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pubg mobile now available in the us (updated)

following the canadian mobile launch of player unknown's battlegrounds, the game finally landed today in the american google play store.

fortnite is raking in money while pubg racks up downloads

fortnite mobile is having monetary success on its limited release while pubg mobile is reaching the masses.

pubg mobile soft launches in canada, no word yet on us release

the canadian mobile launch of player unknown's battlegrounds could be a signal that the u.s. release of the game is not far behind.

pubg news and updates: what’s new in playerunknown’s battlegrounds

this is what's new in the latest xbox and pc patches for pubg.

twitch mobile apps updated to add live video and redesigned navigation

twitch just updated its mobile apps to support live streaming as well as a navigation redesign. are you going to start streaming irl?

‘pubg’: the best settings to help your chicken dinner acquisition

even if you know how to perfectly manage the circle , or you can kill hackers at 1000 paces , there are always ways to improve your pubg game. ahead we’ll share with you the sorts of settings the pros use to ensure they get a consistent framerate while they’re smashing through their competition on […] the post ‘pubg’: the best settings to help your chicken dinner acquisition appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

most omg moments in ‘pubg’ streams

playerunknown’s battlegrounds was a juggernaut in the gaming world in 2017. its battle royale-style matches dominated the live-streaming space, and the game registered more than one and a half million concurrent players. but which moments ranked as the most omg? rolling cover pubg players are an inventive lot. just watch this play by evermore, who […] the post most omg moments in ‘pubg’ streams appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

everything you need to know about ‘pubg’s zombies mode

pubg zombies is a bit of an oddity. brendan “playerunknown” greene’s original vision of a battle royale spawned from his desire to speed up the combat-focused parts of dayz — a game ostensibly about surviving a zombie apocalypse. to make his vision a reality, he removed the zombies (and made dozens of other tweaks). it’s […] the post everything you need to know about ‘pubg’s zombies mode appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

android pay description updated to add instructions on using android wear for pa

google has updated the listing of the android pay app on the play store that shows us how to use the mobile payment service on an android wear watch.

sap launches redesigned successfactors mobile app for iossap launches redesigned

updated successfactors mobile app is one of the first products of a partnership that sap and apple announced last year.

t-mobile fires back at verizon, will offer hd video and more with unlimited plan

t-mobile will add hd video streaming and 10gb of 4g mobile hotspot data per month as part of its one unlimited plan on friday in response to verizon's plan.

pubg soft-launches on mobile in canada with android release

player unknown’s battlegrounds, the ‘battle royale’ style game where everyone tries to be the last player standing while scrounging for supplies to keep them alive, has launched on android in canada mobilesyrup reports, which could presage a future release in the u.s. the arrival of the mobile version of the game more generally known as […]

‘pubg’: what is reshade and should you use it?

as we know, playerunknown’s battlegrounds is a game where knowledge is king. the more information you have, the better a path to victory you can forge. the more informed your decisions are, the better they’ll be — which means you owe it to yourself to get as much information as possible. and that’s where reshade — […] the post ‘pubg’: what is reshade and should you use it? appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

‘pubg’ hackers: what they can do and how to kill them

playerunknown’s battlegrounds is a brilliant game, featuring 100 players pitting their wits against one another in a battle for life, glory and that precious, precious chicken dinner. it spawned from similar last man standing style mods in the arma series, those in turn searching for a way to speed up the gameplay loop of another […] the post ‘pubg’ hackers: what they can do and how to kill them appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

verizon and t-mobile update galaxy tab s2 to android nougat

both t-mobile and verizon have updated their samsung galaxy tab s2 models to android nougat in the last couple of days.

t-mobile’s galaxy s8 and s8 plus bixby app updated, but still no voice support

t-mobile is rolling out an update to its galaxy s8 and s8 plus which updates the bixby app, but with still no voice support for the digital assistant.

‘pubg’ has finally arrived on xbox – and it’s a massive disappointment

for the first time in recent memory, console gamers were last to get one of the year’s most important releases. while social media channels and classrooms everywhere lit up with chatter about a revolutionary new pc shooter, xbox owners were waiting patiently for their console-exclusive to arrive. to those who are late to the party, we are of […] the post ‘pubg’ has finally arrived on xbox – and it’s a massive disappointment appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

hp's pro x2 612 g2 hybrid pc debuts at mobile world congress

available immediately in the u.s., the hp pro x2 612 g2 convertible tablet and notebook boasts a new design and updated features.

chicken dinners for lunch – fandom plays ‘pubg’

is your lunch break enough time to grab an elusive chicken dinner in the 100 person mayhem that is playerunknown’s battlegrounds? the fandom crew is going for it, both in teams and on solo missions, chasing after that dream of being the last person standing on the island. hang out or join in, we’re streaming […] the post chicken dinners for lunch – fandom plays ‘pubg’ appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

samsung is running another galaxy s8 bogo offer, with t-mobile activation (updat

samsung is running another galaxy s8 bogo offer on its website, but it still requires the phone be activated on t-mobile.

these 13 phones are the only ones getting the windows 10 creators update

microsoft has confirmed the handsets that will be getting updated to the next version of windows 10 mobile.

google’s search update gives you more info on tv, movie, stocks

google has updated its mobile search to give users even more information on tv shows, movies, stocks, books and more. the search giant expanded on its tab feature to give searchers information they may not even know they want. the extended tab feature is now available for mobile search results in the united states. the […]

lightroom mobile now captures hdr images in raw

adobe photoshop lightroom has been updated to version 2.3, which comes with "authentic hdr" capture mode. this feature will allow users to take raw dng photos in hdr.

microsoft calls all cartographers with updated maps appmicrosoft calls all carto

the updated maps app in windows 10 creators update makes it easier and faster for users to report inaccurate map data.

fortnite: battle royale will bring its 100-player battles to android and ios (up

update: the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming mobile version of fortnite has just landed—check it out here.

dxomark mobile testing protocol now considers bokeh simulation, low-light, motio

camera and lens testing company dxomark has announced an updated smartphone camera evaluation protocol that evaluates additional elements encompassing some of the newer mobile camera technologies. this new protocol builds upon the previous version, adding an updated low-light test that evaluates performance down to 1 lux, new bokeh and zoom tests, and a motion-based test. dxomark detailed the new mobile protocol on monday, explaining that it is better capable of evaluating phones packing the newest mobile camera capabilities, particularly ones made possible by dual-camera hardware. the company has re-tested some top-tier phone models under the new protocol, finding that in some cases scores increased when looking at features like low-light performance, bokeh, and zoom. a detailed an

tekken mobile soft launches in canada (updated: us release date revealed)

update: bandai namco has announced the global launch dates for its upcoming tekken title—check them out here.

10 popular mobile apps optimized for apple's iphone x10 popular mobile apps opti

application developers have updated their software to take advantage of the new features in the iphone x. this slide show looks at some popular ios apps optimized for the iphone.

dropbox paper's mobile apps now work offline

dropbox paper users will now be able to edit their documents offline while using mobile devices, thanks to an update released tuesday. the change means that people can work on the documents they have stored in the service while on a plane and riding a subway, for example.the feature will allow users of the paper apps on ios and android to view, comment on and edit their favorite and recent documents stored in paper. in addition, those users will also be able to create new documents while offline. when they reconnect to the internet, their changes will be synced to the paper service.to read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

deal: lg v20 and galaxy s7 reduced to $360, galaxy s7 edge down to $480 at t-mob

the lg v20 is less than half price, while the galaxy s7 and s7 edge have been cut down from $673.99 and $779.99 respectively.

uc browser has mysteriously disappeared from the google play store (updated)

the mobile-friendly version of the popular google chrome alternative in china and india has been removed from the play store, but it could be back quite soon.

fortnite vs. pubg on ios—the battle of the battles royale: apple arcade episode

at this point two weeks ago, neither fortnite: battle royale nor playerunknown’s battlegrounds were on the iphone or ipad in the u.s., but now both wildly popular games are fighting for our attention and downloads. join us on tuesday for our apple arcade show at 11 a.m. pacific when we’ll play both games live and decide which one we love the most.as you may recall, we’ve already played a bit of the beta for fortnite: battle royale on ipad and iphone and shared our impressions of the experience (along with some footage). on tuesday, we’ll play both fortnite and pubg back-to-back and see in real-time how their controls and performance compare.to read this article in full, please click here

unpacking the uncarrier: why t-mobile is the way it is

the mobile industry in the us is controlled by four carriers. this situation can be bad for consumers, except t-mobile keeps changing the game.

samsung to launch bixby-powered smart speaker in second half of 2018 (updated)

update: samsung mobile chief dj koh expects bixby 2.0, the next version of the company's ai assistant, to launch alongside the galaxy note 9.

major carriers team up to strengthen mobile authentication

verizon, sprint, at&t and t-mobile announced a new collaboration to help protect your data on mobile devices.