway and coach vance joseph are so steadfastly sticking to menelik watson at right tackle? it seems like elway should be banging down doors, looking for a new one. would the broncos consider a trade or signing a street free agent?

broncos open day 3 of nfl draft by trading rb kapri bibbs

the denver broncos began the final day of the 2017 draft by dealing one of their own.

broncos in search of “our type of guy” in nfl draft

the broncos enter thursday’s draft with 10 picks, the no. 20 selection in the first round and a lengthy list of needs and priorities.

jhabvala vs. kiz: should broncos trade up to draft christian mccaffrey?

should the broncos do whatever's necessary to draft him, even if it means moving up in the first round from their spot at no. 20?

a quick look at the broncos most likely first-round draft options

what will broncos general manager john elway do in this year's draft? the broncos have the 20th overall pick. here are their most likely first-round options.