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life lessons on family from 'wilson'

sundance 2017 updates: 'get out' confronts the racism of liberal elites; 'if not love' redefines cinema through virtual reality jan. 27, 2017, 6:47 p.m. filmmakers come to sundance with stories that reveal personal truths -- the park city festival isn't one for shallow blockbusters -- and many...

9 powerful lessons from the success story of bill gates

most people know bill gates as the founder of microsoft. he is the brain behind most of the computer technology that the world currently enjoys. the most important thing is to learn some lessons from his life. here are 9 powerful lessons you can learn from the success story of this great mind. be competitive some […] the post 9 powerful lessons from the success story of bill gates appeared first on dumb little man.

56 challenges to kick-start life after fifty

some people wait their whole life to start living… don’t be one of them. if you’re past the big 50 feeling jaded and lifeless. concerned about the world. concerned about your world. your finances, relationships, health or work… reading this list should spark at least one change. kick-start your life with a new challenge and […] the post 56 challenges to kick-start life after fifty appeared first on dumb little man.

eden prairie family sues dentist over teenager's death

family says anesthesia not well monitored during extractions.

rand paul reintroduces the life at conception act

kentucky senator dr rand paul this week reintroduced the life at conception act (s. 231), which guarantees equal protection for each unborn life.  this legislation does not amend or interpret the constitution but simply relies on the 14th amendment, which specifically authorizes congress to enforce its provisions. section 1 of the 14th amendment states, “no state shall […]

'alien' life could exist high in earth's atmosphere

if high altitude balloons find basic microorganisms in the stratosphere and mesosphere, it could have serious implications for the hunt for extraterrestrial life in the atmospheres of other worlds.

mike pence tells march for life in washington: ‘we will not rest, until we resto

pence, speaking before thousands, said trump will appoint a supreme court nominee 'who will uphold the god-given liberty'

comment on 10 life changing tips for successful and happy life by richard cates

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lenovo p2 has better battery life than s7 edge and iphone 7 plus combined

sick of awful battery life on your phone? the lenovo p2 may solve your issues.

syrian family decries trump's ban on refugees

executive order that bars syrian refugees from entering the us will shatter families, a family tells al jazeera.

video premiere: sadat x tells us “the devil is near” ft. jawz of life (prod. by

there are a few mcs who can speak truth to power without fear. sadat x of seminal hip-hop group brand nubian is that mc. the way he's been able to stay true to the roots of knowledge of self and street life intertwined puts him on another level as a quality lyricist. below are the…

video premiere: sadat x tells us “the devil is near” ft. jawz of life (prod. by

there are a few mcs who can speak truth to power without fear. sadat x of seminal hip-hop group brand nubian is that mc. the way he’s been able to stay true to the roots of knowledge of self and street life intertwined puts him on another level as a quality lyricist. below are the […]

miracle survivor larry desjarlais points to gideon bible in hospital room for jo

larry desjarlais was looking to end his life when he jumped from a moving vehicle nearly 3-1/2 years ago and now discusses his relationship to god and conversion in the hospital. “this story has to be told,” said desjarlais in the interview published by minot daily news, explaining that he thought death was the answer, […]

top tips on training your brain to be creative

creativity is one of the most vital aspects of life. were it not for people’s creativity, we would not have the internet or smartphones or even the car that we drive to work. think about all of life’s necessities that exist because of human innovation and you can see just how important it is that we […] the post top tips on training your brain to be creative appeared first on dumb little man.

giant sinkholes

this sudden nightmare phenomena swallows cars and homes and can the loss of life

the women who started feminism would have joined the march for life

these great matrons of the feminist movement could not fathom the idea of abortion as central to a ‘woman’s health’ and ‘reproductive rights’ when it fails to serve either.

podcast: are millennials religious? are pro-life women feminists?

emma green, religion writer at the atlantic, joins the federalist radio hour to explore the changing landscape of cultural trends in america.

republicans have failed to defend the unborn. we need a new pro-life party

a party that can’t stop taxpayer funding to an organization that its members know is profiting from genocide doesn’t deserve to maintain power.

missing pakistani activists make contact with family

salman haider and ahmed raza naseer say they are safe, as fate of three others - missing for weeks - remains unclear.

missing pakistani activists make contact with family

salman haider and ahmed raza naseer say they are safe as fate of three others, missing for weeks, remains unclear.

urban or suburban? l.a.'s very identity is at stake in the march election

the protests and marches over the ascendancy of donald trump are still underway, but it’s already time, los angeles voters, to focus on another election — one that will not generate one-zillionth of the attention, but which will directly affect daily life in and around the city. of course every...

the tv tipping point: where do we go from here?

it’s time for a change. we’ve reached a tipping point: it’s now more common than not to subscribe to one or more streaming tv services. that’s where this digital life column comes in, which is being overhauled for the time being to zero in on the over-the-top (ott), as in over-the-internet, industry....

for the record

bee gees: in the jan. 27 calendar section, an article about a grammy awards salute to the bee gees described the group as australian. brothers barry, robin and maurice gibb achieved their first al success after their family moved to australia, but they were born in england. also, ed sheeran...

the wallace line / evolution and continental drift

an imaginary line drawn in 1859 through the middle of what is now indonesia demarcated two very different regions of animal life, even though they were strangely close together. a century later, the line turned out to be the edge of a continental plate.

missing activist salman haider reunited with family

salman haider and ahmed raza naseer say they are safe, as fate of three others - missing for weeks - remains unclear.

teen p ion for pool tables changed twin cities collector's life – and home

decades later, greg peterson still owns and operates peters billiards, now a game and home furnishings store in south minneapolis. and his collection of vintage tables has ballooned to nearly 90, including the four he keeps at his home in edina.

cbsn original preview: "america's ceo: the 45th president"

president donald trump sells himself as the ultimate ceo; what does his life as a high-profile businessman say about how he'll manage america? a cbsn original airs 8 p.m. et on monday

abortion rates went up in some countries the last time 'global gag rule' was in

republican administrations dating back to the reagan era have sought to reduce the number of abortions around the world by requiring that overseas family planning groups refrain from performing or promoting the procedure as a condition for receiving u.s. aid. one of president trump’s first acts...

podcast 543: what’s up with whatsapp

after last week's focus on security, this week glenn and susie...focus on security. specifically, we discuss the smack of controversy around whatsapp, and how to make it more secure. elsewhere, apple's fixing bugs in macos, losing employees to tesla, possibly building a manufacturing plant in the united states, and getting us excited with rumors about depth sensors in an upcoming iphone. show notes macos sierra 10.12.3 update fixes the safari bug that affected macbook pro battery life by roman loyolato read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

contemporary home in lincoln park: $4.7m

1848 howe st. in chicago: $4,700,000 listed on jan. 23, 2017 this home, built by middlefork, inclues six bedrooms, 5.2 baths, three family rooms, a chef's kitchen, a 2.5-car garage and four wood-burning fireplaces. details include a cut limestone fireplace and range hood surrounds, reclaimed wood...

horoscope: january 28, 2017

birthday gal: actress ariel winter was born in los angeles on this date in 1998. this birthday gal has starred as alex dunphy on “modern family” since 2009. she played the recurring role of lucy moore on “er” and has appeared on episodes of “r.l. stine’s the haunting hour,” “bones,” and “monk.” winter has also […]

how to ring in the ‘year of the rooster’

welcome to the year of the rooster. the chinese new year starts urday, and so do the celebrations centered around traditions like honoring the lunar calendar, preserving luck, exchanging money and gathering with family. and if you find yourself watching a fireworks or buying chinese new year merc...

comment on how positive writing will help you to live a happier life by shashank

hi steve, i kind of got motivated towards writing... i just started writing and i'm actually enjoying it. i can feel it. it's like telling what we feel to everyone and that's why i even started a blog. if you would like to check, here's is the link. https://thebrainylad.com/why-started-blog-you-should-start-blogging/ and, keep doing the great work man. thanks :)

missing rights activist returns home safely in pakistan

pakistani police and a family member say the university professor and rights activist who went missing early this month has returned home safely.

comment on the ‘dos and don’ts’ when going through a divorce by ken patrick

exactly a divorce can be draining—both emotionally and financially—especially later in life. during a divorce you’ll be faced with many decisions that may affect your financial security. you may feel comfortable dealing with some of these issues on your own, but with many of them, it’s crucial that you find good financial advice from a <a href="http://www.divorceyes.com/miami-divorce.html" rel="nofollow">qualified professional</a>.

emmanuelle riva, revered french actress who broke an oscar age barrier, dies at

emmanuelle riva, whose unflinching portrayal of an elderly woman in the 2012 end-of-life drama “amour” earned her international acclaim and the distinction of being the oldest nominee for a lead actress oscar, has died. she was 89. riva, a star of early french new wave cinema whose career spanned...

dead cyclist's friends, biking community question drunken driver's 10-day senten

friends and family members of a cyclist killed three years ago when he was struck by a drunken driver expressed disappointment friday with the 10-day jail sentence the motorist received after pleading guilty to reckless homicide and aggravated driving under the influence. "the reason it was so...

pence helps bring new energy to anti-abortion rally in dc

washington (ap) — after more than four decades, the march for life has become a familiar ritual in washington. no matter the weather, thousands of abortion opponents gather every year on the national mall, many wearing matching hats or scarves from their school or church groups, and listen to speeches from social conservatives in congress […]

maple lake family ditches formal dining room for deluxe game space

a maple lake couple’s traditional two-story house had a traditional formal dining room. but the only time they used it for dining was at christmas gatherings.

syrian refugees shocked, sad as trump bans them from the us

amman, jordan (ap) — syrian refugee ammar sawan took his first step toward resettlement in the united states three months ago, submitting to an initial round of security screenings. his dreams of a better life were crushed when president donald trump issued an indefinite ban on displaced syrians entering the united states. sawan said urday […]

mark zuckerberg ‘concerned’ with trump immigration executive orders

facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg e out against a series of executive orders signed by president donald trump focusing on immigration policy in a post friday. zuckerberg talked about the immigrant roots of his family and wife priscilla chan and his opposition to the trump administration’s ...

serena williams wins record 23rd open era grand slam

melbourne, australia — serena williams has won her record 23rd grand slam singles title, and her sister was right there on court to give her a congratulatory hug. the all-williams final — the first at the australian open since serena won the first edition of the family rivalry here in 2003 — went to the […]

author of kermit gosnell book details how their abortion beliefs changed, ‘these

a new book exploring the case of the abortionist dubbed “america’s most prolific serial killer” has been released and as the march for life happens all over america, the conver ion over abortion couldn’t be more important. co-authors phelim mcaleer and ann mcelhinny detail the case against dr. kermit gosnell, the philadelphia abortion doctor who executed babies […]

missing rights activists return home safely in pakistan

islamabad (ap) — a pakistani university professor who went missing earlier this month has returned home safely, police and a family member said urday. senior islamabad police officer ashraf shah said that salman haider was home, on the outskirts of the capital, islamabad, late friday night and that he is safe and well. haider and […]

the royal scoop: documents from king george iii go online

london (ap) — an enormous cache of historical documents from britain’s royal archives detailing the reign of king george iii is going online urday as part of the royal family’s effort to rehabilitate the legacy of the monarch widely regarded as having been insane. the monarch — america’s last king — is often referred to […]

missing rights activist returns home safely in pakistan

islamabad (ap) — pakistani police and a family member say the university professor and rights activist who went missing early this month has returned home safely. senior police officer ashraf shah said urday that salman haider returned home, on the outskirts of the capital, late friday night and that he is safe and well. shah […]

iphone 7 plus survives 13 hours in icy russian river

  a video posted by fedor (@emfedor1983) on jan 20, 2017 at 11:37pm pst apple's iphone 7 isn't officially cl ified as a waterproof. with its ip67 rating it is capable of surviving immersion at a depth of one meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes but this is meant to protect against accidental drops into water or splashes rather than make the phone suitable for underwater activities.  however, an incident during an ice fishing trip in russia has now demonstrated that the device offers more environmental protection than its ip rating would suggest. according to russian language publication ykt.ru a fisherman dropped his iphone 7 plus into an ice fishing hole in the city of yakutsk. unable to retrieve the device, it was left in the water overnight, until the next day a diver fri

comment on 10 steps to handle relationship conflicts by gloria abbey

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5 tips to learn languages by reading foreign books

language is the mirror of our culture. it reveals a nation’s secrets, shows a people’s everyday, and expresses their attitude to life. if you want to easily speak a foreign language, you need to get to know it better. and it’s not about grammar. traveling requires a lot of time and money, but reading is free […] the post 5 tips to learn languages by reading foreign books appeared first on dumb little man.

shealah craighead named trump's official p og her

  hanging out with these guys during an event i had the pleasure of p og hing. thanks anna roger's for capturing the laughter! you're hired! shamless promo i know...just couldn't contain my excitement of getting in a p o with both the former president @georgewbush and possible future president @marcorubiofla #shamlessselfpromotion #president #gwb #pastmeetspresent=future! a p o posted by shealah craighead p og hy (@shealahdcp o) on oct 17, 2016 at 3:14pm pdt news outlets are reporting that pete souza's shoes have officially been filled: shealah craighead has been named the official white house p og her under president trump. craighead has previously worked with a number of political figures – she was first lady laura bush's personal p og her and in 2008 followed governor sarah pa