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id7 adds iot hardware support to metasploit security testing

open-source metasploit penetration testing framework gets new hardware support, enabling researchers to target iot.

learn the secrets of hacking android

everything you need for hacking, penetration testing, and increasing your own security.

10 best linux distros for privacy fiends and security buffs in 2017

we look at the best privacy keeping and penetration testing linux distros that are available.

this 78-hour bundle will help you get the hang of white hat hacking

the only way to survive on the battlefield of the web is to know your enemy as well as yourself, which is why ethical hackers play such a critical role in information security. to teach you how to think like your unseen opponents, we are offering the super-sized ethical hacking bundle in the boing boing store for $25 (normally $43) as part of our doorbusters week. in this collection, you’ll get familiar with penetration testing, social engineering, and a variety of other cyber attacks. by learning how to recognize and exploit known vulnerabilities, you can make a mint helping organizations harden their systems, as well as cash in on bug bounty programs. with nearly 80 hours of video content, you can build a solid foundation of infosec knowledge before attempting professional certification.

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make 2018 the year you learn white hat hacking

instead of seeking vulnerabilities in computer systems for illicit access or valuable data theft, white hat hackers expose security flaws to help companies keep their users safe (and collect lucrative bug bounties). if you’re looking for an exciting challenge, or an opportunity to protect the world from cyber criminals, information security is the perfect place to work. you can learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking with this pay-what-you want course collection. in addition to getting an overview of common security infrastructure, you’ll learn how to perform expert penetration tests on websites, mobile applications, and networks. you’ll explore industry-standard hacking tools like metasploit, and even study social engineering techniques to extract information from people without ever to

russia entrusted with resumption of some anti-doping testing

russia continued its recovery from a massive doping scandal on tuesday when its national drug-testing agency — suspended over accusations of cheating — was given permission to resume some testing. for much of the past two years, russian athletes have been monitored by the british while their anti-doping...

ap fact check: companies say they didn't resume animal tests

avon, mary kay and estee lauder say they have not resumed testing on animals, despite the claims of a story shared widely on social media. the companies say they ended testing on animals years ago but that products sold in china continue to undergo testing by that country's government that might include the use of animals.

border wall prototype anti-climb testing begins

officials have begun testing how easily someone can climb over the border wall prototypes near the otay mesa port of entry, progressing to the next phase of a process that may make president donald trump’s “big, beautiful wall” a reality. testing will include whether and how quickly someone could...

us would slash epa vehicle testing budget under trump plan

the trump administration would virtually eliminate federal funding for the environmental protection agency’s budget for vehicle emissions and fuel economy testing but will seek to raise fees on industry to pay for some testing, a government document shows. the cuts would slash by more than hal...

questions raised about iphone x facial recognition testing standardsquestions ra

news analysis: preorders for apple’s iphone x start early friday morning amid rumors that the company reduced the testing standards for a critical part of the handset's facial recognition system.

councilman seeks hepatitis testing in san diego surface water

at least one san diego leader wants water researchers to start testing city waterways for hepatitis a.councilman david alvarez on thursday penned a letter to the southern california coastal water research project requesting that the environmental research group start testing as many as a half-dozen...

what’s in your weed? industry tells of promise and peril of testing

within months of opening oregon's legal marijuana market, problems in state-mandated testing almost brought sales to a standstill. will california make the same mistakes?

ap fact check: cosmetic companies didn’t resume animal tests

avon, mary kay and estee lauder have not resumed testing on animals, despite the claims of a story shared widely on social media. the companies ended testing on animals years ago, but say that products sold in china continue to undergo testing by that country’s government that might include the use of animals. the story […]

colorado bows to federal pressure, will penalize schools for testing opt-out

state board of education will create two lists to monitor school testing opt-out rates to meet federal standards.

michigan detective sickened, office evacuated after testing

grand rapids, mich. (ap) — part of a sheriff’s department office in western michigan has been evacuated after a detective became ill during testing of suspected narcotics. the kent county sheriff’s department says standard testing was being conducted tuesday morning on a white powdery substance when the detective had a possible drug reaction. a hazardous […]

thanks to testing backlash, virginia drops u.s. history tests despite horrific p

complaints about testing are a direct consequence of three decades of republican-driven emphasis on using tests as a centralized mechanism for controlling schools.

evaluating students is beneficial; high-stakes testing isn’t

letter-writer rigoberto mendez is correct that evaluating student progress is necessary and good. the problem is that testing has become so all-consuming that too much time is spent practicing for the test

record crowds turnout at long beach for recent razor clam digs, and hope for mor

many coastal razor clam enthusiasts are crossing their fingers in hopes of digging more of these tasty bivalves this month, but much of that hinges on additional marine toxin testing. “it is a big unknown at this point, but we should know soon what the next round of marine toxin testing reveals,” said dan anyres, […]

bill would let employers penalize workers who refuse genetic testing

under the new legislation, employees who refuse testing may be charged a penalty of up to 30% of the cost of their health insurance. (march 14, 2017) sign up for our free video newsletter here http://bit.ly/2n6vkpr

mcdonald’s testing its ordering app in select markets

mcdonald's is betting on improved customer service through the use of an ordering app, which we have been hearing about since late last year and has just entered the testing phase.

hamilton fastest midway through day 2 of f1 testing

mercedes driver lewis hamilton recorded the fastest time and the most laps through tuesday's morning session of preseason testing.

insider q&a: drug industry learns to listen to patients

drugmakers are finding they can improve how drug testing is conducted— and help their own bottom lines — by giving patients a voice before testing even begins.

costco is testing a new burger in seattle, and it might remind you of shake shac

costco is testing an addition to its food-court menu, a 1/3 pound cheeseburger for $4.99. but will it hold up to the famous hot dog?

prestigious pot-testing lab faces uncertain future in ob

inconspicuously nestled between a dental office and a real estate firm in the heart of ocean beach is one of the first internationally accredited testing labs for marijuana in the world. it’s become the premier business of its kind in the region since opening six years ago, it’s been embraced by...

top-testing helmet being used by small number of players

the helmet that performed best in nfl testing this year is being used by 50 players spread across only half of the nfl teams.

virgin australia begins testing its inflight wi-fi

virgin australia today switched on its onboard wi-fi for a three-month testing period.

epa urged to expand testing around superfund site in indiana

south bend, ind. (ap) — south bend residents who live near a former hazardous waste dump want federal officials to expand their planned soil-testing around homes in the northern indiana city. several audience members who attended the u.s. environmental protection agency’s wednesday meeting about its soil-testing plans urged the agency to also test their yards […]

pga tour to start blood testing next season

the pga tour is beefing up its anti-doping policy by adding blood testing next season. the tour also is bringing its list of banned substances in line with the world anti-doping association. the revised policy takes effect in october at the start of next season. blood testing will allow the tour to detect any use […]

putin ‘testing’ trump: russia deployed cruise missile, violating cold war-era tr

sen. john mccain called on the trump administration to ensure u.s. nuclear forces in europe are ready, saying putin was 'testing' trump

testing hiccups slows rollout of bart’s new train cars

bart riders hoping for relief from a promised new fleet of train cars will have to wait a little bit longer after glitches identified during testing get worked out.

facebook is testing emoji reactions and dislikes inside messenger

in one of its regular trial runs, facebook is testing out the idea of letting you react with emojis inside the messenger app.

state offers free testing for lead in drinking water at schools

public schools can order free testing to determine lead levels in drinking water under a new state program announced monday . the testing program is in response to new requirements that all community water systems test public school drinking water upon request by school officials.  “students should...

michael phelps talks to congress about athlete drug testing

michael phelps is to be in washington to speak out in support of more consistent drug testing for competitive athletes.

punch list: what to do in your denver-area garden the second week in april

schedule an aeration appointment — spring aeration reduces lawn soil compaction. the air spaces left from the plugs is beneficial to turf roots allowing better water and nutrient penetration.