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nazis gnsters y una fan de shakespeare la mujer que dio forma a la criptografa estadounidense - Search

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insider guide to tahoe’s shakespeare by the lake

shakespeare festivals abound, but surely few can rival the backdrop for the lake tahoe shakespeare festival or "shakespeare in the sand." here's how to enjoy it to the max.

the bard, times two: 'shakespeare in love' at scr, plus shakespeare, the retirem

welcome to the shakespeare emporium, your one-stop shopping choice for all your shakespeare accessories. tote bags and sweatshirts will advertise your love of the bard. a stratford-upon-avon mug will remind you as you sip your tea of the birthplace of the english language’s greatest poet. pens...

can shakespeare add another chapter to leicester tale?

like his famous namesake, english playwright and poet william shakespeare, leicester city's manager craig shakespeare is hoping he can add a few blockbuster dramas to his own story.

can shakespeare add another chapter to leicester tale?

london (ap) — like his famous namesake, english playwright and poet william shakespeare, leicester city’s manager craig shakespeare is hoping he can add a few blockbuster dramas to his own story. appointed caretaker manager after the english champion sacked claudio ranieri last month, shakespeare has brought such a revival over three games that the 53-year-old […]

‘shakespeare in love,’ a merchant and caesar all part of seattle shakespeare sea

productions for the 2017-18 season at seattle shakespeare company include “julius caesar,” “the government inspector,” “timon of athens,” “the merchant of venice,” and “shakespeare in love.”

'measure for measure': pop the cork and settle in for the latest free shakespear

every summer i'm surprised by how much i enjoy the independent shakespeare co.'s griffith park free shakespeare festival. performances start at 7 p.m., when the sun is still a bit too bright and the actors are oddly dressed figures in the distance, shouting british things i can’t quite hear over...

navy pier’s chicago shakespeare theater opens new 3rd stage

chicago (ap) — chicago shakespeare theater on the city’s navy pier is starting performances on a new third stage. the inaugural performance at the yard at chicago shakespeare will be james thierrée’s “the toad knew” scheduled for tuesday. the stage’s ribbon-cutting was last week. chicago shakespeare theater officials say they were looking for an environmentally […]

for juveniles sentenced to shakespeare, the world’s a stage

pittsfield, mass. (ap) — for some juvenile offenders, their choice is straight out of hamlet: to act or not to act. shakespeare & company, a theater company in lenox, massachusetts, works with the courts to get youngsters who run afoul of the law sentenced to perform works of shakespeare onstage as an alternative to community […]

a kinky take on shakespeare emerges in bay area forests

we players serves up a sexed-up, mashed up adaptation of shakespeare's "midsummer night's dream" in sf and el sobrante parks.

amy poehler and seth meyers torch ‘dipsh*t’ pro-trump protestors for interruptin

seth meyers and former snl “weekend update” co-host amy poehler on wednesday resurrected a familiar bit to criticize protestors storming the stage at shakespeare in the park’s production of “julius caesar” twice this past week, a demonstrator has interrupted the shakespeare production to protest the...

usc’s new shakespeare statue has people asking – to e or not to e?

visitors to the university of southern california might well be muttering, "what fools these mortals be" as they stroll past a statue of the legendary queen of troy and notice william shakespeare's name seemingly misspelled at its base.

'will' examines shakespeare's younger years

william shakespeare, the bard of avon, still the greatest writer the english language has produced, is back, as he always will be. a new york production of "julius caesar," in which the eponymous emperor was represented in the likeness of a certain sitting president, was recently controversial....

shakespeare hired as permanent coach of leicester

leicester, england (ap) — leicester hired craig shakespeare as the club’s permanent manager on a three-year deal on thursday following his successful interim spell in charge of the 2015-16 premier league champion. shakespeare replaced title-winning manager claudio ranieri in february on a short-term deal and won eight of his 16 games in all competitions, helping […]

shakespeare’s ‘midsummer’ still in season in bay area

ninjaz of drama in san francisco is the latest bay area troupe to tackle shakespeare's beloved "midsummer night's dream."

review: shakespeare classic gets ‘dream’ production in livermore

livermore shakespeare festival delivers a clever, sharply executed version of the bard's oft-mounted comedy "a midsummer night's dream."

shakespeare or shakespear? that is the question surrounding usc's new statue in

when william shakespeare wrote "hamlet" at the turn of the 17th century, he probably never imagined his words would one day grace the base of a statue at usc as part of a $700-million project.

'shakespeare in love,' thou is now an actual love story

so when william shakespeare wrote sonnet 18, he must at some point have screamed to himself, "shall i compare thee to a ... what? what? what's the word? what the flippin' heck are thou more lovely than?" don't you think? i mean, no doubt ole bill was thinking in elizabethan english, whatever that...

no mercy in him: reading shakespeare's 'coriolanus' in the age of trump

one of the pleasures and marvels of reading shakespeare now, 401 years after his death, comes from encountering a passage or even a line that resonates as if written today, as though to demonstrate his genius not only for looking inward at the human soul, but onward at the unfolding of human experience....

shakespeare died 401 years ago, but original scripts from his era live on in a n

on sunday, the folger shakespeare library will open the digital anthology of early english drama, which includes centuries-old scripts and images by the likes of christopher marlowe.

theater company cancels aspen’s shakespeare in the park series

the hudson reed ensemble has canceled its shakespeare in the park production of "macbeth," which had been set for free august performances in galena plaza in aspen and lions park in basalt.

review: shakespeare sliced and diced in mountain view farce

pear theatre in mountain view presents max gutmann's new farce that repackages shakespeare's lines in a new story -- and it works.

shakespeare hired as permanent coach of leicester

leicester hired craig shakespeare as the club's permanent manager on a three-year deal on thursday following his successful interim spell in charge of the 2015-16 premier league champion.

kate havard on shakespeare’s greatest comedic character, theatre, and star wars

kate havard joins today's federalist radio hour to discuss the nuances and complexities of shakespeare, but specifically interpretations of his character, falstaff.

the globe theatre / shakespeare's ideal venue, then and now

shakespeare's famous globe theatre, originally built in 1599, bares little resemblance to what most people think of as a theater today. a replica, made as historically accurate as possible, was built in london in 1996.

patrick stewart recites shakespeare at sci-tech awards

patrick stewart was so inspired by the inventors and inventions being honored by the motion picture academy saturday night that he offered a spontaneous recitation of a scene from shakespeare's "a midsummer night's dream."

michael moore donates $10,000 to shakespeare in the park

filmmaker michael moore, who is making his broadway debut this summer in a solo show, says he will donate $10,000 to new york city's shakespeare in the park after it lost funding from sponsors due to its controversial "julius caesar" production.

nea helps independent shakespeare make poetry in the park

to borrow a line from sonnet 18, summer’s lease hath all too short a date when the independent shakespeare co. wraps up its annual free performances in griffith park each september. the nonprofit has been staging shows in l.a. parks for 14 years, and now draws an audience of more than 50,000 for...

is yale really elite if its english majors never read shakespeare?

yale's english department decided it will no longer require english majors to study literary luminaries such as william shakespeare and john donne. 

'two gentlemen of verona' rocks and rolls in independent shakespeare staging

shakespeare and rock ’n’ roll have made strange bedfellows from time to time, perhaps most famously in 1968 in los angeles with “othello,” in which none other than jerry lee lewis, a.k.a. the ferriday fireball and one of the founding fathers of rock music, was cast as the nefarious trouble-instigator...

shonda evokes shakespeare with 'still star-crossed'

romantic tragedies abound monday night on abc when the “romeo and juliet” sequel “still star-crossed” premieres directly after “the bachelorette.” adapted from a book of the same name by melinda taub, the elizabethan period drama picks up where shakespeare’s left off. the capulet-montague feud...

the yard's towers are almost ready to fly at chicago shakespeare

if you measure a theater by the size, scope and versatility of its physical buildings, then there can be no reasonable doubt that chicago shakespeare theater has just vaulted to the summit of chicago theater companies. the game-changer for cst, a long-established company which first took up residence...

cowardly delta air and bofa bail on shakespeare, showing the folly of corporate

the new york shakespeare festival probably should not have been surprised that delta air lines dropped its sponsorship of the organization following right-wing criticism of its production of “julius caesar.” delta, which has been the “official airline” of the festival’s parent, the public theater,...

edward st. aubyn sets aside autobiographical fiction in 'dunbar' and updates sha

years ago in an undergraduate shakespeare paper i posited that the lustful sisters of “king lear,” goneril and regan, might have been affected by stages of the moon often mentioned in that play. “a bit far-fetched,” wrote my professor, dryly. i wonder what that professor might think of abby and...

trump supporters dump reality for mythology — just like the nazis did: historian

historian eric kurlander spoke to slate.com’s rebecca onion about his book, hitler’s monsters: a supernatural history of the third reich, and how german nazis’ belief in the paranormal is echoed in president donald trump’s fervently devoted followers of 2017. the nazis under ...

fashmaps website tracks neo-nazis in the us

as daily stormer struggles to keep an online home, a new anti-fascist site aims to track neo-nazis' meetings in the us.