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popular small-town baker had recipe for trouble

a homegrown cafe that helped resuscitate main street in dodge center is now shuttered after the owner was convicted of burglary.

saratoga’s annual blossom festival celebrates small town life

‘got nothing against a big town,’ john mellencamp belts out in his 1985 hit, but it’s not where he belonged, he sings. ‘my bed is in a small town.” and that, he wanted us to know, was good enough for him. for all the excitement and thrills big cities typically offer, they often lack the […]

whoopi drops truth bomb on gop’s town hall lies: ‘people are not paid to do this

the women of “the view” all agreed that those rallying at town halls for lawmakers are perfectly capturing democracy and elected officials are stuck in the washington, d.c. cesspool. republicans have claimed that those causing trouble at the town hall meetings are being paid by liberal g...

neighborhood spotlight: south pasadena flaunts its small-town charms

when hollywood looks for a location to stand in for small-town america, more often than not production companies load the grip trucks, hitch up the star waggons and head up the 110 to south pasadena. the city has so zealously protected its original charm and architectural character that it has...

edwards in eagle county ranked second most affluent small town area after summit

edwards is the nation's second-most affluent small town because it includes all of eagle county, if you're bloomberg and the u.s. census bureau.

recipe: red cabbage curtido

this marinated red cabbage recipe makes a great summer side dish.

arvada baker makes dog biscuits with spent grain from local breweries

after two decades as a professional chef and baker, mary hertle adds a slight twist to her career.

an athlete’s age may be less important to performance than persistent practice

for three decades, joseph baker has been swimming, cycling and running in triathlons some would call punishing. baker, 47, is also a professor of exercise sciences.

german town stops playing kids’ song after vegan complains

berlin (ap) — a town in germany has stopped playing a popular children’s song about a fox who steals a goose after a complaint from a vegan. limburg’s town spokesman johannes laubach told the dpa news agency thursday a local woman had asked the mayor to remove the tune from the town hall’s mechanical carillon. […]

‘midnight, texas’ is a small town ‘supernatural’

nbc’s midnight, texas is the brainchild of charlaine harris, the author of the books that formed the basis of true blood. fans of that show will find plenty to like about this new series, screened saturday for fans at wondercon. there’s still that playful attitude and soapy fun — but the biggest influence for this […] the post ‘midnight, texas’ is a small town ‘supernatural’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

gilbert baker, inventor of gay rights rainbow flag, dies at 65

gilbert baker, a san francisco-based activist and artist best known for creating the rainbow flag representing gay rights, has died at the age of 65, his longtime friend announced on social media on friday. “my dearest friend in the world is gone. clive baker gave the world the rainbow flag, h...

valentine recipe: cherries jubilee with vanilla ice cream

cl ic cherries jubilee gets an update with the addition of bourbon and orange zest in this recipe from the cia at copia.

get cooking: clarifying butter

this is a recipe for clarified” butter (what the indians, who use it extensively, call “ghee”). the directions for making it are the recipe. it removes the water and allows for high temperature cooking (up to 485 degrees).

german town stops playing kids' song after vegan complains

a town in germany has stopped playing a popular children's song about a fox who steals a goose after a complaint from a vegan.

review: annie baker’s ‘john’ shows how weirdness can be addicting

annie baker's plays, full of strange, awkward silences, have become favorites with theater fans, her "john" has opened in san francisco.

passover recipe: sephardic poached fish in pepper sauce

this versatile poached fish recipe can be made with any white fish or salmon.

football: ted baker will replace eric scott at los angeles

ted baker, a former crenshaw istant who was an istant football coach at los angeles last season, will replace eric scott as head coach. scott guided los angeles to the city section division ii championship, then resigned to become an istant at nevada. baker has had two sons play at loyola...

budda baker gets tips from earl thomas as he prepares for nfl combine and draft

as the nfl draft evaluation process has heated up the last few weeks, former washington and bellevue high budda baker has heard increasing comparisons of his game to that of seahawks’ star free safety earl thomas. it is a comparison that baker takes as the highest compliment possible, having long studied and admired thomas. “i […]

a vintage recipe mystery — help!

arturo sauce? johnnie who? we've got a vintage recipe mystery on our hands. help!

recipe: swiss fondue

this classic fondue recipe uses swiss cheese and white wine.

mini cannabis pizzas can be made now, enjoyed later | recipe

two ingredients that already make a great pairing in popular culture — marijuana and pizza — come together for a meal that can be eaten fresh or frozen.

'it’s flooding! get out! get out!': residents have little warning as floodwaters

blanca velasquez, 31, was sloshing ankle-deep up and down flooded san francisco street in the small northern california farming town of maxwell on saturday afternoon with an iphone pressed to her ear, trying to find a clear signal to reach worried friends and relatives. she, like many neighbors,...

gilbert baker, creator of the gay pride rainbow flag, dies at 65

gilbert baker was a soldier from kansas, stationed in san francisco at the start of the gay liberation movement. when he was honorably discharged from the military, he decided to teach himself to sew. “he was a drag queen,” explained his longtime friend cleve jones. “he sewed gowns and costumes.”...

kevin canty’s ‘underworld’ depicts survival in a toxic small town

an idaho mining town faces a disaster and its aftermath in kevin canty’s masterly, affecting new novel.

a trump tower is opening in vancouver, and not everyone in town is happy about i

the grand opening of this city’s newest skyscraper, 69 stories of twisting glass, five-star hotel rooms and multimillion-dollar condominiums, seems to have left some canadians embarrassed by its excesses. “i couldn’t afford to go in there,” red-haired max baker, a cook from nearby surrey, said...

double-fatal, head-on crash near byers ignites small grass fire, leaves mangled

two people are dead after a two-vehicle crash friday morning east of denver, near the town of byers, ignited a small grassfire.

gilbert baker, gay activist who created the rainbow flag, dies at 65

as the gay-rights movement spread in the 1970s, gilbert baker was often asked by friends aware of his creative talents to make banners for protests and marches.

du’s will butcher named hobey baker award “hat trick” finalist

university of denver senior defenseman will butcher took a step closer to becoming the program's second hobey baker award finalist thursday by making the cut from 10 to three.

‘legend of zelda: breath of the wild’ recipe book (update) – how to make the bes

in the first truly open-world zelda title, the usual gameplay tropes have changed somewhat for legend of zelda: breath of the wild. replenishing your health is no longer done by smashing pots or slashing tall grass to find the hidden hearts. in fact, it’s all about building up a breath of the wild recipe book. in this new hyrule, you’ll […] the post ‘legend of zelda: breath of the wild’ recipe book (update) – how to make the best meals and elixirs appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

in three years, mount baker’s emma bruntil went from wrestling newbie to olympic

the mount baker junior took up wrestling just before starting high school. now a junior, she’s won a state and a national title.

‘shots fired’ creators want to ‘put a human face’ on the volatile issue of polic

in a small north carolina town, a white mother grieves. her teenage son, a college student, has been shot and killed in a confrontation with a black sheriff’s deputy. her tears fall on the suit she is ironing for him to wear in his coffin. across town, an african american mother grieves. she has...

recycled animation 'the trouble with terkel' strains to offend

“the trouble with terkel” comes with a caveat: this animated flick is offensive. but this is a post-“south park” and “sausage party” world; we can handle provocatively-themed animation. and yet “the trouble with terkel” feels painfully outdated and stale, with rudimentary computer-generated visuals and...

brad underwood calls illinois his 'dream job' after long climb up coaching ranks

champaign — as a 14-year-old in a small kansas town of 13,000, brad underwood created his first job mowing neighbors' yards. the most lucrative gig was a $15 payment from the town's newspaper editor. but underwood said he was raised to work. that ethic has defined his coaching career. he spent...

recipe: fondue au beer

this easy cheese fondue recipe is made with beer and cheddar cheese.

dinner for 2: valentine's day ideas from our recipe database

planning a romantic dinner at home for valentine’s day? whether you’re cooking for the first time for someone new, or you’ve celebrated with the same person for years, this is one meal you want to be memorable in all the right ways. we’ve combed through our recipe database to find 47 great recipes...