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microsoft makes a new 'premium rs' cloud database option available

microsoft makes a new azure sql database service tier available for customers, as well as offers a no-cost storage upgrade on select plans.

past isn’t prologue: apple isn’t today’s microsoft

remember how ios versus android was just like the mac versus windows? well, if you loved that old hit… you’re probably reading the wrong column. but pundits have a new spin on it that still makes no sense: apple is microsoft!see, they were apple and got trounced by microsoft and they were going to be apple again but this time get trounced by google but instead they’re microsoft. it all makes sense when you read this pamphlet and relinquish all your worldly possessions.writing for the forbes contributor network and incurable myopia clinic, adam hartung describes “tim cook's 'ballmer-ization' of apple.” (tip o’ the antlers to @jonyiveparody.)to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

microsoft might cancel the next hololens and here’s why that’s a good thing

the company wants to make sure the next major release makes a big impact.

microsoft hololens makes it easier to share mixed reality experiences

microsoft hololens' offers a new spectator view setup, making it easier to share mixed reality experiences with a group.

microsoft makes up for surface book price hikes with £300 worth of freebies

brexit-driven price increases hit home earlier this week.

new generation of 2-in-1 devices featured at mobile world congress

microsoft makes a presence at the mobile world conference in barcelona with a showing of 2-in-1 pcs from the company's hardware partners.

google releases details of unpatched microsoft flaws

microsoft missed patching two vulnerabilities in time to meet google's 90-day deadline, so google released details of a security issue in microsoft's software.

microsoft makes sharepoint framework generally available

the sharepoint framework allows developers to better tailor the sharepoint online experience to their organization's and users' needs.

snap inc. files for $3 billion ipo listed on nyse

daily video: snap inc. makes it official, will go public next month; microsoft sharpens edge browser in windows 10 creators update; google pre-installs sql server enterprise on cloud platform vms; and there's more.

microsoft teams is about to arrive on office 365

microsoft’s slack-alike will make its big debut next week.

project scorpio will be the star of microsoft's e3 2017 keynote

the massive gaming show will be here soon, and microsoft is changing its plans up this year.

microsoft's spectator view lets you see what someone wearing hololens sees

now anyone can see holograms just like the person with microsoft's ar viewer strapped to their head.

xbox project scorpio will star in microsoft's e3 2017 keynote

the massive gaming show will be here soon, and microsoft is changing its plans up this year.

xbox project scorpio will be the star of microsoft's e3 2017 keynote

the massive gaming show will be here soon, and microsoft is changing its plans up this year.

microsoft to move michigan technology center to detroit

detroit (ap) — software maker microsoft plans to move its michigan microsoft technology center to downtown detroit in early 2018. the redmond, washington-based company and detroit-based real estate business bedrock announced friday that microsoft will use more than 40,000 square feet in bedrock’s one pus martius building. the technology center is one of more than […]

microsoft warns of emails bearing sneaky pdf phishing s s

microsoft is now warning of attackers who are increasingly using pdf-based social engineering schemes to snare victims.

microsoft remains clearly ahead of salesforce in growing saas market

microsoft's growth is directly attributable to the significant increase in adoption of office 365 during the past two years.

microsoft's azure sql database threat detection available in april

microsoft is kicking off several security-themed products to provide customers with attack-resistant cloud services and new capabilities.

microsoft remains ahead of salesforce in saas market: synergy survey

microsoft's growth is directly attributable to the significant increase in adoption of office 365 during the past two years.

microsoft unveils airsim open-source drone training technology

microsoft’s simulator software will aid researchers in building ai-infused autonomous drones that can navigate the real world on their own.

productivity primed: macbook pro’s touch bar now supports microsoft office

microsoft is rolling out support for the macbook pro's most unique feature.

nasty flaw found in microsoft’s browsers leaves surfers on edge

ie 11 and edge have reportedly been in danger, and microsoft has yet to resolve it.

microsoft gears windows insider program changes to it pros

microsoft will add new features and capabilities to the early-access program that are aimed at it professionals.

microsoft stays ahead of salesforce in growing saas market

most of microsoft's growth can be directly attributed to the huge growth in the adoption of office 365 during the last two years.

microsoft says it will continue to enhance .net development platform

microsoft shares its vision on the future of its .net software development languages and tooling after open-sourcing the technology.

microsoft earnings stronger than expected in second quarter

demand stays strong for microsoft's cloud software and services offerings, beating second quarter analyst expectations.

microsoft and nvidia announce project olympus ai server

microsoft and nvidia unveil a new ocp accelerator chassis that could help make ai-enabled servers a fixture in the modern data center.

microsoft bolsters security on windows, office and azure cloud

microsoft adds several new capabilities, product offerings and analytics tools to help customers thwart modern cyber-security threats.

microsoft offers new purchase options for surface hub whiteboard

microsoft is offering a 30-day trial period for the surface hub digital whiteboard and teleconference system, which range in cost from $8,999 to $21,999.

microsoft azure cloud nearly doubles in size over past year

microsoft's azure cloud business is growing idly, but that's not the only part of its vast technology empire that is on the upswing.

microsoft bringing ai and cloud innovations to health care it push

microsoft's new healthcare next initiative combines ai and cloud computing to create cutting-edge tools in healthcare it.

microsoft introduces new network peformance monitor

with microsoft's network performance monitor, operations management suite customers gain enhanced views of their cloud environments.

microsoft’s arrow launcher gets huge 3.0 update

microsoft's arrow launcher has just been updated to version 3.0, adding a number of both front-end and back-end improvements.

the best free alternatives to microsoft word 2017

never pay for word again, with full support for microsoft documents, cloud backup, and free mobile apps.

project scorpio: everything we know about microsoft's 4k-ready xbox

project scorpio, microsoft's upcoming 4k and vr capable console, has no qualms breaking from tradition.