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republicans in no rush to protect mueller

comments by the u.s. house majority leader and other republicans come amid bipartisan outrage over a report last week that the president sought in june to fire robert mueller, who is investigating russian interference in the 2016 election.

restraining order against uc berkeley college republicans leader dismissed

lawyers for berkeley college republicans leader troy worden and antifa leader yvette felarca differ on the meaning of judge's action.

republicans say trump denied deal with dems on dreamers

gop senators who dined with donald trump at the white house said tuesday the president denied making a deal with house minority leader nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer to protect immigrants brought here illegally as kids.

republicans are selling out everything to protect their dear leader. even americ

you can always reclaim your middle name. but some things don’t just slide back into place — like your reputation or the norms of liberal democracy.        

beck - dear life

beck's got a new album, colors, coming out on october 13. here's the first video, dear life. the lyrics are quite timely. you sang your swan song to the dogs 'cause they made mincemeat of the dreams you hung your hopes on so you cut it out, well your sins cost while money talks to your conscience, looking like a fool for love dear life, i'm holding on dear life, i'm holding on how long must i wait before the thrill is gone you drove your rolls into the swamp you stole away like a thief, reeling from the sticker shock of the price they put upon your soul you buy it back from the burning ashes of the devil you know dear life, i'm holding on dear life, i'm holding on how long must i wait before the thrill is gone dear life, come and pick me up dear life, i think the button's stuck dear life,

republicans should reject ‘bipartisan’ solution for obamacare

if republicans truly believe obamacare has harmed america, there is no upside in fake bipartisanship. not for the gop. and not for the america people.

will republicans do the right thing regarding russia and the 2016 election?

there’s an old cliché for times like this: “what did the president know, and when did he know it?”  as far as “russia-gate” goes, that dam has broken. denial is not an option, america.  the next question: “what did the republicans know, and what did they do to enable it anyway?” america wants answers to […]

yes, dear graduates (and mr. president), things are not always fair

dear graduates, things are not always fair. i stand before you today with this important message, inspired by the president of the united states of america, who recently shared his wisdom at the coast guard academy's graduation. "over the course of your life," he told the cadets, "you will find...

for the first time, the 3 best-selling beers in america are light beers. can cra

is it time for the king of beers to hand over its crown? preliminary analysis of national 2017 beer sales indicates that, for the first time in decades, budweiser is no longer one of the top three beer brands sold in the united states. bud light, which has been the best-selling beer in america...

the nintendo switch is now america’s fastest selling games console ever

nintendo has today revealed that in just 10 short months, its brand new hybrid console – the nintendo switch – has earned itself the title of the fastest selling console in u.s. history. with that lofty crown previously held by nintendo’s own wii console and before that sony’s all-conquering playstation 2, the news bodes incredibly well […] the post the nintendo switch is now america’s fastest selling games console ever appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

poll: most republicans say colleges hurt america

america’s colleges are harming the country, the majority of republicans now say. it’s a strong downward slide in public opinion that, some experts fear, could exacerbate growing divides among americans and lead to higher levels of student debt.

father's baiting leads to estrangement

dear amy: i have not spoken to my father in months. this followed a phone conversation with him during which he asserted that the real reason a certain government leader is so hateful is because the leader is fat and bald. during this conversation, my father crossed the line and made extremely...

democrats seek to protect watchdog as gop tackles dodd-frank

washington (ap) — democratic lawmakers will attempt to protect the independence of a consumer watchdog unit as republicans move forward with an overhaul of the nation’s financial regulatory laws. house republicans are working to undo much of the 2010 dodd-frank law that put the stiffest restrictions on banks and wall street since the 1930s depression. […]

pope denounces femicides in latin america, calling for legislation to protect wo

pope francis denounced femicides and other gender-based crimes that have turned latin america into the most violent place on earth for women, calling saturday for legislation to protect them and a new cultural mindset as he visited one of peru's most dangerous parts. at a marian prayer in the northern...

july 7 letters: when will republicans rein in their leader?

readers slam republicans and democrats -- and gluttony covered on the front page.

ford's raptor is rough, ready and cushy

the ford f-150 has been america’s best-selling truck for 40 straight years and its best-selling vehicle for 30. despite all the accords and priuses that dominate the west coast, this is the country’s most popular mode of transportation. the raptor is the high-performance, off-road version of the...

sri lankan leader will protect general accused of war crimes

sri lanka's president on sunday vowed to protect his former ambassador to six south american nations, an ex-army chief accused of crimes in the bloody final phase of the country's civil war.

congressional republicans move to revamp law on national monuments through restr

house republicans are moving to restrict the president's ability to protect millions of acres of federal land considered historic, geographically significant or culturally important.

with chad mayes' ouster, assembly republicans did what they often do: dump their

conservative republicans in the state assembly dumped their moderate leader last week, and it was hardly a shock. that historically has been what assembly republicans do mostly: oust their leaders. they’re collectively a grouchy bunch. you’d be, too, if you were perpetually stuck in the minority...

mcconnell uses bipartisanship to threaten uneasy republicans on health care

senate majority leader mitch mcconnell (r-ky) warned his fellow republicans that he might reach out for democratic votes if they can’t pass the health care bill written behind closed doors in his office, reported abc news. the majority leader is pushing for a new version of the bill by friday ...

here’s why republicans have no problem crushing the poor and sick to help the ul

the health care bill passed by the house republicans on thursday would rip away insurance from an estimated 24 million americans — while also delivering a massive tax cut for america’s wealthiest families. while republicans would never publicly admit that they are harming the poor and si...

higginson: the wonders of wonder woman

dear sally, why do you love wonder woman so much?signed,batman, superman, harry potter, scout finch, nancy drew, snow white and cinderella dear heroes on a mission to prove your worth despite not having a mother to guide you,i love that wonder woman's mother is alive. dear sally,what's going on...

a historian explains what putin, le pen and trump are selling — and why it is so

“the easiest way to win votes these days is by selling the past.” so says “politics goes back to the future” (3/02/2017) in britain’s the financial times (ft). and it links the “nostalgic nationalism” of donald trump’s “make america great again” with brexit’s “take back control” and “vladimir putin’...

watch: bill maher blisters the gop for letting their ‘assh*le son’ trump sell ou

in a particularly brutal ‘new rules’ segment, real time host bill maher ripped into republicans — and the people who elect them — for getting away with “selling out” their own country and letting president donald trump act like a crazy person. according to the hbo...

giving away the razor, selling the blades / the curious strategy of loss-leader

how can companies make money by giving away their products? loss-leader marketing trades immediate profits for repeat sales over the long run.

house democratic leader pelosi presses republicans for plan to avoid us default

washington (reuters) – house of representatives democratic leader nancy pelosi called on thursday for republicans to come up with a plan to raise the u.s. debt ceiling and avoid a default. “with the white house, house and senate under one party control, the american people expect and des...

three ways republicans could better reform the aca

i sent a letter to speaker of the house paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell suggesting that republicans revisit their approach to aca reform. here's how.

republicans mum as trump adopts obama tactics

it was only a few months ago when republicans routinely blasted the president for what they called his executive overreach and his failure to tout america's superiority over other nations. not so much anymore.

democrats want bill to protect mueller, but republicans show little interest

congressional democrats on friday demanded that lawmakers act to protect special counsel robert mueller after revelations president donald trump sought to oust him last summer from overseeing the probe into russian meddling in the 2016 election. several democrats and one moderate republican called...

in call with australian leader, trump badgers and brags

it should have been one of the most congenial calls for the new commander in chief - a conver ion with the leader of australia, one of america's staunchest allies, at the end of a triumphant week.

estranged sibling struggles responding to family updates

dear amy: several years ago, i terminated all forms of relationship with a couple of my siblings (there are seven of us), due to lifelong bullying, verbal abuse, blatant disrespect and the need to protect my children. there are some family members who choose to "update" me on the lives of these...

republicans mum as trump adopts obama tactics

washington (ap) — it was only a few months ago when republicans routinely blasted the president for what they called his executive overreach and his failure to tout america’s superiority over other nations. not so much anymore. now that barack obama is out of the white house, republicans have become noticeably quiet on a host […]

blizzard is selling overwatch at a 50% discount for amazon prime day

protect the payload with this great deal on overwatch for ps4, xbox one and pc.

some of california's republicans are in a tight spot. russia and jeff sessions a

house majority leader kevin mccarthy of bakersfield on thursday morning showed just how sticky the investigation into russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 election has become for some republicans. “i think the trust of the american people, you recuse yourself in these situations, yes,” mccarthy...

bannon praises flake opponent, slams senate leader mcconnell

scottsdale, ariz. (ap) — steve bannon leveled a blistering attack on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other top republicans at an arizona fundraiser for a gop primary challenger to incumbent sen. jeff flake. the former chief strategist to president donald trump heaped disdain on mcconnell and other incumbent republicans, saying they are failing the […]