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lds missionaries try hallucinogens for the first time

mormon missionaries are well known for being uber-pious. but in this video, a few of them consent to trying lsd and, while we definitely do not advocate doing drugs, this video is hilarious. the post lds missionaries try hallucinogens for the first time appeared first on holy kaw!.

why it’s time for the mormon church to revisit its diverse past

why it’s time for the mormon church to revisit its diverse past by benjamin park, assistant professor of history, sam houston state university. mormon missionaries pray before the start of a class in mandarin chinese language at the missionary training center, in provo, utah. ap photo/rick bow...

mawlamyine exudes post-colonial charm, buddhist shrines and few tourists

mawlamyine's mix of churches and pagodas reveals the myanmar city's history as an intersection of colonialism, christian missionaries and buddhist tradition.

a new style of rustic chilean wines is gaining traction

if you’re an oenophile with a love for imported wine, you’d be forgiven for not paying heed to chile. despite a long and respected winemaking history, with traditions as old as those of north america — by which i mean the agricultural enclaves of spanish missionaries, established in the 17th century...

neighborhood spotlight: a little bit of country lingers in sylmar

the spanish missionaries who founded mission san fernando rey de españa in the late 1700s were quick to recognize the agricultural potential of the surrounding countryside, which was much like their native land in temperament and appearance. the plains and foothills outside the mission walls were...

us monuments to spanish conquest facing mounting criticism

public statues and tributes to early spanish conquerors are facing mounting criticism tied to the brutal treatment of american indians centuries ago by spanish soldiers and missionaries, with activists drawing ethical parallels to the national controversy over confederate monuments.

former us missionary in haiti accused of child sexual abuse

miami (ap) — u.s. authorities have charged an arkansas man with sexually abusing children while working as a missionary in haiti. daniel pye became well-known among missionaries in haiti as he helped coordinate relief efforts in jacmel after the january 2010 earthquake. he was jailed for about five months in haiti in 2011 amid a […]

time travel is all the rage in 'time after time' and 'making history'

time, the final frontier! there has been a lot of traveling in it, monkeying with it on television of late: "timeless," "legends of tomorrow," "frequency," "12 monkeys," "doctor who" of course, "future-worm!" (that one's a cartoon). sunday adds two more. h.g. wells, of course, is the man who popularized...

how to make the time change a little less painful this weekend

it's that dreaded time of year. time to "spring" forward and lose an hour of sleep. the transition to daylight saving time can be brutal, but here are three suggestions to make it less jarring: 1.) stick to your schedule the trick to navigating the time change in the spring and fall is to resume...

hawaiian, alaska and delta top latest on-time rankings

here are the government's rankings of the leading u.s. airlines and their on-time performance for december. the federal government counts a flight as on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind the scheduled time.

hawaiian, delta, american top rankings for on-time flights

here are the government's rankings of the leading u.s. airlines and their on-time performance for january. the federal government counts a flight as on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind the scheduled time.

movies: george clooney on fatherhood, trump and next film ‘suburbicon’

george clooney says, "it's always good to look back and remember that nothing really is new, and every time we're shocked we forget that we've had this behavior time and time and time again."

a string of cooler days, 80s and rain on july 4

“you can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time,” complained abraham lincoln. to which i say, amen.

joe maddon highly doubtful jake arrieta can return against cardinals

the possibility of jake arrieta returning in time to face the national league central rival cardinals this weekend appears highly doubtful."we're running out of time for this time at this time," manager joe maddon said after arrieta played catch tuesday for the second time since suffering a grade...

how doctor who's tardis measures up with real instruments of space & time

whether nature actually allows such solutions to exist is still an open debate among theoretical physicists, and even if time travel could happen we certainly don't know how to build a time machine. so we'll just have to compare fiction with reality.

jimmie johnson on fast track in nascar chase to become first eight-time cup cham

jimmie johnson is brand-building. mr. six-time pulled off a stunning surprise in homestead, fla., last season when he became mr. seven-time. and now he’s making the historic run to becoming mr. eight-time season champion look easy-peasy. his win at bristol on monday afternoon after a rain postponement...

white sox keeping things simple for yoan moncada

 yoan moncada's bat acted allergic to the ball that night. time after time after time after time — four in all — moncada struck out in succession sunday while seeking a remedy. finally, moncada, the ninth batter — he also was the 18th and final — of the ninth inning doubled to left field to give...

2-time champ juan pablo montoya under the radar at indy

indianapolis (ap) — life should be less stressful for juan pablo montoya these days. you see, the two-time indy 500 winner lost his full-time ride last year, and when other options never really materialized, he decided to join team penske in a part-time role. that meant hopping into the car for the grand prix of […]

‘daddy won’t like this’: internet mocks trump jr. for making time cover for all

president donald trump is very fond of time magazine covers — so much so that he has a fake time cover of himself hanging in several of his golf clubs. but it’s very unlikely that time’s latest cover will be hanging on the walls of any trump-branded building in the future, as it fe...

mattis makes time's '100 most influential people' list

in its annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people, time magazine included defense secretary jim mattis, one of camp pendleton’s most famous sons. time’s explanation, penned by former defense secretary robert gates, noted the retired marine corps general’s reverence of history and willingness...

heading up the 395? stopping to scope out the sights is time well spent

we’ve all probably done it. we load up the car and head north for mammoth lakes as quickly as possible. i’ve finally learned that the 300-plus-miles drive mostly on u.s. highway 395 can be as enjoyable, informative and enlightening as the time spent in that great mountain community. and this time...

this time, the dodgers can't settle for anything short of a world series

this time will be different. a mantra that has been quietly repeated throughout los angeles for the last couple of months has, at last, become a full-throated plea. it’s october, and a city is now collectively begging its dodgers to bust some ghosts. this time will be special. can you hear the...

hawaiian, delta and alaska top on-time ratings for airlines

here are the government's rankings of the leading u.s. airlines and their on-time performance for may. the federal government counts a flight as on time if it arrives no more than 14 minutes behind schedule.

what time is the preakness stakes?

if you are anxiously awaiting the second leg of horse racing’s triple crown. your time is drawing near. where: pimlico race course in baltimore, md. post time: 3:48 p.m. pt the favorite is always dreaming who won the kentucky derby. in fact, always dreaming has had four consecutive wins this year by a combined 23 […]

time marches on, with a little bit more skip this weekend

washington (ap) — time marches on, with a bit more skip this weekend. daylight saving time officially re-emerges at 2 a.m. local time sunday for most of the united states, so it’s best to advance your clocks by 60 minutes before bed. you’ll lose an hour’s sleep saturday night, but gain more evening light in […]

what fans need from the end of adventure time

adventure time premiered in 2010 and quickly be e a favorite of cartoon viewers of all ages. created by pendleton ward, adventure time follows the lives of finn the human and jake the dog in the land of ooo. even with many awards and high ratings, the show will be coming to an end in 2018. […] the post what fans need from the end of adventure time appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

chargers are 'pinning their ears back' and putting pressure on opposing offenses

if an offensive lineman had his way, his team would never pass. the quarterback would just hand off the football time after time after time. run blocking is a proactive move — the ball is snapped and you attack the defender, trying to create space. the offensive linemen know where they’re supposed...

cubs should beware decline and fall of blackhawks' and giants' empires

old habits being what they are, i find myself checking on the baseball giants and the basketball warriors from time to time, having spent time tethered to those teams while i lived in california. the entertainment value usually justifies the sleep deprivation. the giants are 18 years removed from...

the daring doctors experimenting with psychedelic medicines

rolling stone's mac mcclelland tells the story of the physicians bravely breaking the law by treating patients with mdma, ayahuasca, dmt, lsd, and other hallucinogens. from rs: as an internal-medicine specialist, dr. x doesn't have any patients who come to him seeking psychotherapy. but the longer he does the work, the more "i'm seeing that consciousness correlates to disease," he says. "every disease." narcolepsy. cataplexy. crohn's. diabetes – one patient's psychedelic therapy preceded a 30 percent reduction in fasting blood-sugar levels. sufferers of food allergies discover in their journeys that they've been internally attacking themselves. "consciousness is so vastly undervalued," dr. x says. "we use it in every other facet in our life and esteem the intellectual part of it, but den

ucla fest looks at writers and directors from tv's golden age who transitioned t

it's a time when television is all the rage, when what's being done on the small screen is the envy of hollywood. it's a time like today, only it's not. that time was the 1950s, when anthology shows like “playhouse 90,” “studio one,” “the elgin hour” and “goodyear television playhouse” ran original...

for 2nd time, hall-of-famer bird resigns as pacers president

indianapolis (ap) — larry bird made it official monday, resigning as the indiana pacers’ president of basketball operations and saying simply that it was time to do something else. “i felt it was time to step away in a full-time capacity,” bird said in a statement released ahead of a news conference. “this has nothing […]

what time is the belmont stakes?

the drama is missing, but the tradition remains. saturday is he belmont stakes, the third jewel of the triple crown. so, if you want to watch, what time is the belmont stakes? the official time in new york is listed at 6:37 p.m., but it usually goes off about five minutes later to capture all the...

opinion: time to awaken lgbt pride and take on the census bureau

the lgbt community has come a long way since the stonewall rebellion, but it's time to stand up and be counted, again-- this time by the census bureau.

issa's reactions trigger social media storm

for the second time in two weeks, rep. darrell issa’s curt interactions with reporters have brought him national attention. last time, it was for bruskly brushing off a reporter who asked him how he planned to vote on a healthcare bill. this time, a reporter said the vista republican gave made...

jerry rice just may show up as an uninvited guest at your wedding. he says he do

jerry rice is a three-time super bowl winner and member of the pro football hall of fame. he’s widely considered to be the greatest receiver of all time and has scored more touchdowns and accumulated more yards than anyone in nfl history. he’s also a one-time runner-up on “dancing with the stars.”...