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where to find the minnesota birding version of 'twelve days of christmas'

shop local to complete your gift list if you’re following the bird-filled english christmas carol “the twelve days of christmas.”

christmas gift ideas 2017: the best tech gifts in australia for every budget

looking for the perfect christmas gift? techradar’s australian team lists the best tech gadgets and gizmos in every budget to make your christmas shopping easy.

christmas gift guide 2017: the best tech gifts in australia for every budget

looking for the perfect christmas gift? techradar’s australian team lists the best tech gadgets and gizmos in every budget to make your christmas shopping easy.

omg! only 7 days to christmas! 4 ways to find the perfect gift for a relative st

know that that gift will be appreciated and maybe make you stand out to a new client or prospect.

we might just have found the perfect gift for tech lovers

we've picked out some brilliant future magazines that will brighten up christmas day

why the kodak pixpro 4kvr360 is a picture perfect gift idea this christmas

this portable powerhouse captures full 360-degree photos and videos in stunning 4k.

the cannabist’s ultimate 2017 gift guide compendium

getting the perfect gift for somebody is a bit of an art, and weed gifts are trickier than most. here's a handy collection of gift guides for cannabis consumers.

tv lovers top choice gift guide for 2017

as the gift giving season approaches, we want to help make shopping easy for you. if you have a tv lover in your life, someone who never misses an episode of game of thrones or rick and morty, this is the gift guide for you. below you’ll find a sampling of gifts that are perfect […] the post tv lovers top choice gift guide for 2017 appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

looking for presents for a film fan? we might just have the perfect gift

we reckon any film fan would love a subscription to total film or sfx under their digital christmas tree

police return with christmas gift for terminally ill boy

chelsea, mass. (ap) — police in a massachusetts city have returned to visit a terminally ill boy with a special christmas gift. the boston globe reports police cruisers again filled 2-year-old edison cordero’s street in chelsea on wednesday. the officers brought a 9-foot christmas tree, a child-sized police uniform and an electronic police car large […]

christmas feels bloated and broken. it should only last 12 days. let me explain.

half the outdoor lights don’t work. that’s ok, since i’m only half motivated to put them up. it’s too early for christmas. the holiday season should be limited to 12 days, as per the song. six days leading up to dec. 25, six days after, all the way through new year’s eve. that would be the ideal...

christmas gift guide for photographers 2017

if you're stuck for christmas ideas, then you're in the right place as we've got a stack of them to suit a range of budgets.

if you're silently seething and barely breathing, you may be doing christmas wro

you may be doing christmas wrong if you silently resent every person you have to buy a gift for and secretly hope every event you’re attending gets canceled. and by you, i mean me. i may be doing christmas wrong. although i suspect it’s not just me. two friends and i started planning our annual...

quiz: think you know ‘stranger things’ season 1?

think you love stranger things? as much as hopper loves coffee? as much as joyce loves her kids (and christmas decorations)? as much as eleven loves eggos frozen waffles? as much as steve loves, well, steve? the only one way to find out is to take this quiz. the true fans will rise to the […] the post quiz: think you know ‘stranger things’ season 1? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

12 days of christmas? amazon finds ways to add days of shopping hoopla

back in the olden days, someone devised black friday. these days amazon is inventing turkey 5, digital day and other extra stimuli to shop as it presses consumers’ e-commerce impulse button.

trump's best-ever, truly amazing reading of ''twas the night before christmas'

as an early christmas gift, i received an exclusive and totally not-at-all-made-up transcript of president donald trump reading “’twas the night before christmas” to a group of children at the white house. predictably, it is the greatest reading of “’twas the night before christmas” ever in the...

taxpayers will have to wait to find out how they fare under new legislation

washington - republicans in congress celebrated the passage of the biggest rewrite of the u.s. tax code in decades wednesday, with president donald trump calling it a "christmas gift to working americans."

the gift of an unforgettable experience

you'll want to take a #selfie, or three: here are ways to give an experiential gift they'll never forget.

ways to find the perfect first dance song

choosing the right tune to get the wedding party rolling can be daunting.

4 best gift ideas for her

is it her birthday or your anniversary or just a long weekend coming up? if you are feeling thoughtful about how to please the significant other of your life with the perfect gift, you have come to the right place. women love surprises, and what is better than gifting her something incredible and unique that […]

8 christmas gifts you can buy from veteran-owned businesses

several veterans are finding personal and financial fulfillment as small business owners offering quality products. christmas is the perfect time to shop with them.

republican tax bill is a christmas gift for the super-rich

it looks as though congressional republicans are going to get what they want for christmas: a major piece of legislation to which president trump will eagerly affix his flamboyant signature. the massive tax reform bill that has been concocted on the fly with no hearings, no input from democrats...

christmas tree prices up amid shortage this holiday season

people looking for the perfect christmas tree can expect to face sticker shock this year.

wellness gifts for the fitness junkie

you know the type: never misses a workout. can hold court on which fitness trackers is best. brags about resting heart rate trends. if you've got one of these types on your holiday gift list, look no further for the perfect gift:  

'christmas card lady' collection in need of a home

just over 50 years ago, james davis had a genius idea for the ultimate gift for his wife helen. the world war ii veteran from gary wrote a letter to the post-tribune, asking its local readers to mail christmas cards to his wife, who was deaf since she was 9. "what i am after is some way to get...

'jumanji' and 'pitch perfect' to take on 'star wars' at christmas weekend box of

that "star wars: the last jedi" is going to dominate moviegoing during the long christmas weekend is a given. but rival studios aren't letting "star wars" ruin their holiday. sony pictures' "jumanji" reboot and universal pictures' "pitch perfect 3" are both expected to do solid business.

watch: adorable 80s kid overjoyed with the gift of nintendo

here’s a throwback to a small kid in oversized glasses freaking out about receiving an nes for christmas. yes! it even comes with a gun. this adorable little wreck cries as he hugs and thanks his father for the gift. he then goes to his room to find money to pay his dad back. reddit user “smulz” posted the video saying it was from christmas 1988. a then-farsighted “smulz” waited two whole months for the gift of a lifetime, his mother says in the video. more euphoric “oohs” are squealed out as he unboxes his new system to the ghostbusters theme playing on the tv in the background. oh the number of elves i would sacrifice to ever experience that type of joy.

looking for an amazing gift at black friday prices? try a magazine subscription

a magazine subscription if a perfect gift for a loved one - and this is a low, low price.

christmas market cruises are a gift that jump-starts holiday shopping and saves

chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost nipping at your toes… or is it your nose? whatever the case, it's refreshing to think about christmas images when it's so that hot your car interior feels like one of dante’s circles of hell. give into those pleasant holiday daydreams, but then get...

these mac 'n' cheese recipes are cheesy in all the right ways

is it possible to have too many recipes for a great thing? we think not. which is why we've compiled 20 of our favorite mac 'n' cheese recipes. not only are they perfect for a weeknight meal, but you’re bound to find recipe perfect for your thanksgiving meal, which is two weeks from today. check...

bob saget proposed to chicago foodie kelly rizzo during 'stranger things'

"fuller house" star bob saget popped up at the end of the "stranger things" and “perfect strangers” mash-up that aired last week on “jimmy kimmel live.” turns out saget, 61, popped the question while watching netflix's “stranger things” with his now-fiancee, chicago food and travel journalist kelly...

brownies, cookies, caramel corn and more: 25 great homemade gift ideas

looking for homemade holiday gift ideas? we've compiled 25 great recipes, including quick and simple gifts (perfect if you're working with kids) and more intricate projects that call for a little extra time and patience. some gifts will last for weeks, perhaps more. others are best eaten within...

finding unique and fun christmas gifts on a budget

christmas- for some the happiest time of the year and for others, just added stress to an already stretched monthly budget. for those of you feeling the anxiety of having to find gifts for friends and family, here are some great places to find great gifts without breaking the bank. goodwill many people assume that […]

token, with $2.5 million in funding, wants to help you find the perfect gift

 there is nothing better than giving someone the perfect gift. so it’s only natural that giving the wrong gift, for which you searched tirelessly and still came up short, is one of the worst feelings in the world. that’s where token comes in. the startup, launching publicly today from the human ventures startup studio, wants to take on the challenge of gift-giving with a little… read more

looking for an amazing gift? try a magazine subscription

a magazine subscription if a perfect gift for a loved one - and this is a low, low price.