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trump quietly signs repeal of us broadband privacy rules

u.s. president donald trump on monday signed a repeal of obama-era broadband privacy rules, the white house said, a victory for internet service providers and a blow to privacy advocates. republicans in congress last week narrowly passed the repeal of the privacy rules with no democratic support and...

republicans 'fix' online privacy rules by making your browsing history less priv

concerned that the federal communications commission had overreached when it imposed new privacy rules on internet service providers last year, congressional republicans have responded not with a better approach to safeguarding consumer privacy, but with none at all. it's just another example of...

congress to us citizens: want online privacy? pay up!

tuesday’s congressional vote to repeal u.s. restrictions on broadband providers doesn’t mean that online privacy is dead. consumers will just have to pay for it.the coming repeal, which president trump is expected to sign into law, paves a clearer path for broadband providers to sell customers’ internet browsing history and other online data, without their consent.privacy advocates are worried. imagine corporate giants snooping on your internet activities, and then bombarding your pc, phone and tv with targeted ads.however, the privacy rule rollback might have an opposite effect too. expect broadband providers and other internet services to emerge offering online privacy protections -- but at a price.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

eu insists microsoft must do better on windows 10 privacy

privacy remains a thorny issue in the operating system’s side.

us citizens flocking to the one tool that can guarantee their privacy

majority are prepared to pay for a vpn subscription following controversial repeal of privacy rules.

minnesota legislature pushes back on internet privacy

both the house and the senate have approved privacy measures in response to recent votes in congress.

crime-fighting database a valuable new tool for mpls. cops, but privacy advocate

privacy concerns, “greater reach” accompany system.

fcc data privacy rules were defunct before congressional votefcc data privacy ru

news analysis: despite predictions of doom in the general news media, the reality is that federal communications commission privacy rules were never in effect in the first place.

windows 10 creators update to include more privacy controlswindows 10 creators u

daily video: windows 10 creators update to give users more data privacy control; canonical ends ubuntu unity linux desktop in favor of gnome; google updates kubernetes cloud container management capabilities; and there's more.

feel like your privacy has been ‘trumped’? here are the best vpn offers we could

legislation rolling back fcc privacy regulations could give your browsing history to the highest bidder. protect yourself with a virtual private network.

eu calls for privacy-security balance on message encryption

brussels (ap) — the european union’s presidency says people’s privacy must be protected following british calls for police access to encrypted messages in case of attacks. maltese interior minister carmelo abela said monday “there is a fine line here. we need to of course protect the privacy of the people but we also have to […]

why data privacy is losing its war against it innovation

news analysis: it is quite possible that there is no such thing as personal data privacy anymore--especially when it comes to video.

what's the cost to privacy in our connected lives?

balancing security and privacy against ease and convenience - is a more technologically connected world a better one?

charming animated short on the power of privacy

the power of privacy is a brisk animated jaunt through the legal development of privacy, starting with the fireplace chimney. (more…)

fcc chairman pai wants to halt internet privacy rules before they begin taking e

the nation’s new top telecommunications regulator wants to halt tough internet privacy rules before they begin taking effect this week, arguing they would unfairly impose tougher requirements on broadband providers than on websites and social networks. privacy advocates and a key senate democrat...

data privacy rule repeal could aid google, facebook rivalsdata privacy rule repe

daily video: data privacy rule repeal could boost competition for google, facebook; aws's amazon connect provides instant call centers in the cloud; microsoft targets office phones with skype for business upgrades; and there's more.

eu calls for privacy-security balance on message encryption

the european union's presidency says people's privacy must be protected following british calls for police access to encrypted messages in case of attacks.

privacy advocates plan to fight congress' repeal of internet privacy rules

privacy advocates haven’t given up the fight after the u.s. congress voted to allow isps to sell customers’ browsing histories and other personal information without their permission.on tuesday, the house of representatives voted 215 to 205 to strike down isp privacy regulations approved by the federal communications commission only months ago. house’s passage of a resolution of disapproval followed a senate vote to pass the same resolution days earlier. president donald trump is expected to sign the republican-pushed bill. but senator ed markey, a massachusetts democrat, said he will introduce new legislation to require the fcc to pass new isp privacy rules.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

what the federal privacy watchdog did after an insurer pried into crash victim’s

the company argued credit info on claimants helps combat insurance fraud but the privacy commissioner says there is no evidence that's true

what the repeal of online privacy protections means for you

here’s what to know about congress’ move to dismantle online privacy rules, and what you can do to try to safeguard your online data.

fcc halts internet privacy rule that imposes data security requirements on broad

the federal communications commission on wednesday voted to halt an internet privacy rule that would have imposed data security requirements on broadband providers. the move, by a 2-1 vote, came after the agency’s new republican chairman, ajit pai, indicated last week that he opposed the provision...

privacy critics ail u.s. plan to collect travelers’ social media

privacy advocates said the plan was unlikely to deter terrorists from coming into the u.s. and might be turned upon americans traveling abroad.

adf, illinois parents praise trump administration’s move to protect bathroom, lo

alliance defending freedom senior counsel gary mccaleb spoke out regarding the trump administration’s decision to rescind an obama administration directive that disregarded the privacy, safety, and dignity of all students: “president trump, secretary devos, and general sessions have done the right thing for the privacy, safety, and dignity of young students across america. no longer will federal […]

ap explains: what the death of broadband privacy rules means

now that both houses of congress have voted to block obama-era broadband privacy rules , what does that mean for you?

fbi’s james comey: americans shouldn’t have ‘expectations of absolute privacy’

fbi director james comey warned wednesday that americans should not have expectations of “absolute privacy,” adding that he planned to finish his term leading the fbi. “there is no such thing as absolute privacy in america; there is no place outside of judicial reach,” comey said at a boston college conference on cybersecurity. “even our communications […]

app reviews: rolling sky tests your dexterity, firefox focus highlights privacy

two new apps to consider adding to your mobile devices include a game that tests your dexterity and a browser that's focused on personal privacy.

the best free privacy software 2017

free privacy software to keep your personal information safe from thieves and unscrupulous companies.

tails 2.10 linux delivers updated security and privacy tools

the first 2017 release of the privacy-focused linux distribution patches security issues and provides a new anonymous sharing tool called onion share.

state moves to protect online privacy in the trump era

washington’s legislature would be smart to restore online privacy protections. no wonder this has strong bipartisan support.

a privacy-focused browser developer just bought ghostery

cliqz, the german developer of the privacy-focused browser of the same name, has acquired the tracker-blocking browser extension ghostery and its development team from its creator, evidon. partly owned by mozilla, cliqz will combine ghostery’s technology with similar functions in its browser, but plans to continue development of the extension for other browsers too, it said wednesday. the sale will resolve an apparent conflict of interest for evidon, which on the one hand provided the ghostery extension to enhance privacy, and on the other sold aggregate information to businesses regarding which trackers users blocked. it will still obtain that aggregate information from cliqz, but one step removed.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

data privacy rule repeal could boost competition for google, facebookdata privac

repeal of the fcc data privacy rule will free internet service providers such as t&t and verizon to sell customer-browsing data to advertisers just like google or facebook.

data privacy rule repeal could boost competition for google, facebookdata privac

repeal of the fcc data privacy rule will free internet service providers such as at&t and verizon to sell customer-browsing data to advertisers just like google or facebook.

bill would strip privacy protections from california students and teachers

a bill before the state legislature, designed to fight cyber bullying, would take away online privacy protections for school workers and students.

new privacy settings included in upcoming ms creators update

build 15019 features the new user data privacy controls microsoft plans to incorporate in the upcoming creators update.

wolverton: senate republicans vote to undermine online privacy

consumers lost out on thursday when senate republicans approved a measure that would overturn broadband privacy rules, tech files columnist troy wolverton writes.