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dodgers' tv blackout denies fans key outlet for channeling their devotion

the dodgers have an all-star record. they’re been on an all-star winning streak. they play in the middle of an all-star town. they have the most all-star team in baseball, with one curious exception. they probably won’t have anyone starting for the national league all-star team. “it doesn’t make...

blueprints for 'star wars' death star were created at uic

remember that scene in "star wars" where the university of illinois at chicago makes its case that the empire can be stopped and the rebels are the only ones to stop them? you don't? well, it's there: in fact, as cameos go, uic's role in the first "star wars" film would prove pivotal to the mythos...

disneyland is adding 'star wars: the last jedi' scenes to its star tours ride

“star wars: the last jedi” doesn’t open in theaters until dec. 15, but disneyland visitors who board a vehicle on the star tours attraction will get an early glimpse of scenes from the film starting this week. disneyland will add scenes from the newest “star wars” movie to its star tours attractions...

‘rogue one’ star forest whitaker confirmed for star wars celebration 2017 in orl

the original rebel is coming to star wars celebration orlando. full press release from the force: forest whitaker (saw gerrera in rogue one: a star wars story and star wars rebels) is officially heading to the upcoming event, and will be signing autographs at the star wars celebration autograph hall in orlando, the topps company […]

how ‘star trek: discovery’ fits into the star trek universe

with the premiere of star trek: discovery almost upon us, some fans have lingering questions about the show’s place in the star trek timeline. the established canon can be complicated, with six existing shows covering 200 years of history and a new alternate reality to keep track of. so, here’s everything you need to know […] the post how ‘star trek: discovery’ fits into the star trek universe appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

why ‘star wars: thrawn’ is the best star wars novel

few characters are so iconic that they change the course of an entire franchise. yet, time and again, that is exactly what grand admiral thrawn has done. ever since his debut in the 1991 novel heir to the empire, thrawn has become one of the most important characters in star wars. his long-running popularity earned […] the post why ‘star wars: thrawn’ is the best star wars novel appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

fire's bastian schweinsteiger, nemanja nikolic among 11 players voted into mls a

a big reason bastian schweinsteiger came to america and joined an mls team was to experience new things. now, the german superstar can add all-star to his list. schweinsteiger has been named to the mls all-star fan xi for the league's all-star game at soldier field on aug. 2. as decorated as his...

what time is the slam dunk contest and full nba all-star weekend schedule

schedule for nba all-star weekend in new orleans (times pst): friday 4 p.m.: nba all-star celebrity game — espn 6 p.m.: rising stars challenge — tnt saturday 8 a.m.: hall of fame announcement — nba tv 11:30 a.m.: nba d-league all-star game — nba tv 4 p.m.: commissioner adam silver news conference...

scientists have done what einstein said was impossible — used relativity to meas

astronomers scanning the skies with nasa’s hubble space telescope have discovered the bending of one star’s light by another star’s gravity — and have even used that distortion to measure a star’s mass. the findings, published in the journal science, confirm a key tenet of albert einstein’s theories...

cincinnati’s kenner took risk with 1977 ‘star wars’ toy iou

cincinnati (ap) — he had one thing on his christmas wish list. star wars. star wars “anything.” on the morning of dec. 25, 1977, matthew fox unwrapped more than what he wanted. he got star wars everything. forty years ago, a star wars christmas mostly meant jigsaw puzzles and a board game. but under matthew’s […]

rag & bone joins ‘star wars: the last jedi’ adventure

the force has been with him a long time: rag & bone’s marcus wainwright has gone from collecting “star wars” figurines as a boy to designing a capsule collection to coincide with the release of “star wars: the last jedi” on dec. 15. “i’ve always been a massive ‘star wars’ fan personally, and i’m...

josh gad's 'star wars' interrogation of daisy ridley culminates in an epic celeb

"frozen" actor josh gad's longtime trolling for "star wars" spoilers from daisy ridley has reached peak nerdiness with some surprising celebrity "star wars" fanatics.  ridley, who plays main character rey in the new episodic "star wars" franchise, has been hounded for weeks for "star wars" information by...

'star wars: the last jedi' trailer revealed at star wars celebration

the first-ever scenes from "star wars: the last jedi" have arrived. directed by rian johnson ("looper," "brick"), the next "star wars" film will continue the episodic story of new characters rey (daisy ridley), poe dameron (oscar isaac), finn (john boyega) and a few members of the original crew,...

‘star trek discovery’ cast ‘office space’ star rainn wilson as conman harry mudd

from office space to star trek, the resume for rainn wilson just got a bit more interesting as the star has been cast as mudd for the cbs all access new series: star trek: discovery. “roger c. carmel originated the character, aka harcourt fenton mudd, in the 1960s star trek series, appearing in one episode of each of the […]

rep. wilson responds to john kelly’s chastisement on gold star families: ‘i’m a

'you mean to tell me that i have become so important that the white house is following me and my words? this is amazing. that is absolutely phenomenal. i will have to tell my kids that i'm a rock star now.'

winners and losers of nba all-star weekend

jimmy butler came here to play, to have an actual impact. his first two all-star trips resulted in a nine-minute stint at madison square garden and a dnp-inj last season, as he rested a strained left knee. "i want to compete against the best," the bulls star said, "even though it's a different...

6 anime that star wars fans should watch

another year and another star wars movie is about to hit the silver screen. and we can’t wait! but while you’re getting ready for the last jedi to land, indulge in a few anime series like star wars to get you in the mood. so, here are six anime to watch if you’re a fan of star […] the post 6 anime that star wars fans should watch appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

clippers discuss how to make all-star game more competitive

even clippers all-star guard chris paul is concerned about the lack of competitiveness in the all-star games. so after much complaining about the all-star game in new orleans last month and how it wasn’t fun to watch, nba commissioner adam silver reached out to paul to discuss how the game can...

everyone crapping on george lucas at ‘star wars’ celebration

after altering the original star wars movies and refusing to release anything except his own bastardizations, there was a thrill of schadenfreude in hearing george lucas mope during his onstage appearance at star wars celebration in orlando about how fans and critics “aren’t very kind” to his star w...

'star wars' spaceships: our favorite vehicles in a galaxy far, far away

from the nimble x-wing starfighters to the artful naboo n-1 starfighters, there are a lot of great spaceships in the "star wars" universe. in honor of star wars day (may the 4th), here's a list of our favorite ships from the "star wars" movies.

“the strangest supernova we’ve ever see”: this “zombie star” kept exploding — an

a supernova signals a star's death throes. having exhausted its fuel for nuclear fusion, the star collapses, producing a gigantic explosion of matter and energy that can be seen from 10 billion light-years away. the supernova shines for a few months, then fades. all that remains after the cosmic light show is either a dense, smoldering core, called a neutron star, or a gaping black hole.

happy star wars day: may the fourth be with you

star wars mania is in full swing for thursday's star wars day.

the best thing about ‘star trek’ was the bras

star trek and seth mcfarlane’s new space-set comedy-drama series the orville definitely have things in common. but never compare the two shows in front of the cast or they’ll have your guts for garters. “having been on star trek for four years, i have to say that i knew it wasn’t star trek,” said penny […] the post the best thing about ‘star trek’ was the bras appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

the first photo of ‘star trek: discovery’ has ‘star wars’ throwing so much shade

the first photo from star trek: discovery, cbs’ upcoming streaming-only trek series, is here. and while star trek fans are loving it, some star wars fans are throwing shade at the preview pic because of similarities to rey’s outfit and landscape of jakku from star wars: the force awakens. first look at #startrekdiscovery with @sonequamg as first […] the post the first photo of ‘star trek: discovery’ has ‘star wars’ throwing so much shade appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

what is “real” star trek, anyway?

any new release in a popular franchise receives unrelenting scrutiny. and star trek fans can be among some of the most critical fans of any fandom. the debate over what constitutes “real” star trek has raged since star trek: the next generation‘s premiere 30 years ago. but now we’re seeing a sharp divide in the fandom, with some […] the post what is “real” star trek, anyway? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

'the fifty-year mission': authors recount strange 'star trek' history

"star trek" is a dramatic, exciting saga with a diverse cast of characters that's taken more than 50 years to unfold. as it turns out, so is the story behind making "star trek."

the puzzle of 'tabby's star': 9 nasa explanations for star's odd dimming

a rundown of the different hypotheses nasa has for explaining the mysterious "tabby's star," which exhibits strange dips in brightness.

celebrate may the fourth with the best star war deals in australia

in honour of star wars day, the aussie techradar deals team is here to help save you some dosh and find the best star wars gear.

is that a star destroyer aiming for the golden gate bridge?

with a new star wars app being unveiled friday, users can see an imperial star destroyer aiming for some of their favorite world landmarks.

a trekkie’s first impressions of ‘star trek: discovery’

the trailer for  “star trek: discovery,” the first new “star trek” tv series in 16 years, has finally arrived. the first season of the latest revival of the iconic 51-year “star trek” franchise — a prequel that takes place before the events in 1966’s original “star trek” series — has recently been increased from 13 […]

hubble telescope snaps sparkly photo of hypergiant star's home

a mere 15,000 light-years from earth, westerlund 1 star cluster is home to a star that dwarfs earth's sun. the hubble space telescope captured this view of the star's home cluster.

'alien megastructure' ruled out for some of star's weird dimming

the bizarre long-term dimming of tabby's star — also known as boyajian's star, or, more formally, kic 8462852 — is likely caused by orbiting dust, not a "megastructure" built by advanced aliens, a new study suggests.

remembering jose fernandez, the would-be hometown all-star

it was the day before last year’s all-star game. as hundreds of reporters circled the players, jose fernandez pulled his agent aside. “i need to let you know something,” fernandez told agent scott boras. “next year, i’m going to start that all-star game in miami.” this all-star game, to be played...

warriors embrace changes to 2018 nba all-star game

with new changes to the nba all-star game format, it's likely warriors star stephen curry will get to choose one of the teams.

syndergaard won't return until after all-star break

mets star pitcher noah syndergaard will be sidelined through at least the all-star break because of a torn muscle behind his right arm.