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california has message for the state's new legal pot industry: pay your taxes

california’s shift to legal sales of marijuana for recreational use hits a milestone monday when the state begins issuing tax permits to marijuana distributors. state regulators estimate the california market could eventually generate $1 billion in taxes and fees annually. but the industry has...

measure m would give l.a.'s legal marijuana industry the comprehensive oversight

californians may have voted to make recreational marijuana legal under state law in november, but details about who can grow, make and sell pot products, as well as where pot businesses can put down roots, are still being decided. those decisions are weighty indeed, considering the market’s potential...

trump administration must battle public opinion, economics in attack on marijuan

rolling back marijuana policy is likely to cause political headaches for the trump administration given widespread public support, the economic clout of the marijuana industry and the supporters legal marijuana businesses have won over in congress.

hundreds of thousands finding employment in marijuana business

if you’re an american living in a legal weed state, more than likely you’d have a better chance of finding someone to recommend, grow and sell you an eighth of granddaddy purple kush before you found the perfect dental hygienist to clean your teeth. that’s because the legal marijuana industry, wheth...

public banks offer hope for marijuana businesses

denver (ap) — with most private institutions and credit unions still avoiding the legal cannabis industry, many marijuana businesses remain without bank accounts. but one idea is gaining acceptance among marijuana entrepreneurs and a growing number of cities and states: the formation of public banks to serve the cannabis industry. the problem? it’ll be a […]

in the age of trump, how do you build a legal marijuana industry from the ground

l.a.'s new cannabis chief cat packer on helping to create a formula for the pot industry.

oregon hasn’t released any of its marijuana dollars

oregon is sitting on millions of dollars generated from legal pot sales, with its booming marijuana industry having grossed nearly $75 million since the start of 2016. however, none of the entities that were supposed to receive funding under the marijuana law have seen a dime since the state started...

10 marijuana myths you should stop believing

\ marijuana has been at the center of controversy for years, praised as both a miracle drug and a gateway demon drug. in the u.s., medical marijuana has become legal in half of the 50 states; legal recreational use is also expanding. undoubtedly, marijuana offers an array of benefits to human health...

colorado congressman says he’ll “fight the attorney general” if need be on marij

rep. mike coffman is suggesting he might use the power of the purse to protect colorado's legal marijuana industry from federal interference.

south dakota jury acquits marijuana resort consultant of all charges

marijuana isn't legal in the state of south dakota. hagen and fellow consultant jonathan hunt, officials with monarch america, a colorado-based company in the marijuana industry, were charged last year after helping the tribe.

tribes urged to consider boosting revenue by expanding into marijuana industry

tribal leaders from california and washington state last week discussed the potential opening of legal marijuana businesses on tribal lands.

cannabis industry “deluged” with resumes from millennials

millennials are the first generation of college graduates who can job-hunt in the legal marijuana industry, and many are showing an interest.

california considers “green banking” as it transitions to adult-use marijuana

california has a possible solution to the problem of banks being unwilling to handle money from the state's multibillion-dollar legal marijuana industry, one that officials say would be the first system of its kind in the nation.

los angeles releases draft marijuana business regulations

los angeles moved thursday to bring order to its emerging legal marijuana industry, proposing rules for how and where the fragrant buds will be grown and sold while driving out rogue operators.

springer elected chair of alaska marijuana control board

juneau, alaska (ap) — a new chairman has been elected to lead the board that regulates alaska’s legal marijuana industry. mark springer of bethel was chosen to replace peter mlynarik (mlyn’-arh-ik) as chair of the marijuana control board during a meeting wednesday in juneau. brandon emmett, who holds an industry seat on the board, was […]

here are the rules for legal marijuana in california once the law goes into effe

the rulebook gives aspiring and established marijuana businesses their first look at 276 pages of regulations they must abide by come jan. 1, when the state will start issuing licenses for the multibillion-dollar industry and allowing recreational pot sales to start for the first time.

california opens online system to license new pot industry

california on friday began accepting applications from businesses that want to operate in the state's legal marijuana industry next year, a milestone for the emerging market.

californians will soon be able to buy marijuana; they need legal places to smoke

adults in california 21 and older will soon be able to buy marijuana legally for recreational use. but where will they smoke it? under proposition 64, approved by state voters last year, it will be legal to grow, buy and sell marijuana beginning in january. however, the ballot initiative included...

gov. kate brown to trump: hands off oregon legal pot biz

salem, ore. (ap) — oregon gov. kate brown says the federal government should leave the state’s legal marijuana industry alone. brown says that if the trump administration makes a move against legalized recreational marijuana, it would be going against its own goals such as improving the economy, creating jobs and giving states more say in […]

majority of americans support marijuana legalization

support for legalizing pot just keeps increasing in the united states. a new cbs poll found the highest percentage of americans ever favored making marijuana legal, with 61 percent of voters saying weed should be legal for adults and another 88 percent backing making medical marijuana legal across t...

op-ed: america’s past holds clues for solving current issues with marijuana indu

lessons from a troubled history of marijuana prohibition can make for a more sustainable and more inclusive cannabis industry today.

the cat’s already out of the bag on legal marijuana

attorney general jeff sessions will have a fight on his hands if he and president donald trump try to go against the people’s will on legal marijuana.

regulating cannabis edibles presents challenge for lawmakers, industry

now that california is finally rolling out rules for both the medical marijuana and newly legal adult-use markets, regulators and industry professionals are confronting the unique challenges presented by the growing edibles market.

talking to kids about marijuana when it becomes legal

marijuana is stronger than it was two decades ago, and parents need to know the facts before it becomes legal and is more accessible.

massachusetts’ federal prosecutor “cannot provide assurances” for legal marijuan

the top federal prosecutor in massachusetts offered no guarantees on monday that he would take a hands-off approach to legalized pot, injecting a new layer of uncertainty and confusion into the commercial marijuana industry.

marijuana industry’s future is bright, mjbizcon speakers say

las vegas (ap) — new jersey recreational marijuana legalization may be a highlight of 2018; it’s possible but unlikely the trump administration will crack down on the u.s. cannabis industry; and major mainstream corporations are “not going to miss out” on the business opportunities presented by the burgeoning marijuana trade. those are just a few […]

could marijuana actually be legal in 50 states?

adults in eight states and washington d.c., can legally consume marijuana, and that could soon change to adults in all 50 states. rep. jared polis, d-colo., recently introduced a bill that would make marijuana federally legal and allow the plant to be regulated as alcohol is in the u.s. under the ne...

could marijuana actual be legal in 50 states?

adults in eight states and washington d.c., can legally consume marijuana, and that could soon change to adults in all 50 states. rep. jared polis, d-colo., recently introduced a bill that would make marijuana federally legal and allow the plant to be regulated as alcohol is in the u.s. under the ne...

marijuana policy project’s bank closing account amid fears of doj crackdown

marijuana policy project, an advocacy group, says pnc bank has notified it that it will close the organization's 22-year-old accounts, a sign of growing concerns in the financial industry that the trump administration will crack down on the marijuana industry in states that have legalized it.

today: is legal pot going up in smoke?

the justice department puts a cloud of uncertainty over the marijuana business, and states such as california are preparing to fight back. top stories is legal pot going up in smoke? the high didn’t last long. on day 4 of legal recreational marijuana in california, u.s. atty. gen. jeff sessions...

recreational marijuana is legal. but smoking in public and driving stoned are no

as los angeles moves toward allowing the sale of recreational marijuana, joining cities across the state in the newly legal enterprise, police here offered a stern word of caution. yes, recreational pot will be legal to sell (and buy, and consume, and cultivate). but there are limits. and the los...

coffee shop wants to be denver's first legal marijuana club

colorado's largest city is reviewing the first application from a business seeking to be among the nation's first legal marijuana clubs, more than a year after voters approved a bring-your-own pot measure.

el paso county commissioner, hickenlooper clash over marijuana

an el paso county commissioner publicly accused gov. john hickenlooper of turning a blind eye to potential negative effects of legal recreational marijuana to protect an industry that has generated millions in tax revenue.

legal pot hard to find for medical marijuana patients

medical marijuana is now legal in 30 states across the u.s., but patients looking to get high with their doctor’s permission still face a hard time tracking down pot prescriptions and legal cannabis. those challenges are at the forefront of a pending lawsuit in new york demanding that the new ...

hickenlooper: it’s unclear whether trump could stop legal marijuana

a guest on nbc's "meet the press" sunday, colorado gov. john hickenlooper downplayed the possibility that the trump administration would take aim at the state's recreational marijuana industry, saying legalization's inclusion in colorado's constitution makes it unclear whether the federal government could shut it down.