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mike pence tells march for life in washington: ‘we will not rest, until we resto

pence, speaking before thousands, said trump will appoint a supreme court nominee 'who will uphold the god-given liberty'

transcript: mike pence speech at march for life in washington dc

transcript via life site news thank you karen and charlotte, and thank all of you on behalf of pres. donald trump, my wife karen, and my daughter charlotte. i’d like to welcome you all to washington dc for the 44th annual march for life. it’s a good day. it’s the best day i’ve ever seen […]

vice president pence says 'life is winning.' under trump, the opposite is true.

to the editor: vice president mike pence was quoted as saying at the antiabortion march for life in washington on friday, “life is winning in america, and today is a celebration of that progress.” (“trump makes for an odd champion for abortion foes, but his latest moves give them reason for optimism...

i’m sure mike pence is just trying to keep a good testimony

good afternoon, gramps here, poor mike pence. the guy tries to do the right and honorable thing by his wife and this culture despises it so much he a harshly ridiculed. a march 2017 wapo piece on his wife, karen stated: in 2002, mike pence told the hill that he never eats alone with a woman […]

heroic flight 93 passengers might have saved my life on 9/11, pence says

vice president mike pence told relatives and friends of the victims of united flight 93 attending the 16th anniversary ceremony monday in pennsylvania that the passengers might well have saved his life.

13 things we saw at the march for life in washington dc

hundreds of thousands of people flocked to washington dc for the 44th annual march for life on friday. we went to check it out. here are some of the things we saw.

mike pence’s role in the flynn’s scandal ‘is flashing like a red beacon’: maddow

over and over, rachel maddow has questioned how it is possible that vice president mike pence couldn’t have known that gen. mike flynn was lying about his russia conversation. in a march 9 interview with bret baier on fox news, pence swore that the story about flynn lobbying for turkey was new...

mike pence wants you to believe he's innocent. don't buy it.

mike pence would like you to know that mike pence is not involved in any of this. at least that appears to be the message coming from pence's allies, and perhaps the vice president himself, as the trump white house reels from a series of interlocking scandals that threaten all manner of political...

does anybody know what mike pence's real values are?

to the editor: the headline, “vice president mike pence stays loyal to trump, but it could come at a cost,” should have read “has come at a cost.” there’s not a bigger phony in washington right now than vice president mike pence. he touted his christian values during the campaign and currently...

rachel maddow: mike pence’s role in flynn’s scandal ‘is flashing like a red beac

over and over, rachel maddow has questioned how it is possible that vice president mike pence couldn’t have known that gen. mike flynn was lying about his russia conversation. in a march 9 interview with bret baier on fox news, pence swore that the story about flynn lobbying for turkey was new...

ashley csanady: mike pence’s evangelical refusal to lunch with ladies is easy to

in 2002, mike pence says he won't dine alone with other women out of respect for his wife, but his parochial views are less an effect of his faith and more of a deep-seated patriarchy

fact check: pence makes strange claim about selling health insurance across stat

"under president trump's leadership, we're actually also going to finally allow americans to purchase health insurance across state lines - the way you buy life insurance, the way you buy car insurance." - vice president mike pence, speech in louisville, march 12, 2017 "who could be against allowing...

pence insists decision to fire comey not connected to russia probe

vice president mike pence said on wednesday fbi director james comey was fired to restore confidence in the law enforcement agency and not because of any connection to its probe of possible russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. “that was not what this was about,” pence told...

is mike pence going to be the next president?

is mike pence the next president? vice president mike pence appears to be distancing himself from the president as donald trump’s allies seemingly become further mired in the russia investigation. pence, who started a political action committee in may with the help of his former campaign chairman, n...

mike pence hires his own lawyer to navigate trump’s russia investigation

special prosecutor robert mueller has been on the job for almost a month and already vice president mike pence is getting his own lawyer. according to the washington post, pence wants to be prepared for impending congressional committee inquiries as well as mueller. the vp’s office released a ...

pence says confederate statues are state, local decision

washington (ap) — vice president mike pence says state and local authorities should make decisions about confederate statues, and he calls himself “someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments.” as for the fate of confederate statues at the u.s. capitol, pence says it’s up to states to pick the figures represented. he tells […]

how american culture must restore its schools, art, and institutions

dr. esolen joins federalist radio to discuss the loss of culture western civilization is facing and what we can do to restore it.

as governor, mike pence used a personal email to conduct public business -- and

jeff sessions' influence extends across the trump administration march 3, 2017, 11:17 a.m. here's our look at the trump administration and the rest of washington: jeff sessions says he'll recuse himself from investigation of russian election influence catch up quickly on the sessions saga so far...

does mike pence think women want to throw themselves at him when he's not with h

to the editor: thank goodness for the open and honest words of robin abcarian. her column on vice president mike pence’s refusal to dine alone with a woman and the possible discriminatory effects of his behavior should be mandatory reading for all. (“mike pence won't dine alone with a woman who's...

mike pence's brother plans to run for congress

greg pence, one of mike pence's older brothers, has filed a tax document indicating he will seek the eastern indiana congressional seat that the vice president and former governor represented for 12 years. he formed the greg pence for congress committee on monday, according to a filing with the...

pence helps bring new energy to anti-abortion rally in dc

washington (ap) — after more than four decades, the march for life has become a familiar ritual in washington. no matter the weather, thousands of abortion opponents gather every year on the national mall, many wearing matching hats or scarves from their school or church groups, and listen to speeches from social conservatives in congress […]

55 years to life for rape, attempted kidnapping near balboa park

before listening to a judge sentence him to 55 years to life in prison on friday, ismael hernandez had to listen to one of his two victims. “even though you raped and tortured me for nearly three hours, i refuse to let you have the rest of my life,” said the woman who identified herself in court...

how mike brown’s life was revitalized by gregg popovich, a sabbatical and a moto

a deep dive into the past three years of mike brown's life, which included a basketball sabbatical that completely altered his outlook.

ex-congresswoman may spend rest of life in prison for fraud

former u.s. rep. corrine brown could spend the rest of her life in prison after being found guilty of taking money from a charity that was purported to be giving scholarships to poor students.

why so many people get a new lease on life in their 50s

when you’re standing on the threshold of the rest of your life, anticipating 30 to 40 years rather than 60 to 70, you want to get it right.

mike pence accuses venezuela government of abuse of power

u.s. vice president mike pence stepped up washington’s war of words with venezuela on thursday, telling latin american leaders the country was a prime example of what happens when democracy is undermined, and urging the region to condemn its government. already suffering a severe economic cris...

terrifying 'life'-form revealed in new red band trailer

warning: graphic imagery - a long dormant life-form from mars lays waste to the international space station and has its ‘eyes’ set on earth. the new sci-fi thriller 'life' premieres on march 24, 2017.

karen pence installs beehive at vice president’s residence

washington (ap) — vice president mike pence’s wife, karen, has installed a beehive on the grounds of their government residence in washington. mrs. pence says honey bees play an important role in agricultural production in the united states. she says one out of every three bites of food consumed in the u.s. are made possible […]

watch adorable kid trying to get apology from pence for elbowing him in the face

when vice president mike pence was speaking in front of military families to celebrate national military spouse appreciation day, he accidentally "bopped" a boy in the face without realizing it. but the boy wasn't going to let him get away with it without an apology. this little boy is going to go far in life!

mike pence won't dine alone with a woman who's not his wife. is that sexist?

last week, the washington post profiled second lady karen pence, a devout christian and devoted wife who is, as the story put it, her husband’s “prayer warrior,” “gut check” and “shield.” ashley parker, the reporter, noted that vice president mike pence once had told the hill, a political newspaper...

pence hosed east chicago on his way to washington

as he packed his bags for his new job in washington last month, vice president mike pence hurled one last insult at a lake county city.saying east chicago already was getting enough help, the former gop governor rejected mayor anthony copeland's request for a federal disaster declaration to aid...

with vigils, a film, a comic and plenty of marching: how the l.a. art world face

the election of donald trump to the presidency has drawn all kinds of reactions from the cultural establishment — from a plea for inclusiveness from the cast of “hamilton” on broadway (as then-vice president-elect mike pence in the audience) to a general call for a national culture strike on...

grandmother of slain 8-year-old receives life in prison

the grandmother of an 8-year-old girl who was found emaciated and strangled in a filthy chicago apartment will spend the rest of her life in prison after being convicted of first-degree murder, a cook county judge ruled wednesday.helen ford, 55, was found guilty in march of gizzell ford's "exceptionally...

with nfl protests, trump and pence prove the right can win the culture wars

pence and trump didn't start the battle over the national anthem. but they may have just won the biggest current-day culture war in sports.

mike pence's delayed knowledge of flynn's fibs hint he is outside trump's inner

for nearly two full weeks, nobody told vice president mike pence that he had been misled by national security adviser michael flynn. after privately being assured by flynn that he had never had any discussions about russian sanctions with that country's ambassador, pence went on tv in mid-january...