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‘overwatch’ developers on shaping the moira meta

we were fortunate enough to spend a bit of early time with moira at blizzcon 2017, and caught up with some of the overwatch developers while there. both the lead software engineer tim ford and senior effects artist rachel day sat down with us. day in particular had a busy leadup to blizzcon getting the […] the post ‘overwatch’ developers on shaping the moira meta appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

italian restaurant meta osteria & barra opens in oceanside

meta osteria & barra is bringing a new spin on italian cuisine to oceanside.

albanian parliamentary speaker picked as new president

tirana, albania (ap) — albania’s parliament elected its leader as the country’s new president friday, abandoning efforts to build consensus with boycotting opposition lawmakers after two weeks of delays. speaker ilir meta was chosen after lawmakers in the 140-seat body who were present for the closed-door election voted 87-2 in favor of him. meta’s nomination […]

t-birds win 7th straight

3-2 win pushes seattle into second place in whl’s u.s. division

washington volleyball’s win streak comes to an end

no. 20 usc upsets the no. 6 huskies in los angeles 3-0.

man s in the leg in sodo

the victim claims he was s by an unknown gunman in a mask.

it’s ok to let adult son wobble, find his own way

mom’s anxiety over how son cares for his children might be more about her than him.

tv picks for monday: ‘pov’

also showing june 26: “so you think you can dance” on kcpq.

man fatally s in tacoma’s west end

the suspect in the shooting is a man in his mid-20s, police said.

if i want her advice, i’ll ask for it

carolyn hax advises a woman whose sister-in-law is too quick to say; “you should ...”

‘riverdale’ among tv picks for march 2

the old gang’s all here for a new interpretation of the archie comics.

these guys won’t say which parent they like better

nine mlb players homered on mother’s day and father’s day this year.

who’s who in the ‘twin peaks’ universe

a rundown of the characters returning to the series.

separation anxiety: ‘how do people do this?!’

carolyn hax advises a writer whose spouse says he is “done.”

ap newsalert

washington (ap) — orders to us factories up 1.3 percent in december but down for all of 2016.

childless, and don’t like children’s parties? don’t go

carolyn hax says if you don’t want to go to your friend’s kid’s birthday party, don’t go, but own it.

accept mom’s way of dealing with dad’s death

we all have our own way to grieve, and you shouldn’t judge the way she has chosen,

do you have a patriotic tattoo?

seattle-area residents, share your stories about your ink.

‘when we rise’ among tv picks for march 1

part two in the series about a group of lgbt activists.

the x games are going to have to add some events for this guy

las vegas daredevil becomes first to perform a double flip — in a wheelchair.

borrowing from your 401(k) is a bad plan

advice for workers who are tempted to tap their 401(k) retirement plans for loans: don’t do it.

‘big bang theory’ among tv picks for april 6

sheldon wakes up on a couch and can’t remember how he got there.

education is the antidote to ignorance

that divide is not between liberals and conservatives. rather, it is between the ignorant and the informed.

backseat vibration drives owner batty

something's loose under there, and it should be easy to find.

she’s turned into a nag — or has she?

carolyn hax advises a woman whose boyfriend has switched from drinking to smoking pot.

tv picks for june 12: ‘so you think you can dance’

also showing monday: “the putin interviews” on showtime.

man, 73, killed in i-90 crash

the man’s truck went off the highway and landed on the snoqualmie valley trail.

for moderates, politics is not warfare

moderation is not an ideology; it’s a way of coping with the complexity of the world.

man wounded in burien shooting

the victim’s wounds are believed to be non-life-threatening.

all-wesco 3a/2a boys basketball

16 17 winter all conference by seatimes preps on scribd

how to eat healthfully on a trip

a sensible diet doesn’t have to and shouldn’t fall by the wayside when on vacation.

seahawks get it right on protests

trump has drawn more americans into the fight against his view of america.

‘20/20’ among tv picks for feb. 24

interviews with notable people from the worlds of news, politics and entertainment.

all-wesco 4a boys basketball

16 17 winter all conference by seatimes preps on scribd

these guys won’t say which parent they like better

nine pro baseball players homered on mother’s and father’s day this year.