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pursuit of purpose-driven life leads millennials away from alcohol

sober raves and other booze-free gatherings are gaining a foothold in a social scene that isn't focused on alcohol, say organizers.

4 key ideas to help your p ion-fuelled business take off fast!

i love p ion! i love purpose! i love making money doing what you love! i love all of that stuff and i do believe that everyone can do exactly that. however, finding the thing that you want to build your life around, that is p ion-fuelled, that is purpose-driven, and that you love, is just the […] the post 4 key ideas to help your p ion-fuelled business take off fast! appeared first on dumb little man.

jane park won the lottery at 17. now she blames euromillions officials for ‘ruin

'my life would be so much easier if i hadn't won,' jane park says. 'i have material things, but apart from that my life is empty. what is my purpose in life?'

proposal: regulate powdered alcohol like liquid alcohol

two democratic state lawmakers have backed away from banning powdered alcohol and instead want to subject it to the same regulations as liquid alcohol.

authorities identify officer, deputy after chase, shooting

ocean view, del. (ap) — authorities are identifying a delaware police officer and maryland sheriff’s deputy after a pursuit through the two states ended in gunfire. news outlets report that the pursuit began saturday night in ocean city, maryland, where officials say worcester county sheriff’s deputy anthony rhode tried to stop a vehicle being driven […]

where to find help for alcohol dependency

alcohol dependency can be a particularly cruel thing to deal with. it affects you, your family, your job, your opportunities for education of even just life improvement. and when you’re inside of the cycle, it can feel like there’s no way out, and no help. but that really isn’t the case. you just have to […]

alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs — but you’d never know from the

mainstream media tend to report more stories about illicit drugs than alcohol. stories about illicit drugs are also more negative. the media is more likely to frame illicit drugs as dangerous, morally corrosive and associated with violent behaviour, while it frames people who use illicit drugs as ir...

why quitting alcohol alone can be dangerous

why quitting alcohol alone can be dangerous alcohol addiction is widespread and has a serious impact on the lives of people who are addicted and their families. people who are concerned about someone’s alcohol use may encourage the addict to quit, but often, quitting is not simple, and quitting alone may not be safe. not […]

adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials

millennials have been done a great disservice. they are told that if they go to college and earn a degree, they will make a million dollars more over their lifetime than someone without a college degree. while this statistic is true in some cases, many millennials are under the mistaken impression it is the college […] the post adulting isn’t just instagramming your dinner – soft skills for millennials appeared first on dumb little man.

why are millennials having so much less sex than their grandparents did?

a new study finds millennials are having far less sex than their older counterparts, and that the ‘marriage advantage’ of more frequent sex compared to singles has dramatically declined.

police pursuit leads to fatal crash near bloomington light rail

incident disrupted light rail service, but no trains were involved, spokesman says.

police pursuit leads to fatal crash near bloomington light rail

incident disrupted light rail service, but no trains were involved, spokesman says.

pepsi pulls garbage ad targeting garbage millennials because nothing makes them

millennials are why we can't have nice things. thank the boomers, their parents.

maryland man shot, critically wounded after police pursuit

delaware authorities say a maryland man remains hospitalized in critical condition after a police pursuit ended in gunfire.

older people are drinking alcohol more than ever

whether it’s beer, wine or gin-and-tonics with a splash of lime, older adults are drinking a lot more alcohol than they did 20 years ago. in fact, people age 60 and up aren’t just consuming more alcohol than they did 20 years ago, they’re drinking it more often, too. a recent study published i...

bodies found in car registered to 'rhonj's' kim depaola leads to arrests

the two paterson residents were charged with felony murder, conspiracy to commit felony murder, robbery, arson and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose.

nfl combine scores with fans, team executives for different reasons

the half mile or so that leads you from hall a to hall k is full of distractions. there are sessions on “deadly dust” … “a safer look at welding” …  “a safety manager’s guide to millennials” … a cardboard cutout of pope francis has instructions on how to find a worship area. but, no offense to...

'dog's purpose' delivers despite fuss

opening in theaters amid controversy over animal treatment on set and calls for a boycott, “a dog’s purpose” still managed to earn $18.4 million, according to estimates sunday.

border patrol pursuit ends in crash; 9 hurt, one critically

nine people were injured, one critically, when an suv driven by a suspected human smuggler crashed sunday while being chased by border patrol agents near lake morena in east county.  the agents tried to pull over the chevrolet trailblazer, which was headed east on state route 94 in the campo area,...

pac-12: barefield leads utah in rout of california

sedrick barefield scored 14 and utah defeated california, 74-44, in pac-12 action thursday night.  the utes stayed alive in their pursuit of a first-round bye in the conference tournament. the top four teams in the standings earn a bye and utah (19-10, 10-7) and cal (19-10, 10-7) are now tied in...

millennials with $100,000 in investable assets taking over us economy

millennials who graduated during the great depression’s bust have cobbled together enough cash to become some of the richest people in the nation. these young and rich people are nearly doing just as well as their slightly older counterparts, generation x, in terms of household wealth, a new s...

heroin use fuels surge of er visits among california millennials

california’s millennials continue to flood hospital emergency departments because of heroin, a trend that has increased steadily statewide over the past five years, according to the latest figures.

podcast: are millennials religious? are pro-life women feminists?

emma green, religion writer at the atlantic, joins the federalist radio hour to explore the changing landscape of cultural trends in america.

drugs, alcohol in blood of paris orly airport attacker

toxicology tests showed ziyed ben belgacem had consumed alcohol, cannabis and cocaine before attacking a soldier.

drugs, alcohol in blood of paris orly airport attacker

toxicology tests showed ziyed ben belgacem had consumed alcohol, cannabis and cocaine before attacking a soldier.'

man in critical condition after medical condition leads to violent, two-car coll

one vehicle was driven backwards over the concrete island and rolled backwards about 40 metres across northbound lanes at a 45-degree angle

millennials in denver earn more money and are less likely to live in their paren

lower unemployment and higher wages are allowing denver millennials to move out of their parents' homes at some of the highest rates in the country, according to an analysis released tuesday by abodo.

why millennials really need to start thinking about money sooner rather than lat

millennials are always a contentious group to discuss when it comes to saving money after all, the millennial generation has been labeled as lazy, entitled and shortsighted, especially when it comes to employment and income. however, it’s easy to forget that the deck perhaps has been stacked against these twenty-somethings struggling to make ends meet. […]

jimmy breslin's funeral celebrates columnist's work, life

they came to to laud a life driven by never-ending deadlines, bottomless cups of coffee and late-night phone calls from characters named fat thomas, klein the lawyer and marvin the torch. they came to honor a pulitzer prize-winning columnist fueled by rage at injustice and disdain for phonies, fat cats and limousine liberals.

millennials eclipse teens as worst drivers on the road, aaa study finds

rookie teenage drivers have long been seen as the worst motorists on the road, but now there's evidence that millennials may be the most reckless people behind the wheel.

all-time career wins leader kyle cisneros leads dangerous jefferson into class 3

by living in the details of each moment, the colorado school of mines commit remains undistracted by the pursuit of another individual title or even a historic feat such as breaking the chsaa record for all-time career wins.

ben affleck just finished rehab for alcohol addiction, he reveals

the 'batman' actor previously went to rehab for alcohol problems and 'partying' too much in 2001.

suv driver leads authorities on wild desert chase through lancaster

the driver of an suv was taken into custody tuesday following a wild high-desert pursuit that lasted more than an hour in lancaster. the chase started just after 11 a.m. when los angeles county sheriff’s deputies tried to detain a man in connection with a possible assault with a deadly weapon,...

officers pursue driver who ditched sedan for pickup in possible carjacking

officers late wednesday arrested the driver of a possibly stolen vehicle after a nearly hourlong pursuit across the san fernando valley that saw speeds of more than 110 mph. it was at least the second pursuit of the night in southern california. authorities chased the driver of a black sedan on...

loss of millennials could be other city’s gain

in another america, younger people often moved for less expensive housing and better jobs. maybe seattle’s potential loss of some millennials could be another city’s gain. but it’s more complicated today.