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salmonella encourage appetite to promote spread, salk institute study finds

salmonella bacteria spread more effectively by keeping hosts healthier, according to new research from the salk institute for biological studies. the study could lead to new ways to increase appetite in sick patients or stop excess eating, said janelle ayres, a salk researcher who led the effort....

with science this sunday at the salk institute

mozart, brahms, ravel, rachmaninoff, piazzolla and milhaud and a dose of science are on the agenda at the salk institute the evening of sunday, feb. 12. sean chen and karen joy davis will perform a two-piano concert at the event, which runs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the institute. general admission...

gm salmonella destroys cancer

a genetically modified bacterium destroys tumors by provoking an immune response, according to a study published wednesday. using mice and cultures of human cancer cells, a south korean-led scientific team demonstrated that salmonella typhimurium engineered to make a foreign protein caused immune...

gm salmonella destroys cancer

welcome, instapundit readers!   a genetically modified bacterium destroys tumors by provoking an immune response, according to a study published wednesday. using mice and cultures of human cancer cells, a south korean-led scientific team demonstrated that salmonella typhimurium engineered to make...

taking genetics to the lake: new study shows that fight against invasive plant i

researchers hope the study results wednesday will help minnesota lakes better combat spread of milfoil.

the world’s deadliest air kills more than 1 million people a year in india, stud

'you can almost think of this as the perfect storm for india,' said michael brauer, a ubc professor and an author of the study

bacteria survive cleaning efforts in damaged medical scopes, study finds

rigorous cleaning practices don’t ensure that medical scopes are free of contamination, and many of these reusable devices have scratches and dents that could harbor blood, tissue and bacteria, a new study found. the seven-month study, published tuesday in the american journal of infection control,...

smokers who become vapers drastically cut inhaled toxins, study finds

smokers who switch to e-cigarettes greatly reduce their exposure to carcinogens and other toxic inhaled substances, according to a british study released monday. the study of 181 smokers and former smokers was the first to directly measure and compare levels of these substances in people, its authors...

the cold, hard facts: a third of heart attacks happen day following snowstorms,

a new quebec study looking at every major snowfall between 1981 and 2014 found a snowfall of 20 centimetres increases the odds of dying from a heart attack by 34%

insurers raise rates after crashes - even if driver not to blame, study finds

drivers who get rear-ended in chicago and other major cities are also likely to get hit with rate increases from their insurance companies — even when they are not at fault.a study released monday by the consumer federation of america found premiums can rise by hundreds of dollars per year for...

malaria ‘superbugs’ threaten global malaria control

a lineage of multidrug resistant p. falciparum malaria superbugs has widely spread and is now established in parts of thailand, laos and bodia, causing high treatment failure rates for the main falciparum malaria medicines, artemisinin combination the ies (acts), according to a study published today in the lancet infectious diseases. the emergence and spread of artemisinin […]

study: invasive bugs found in fallen trees years after storm

a new u.s. forest service study finds that damaging insects can emerge from fallen trees and logs for several years after a major storm.

humans spread antibiotic resistance along thousands of miles of coast in china

antibiotic resistance genes have been spread by human activity over 4,000 miles of coastal waters in china, according to a study published monday. more than 200 resistance genes were found in sediments from estuaries from near the border with north korea to the border just east of vietnam, a chinese-led...

where are the trees? not paris, new 'green view index' finds

where are the trees? more important, where aren't the trees? a lab at the m achusetts institute of technology is helping some of the world's cities answer both questions in an attempt to make them more pleasant places to live and work.

what do women really want in their own version of viagra? a pill that makes ‘mor

nearly two-thirds of women indicated they would be "willing" to use a uality-boosting medication. when asked which aspects they would want to enhance, most said to increase orgasm frequency

is your cannabis safe? study finds potentially dangerous mold, bacteria

cannabis from northern california dispensaries found to contain a wide diversity of microorganisms, many of which are implicated in serious lung infections.

canadians not so ‘exceptional’ when it comes to immigration and refugee views, n

there is 'surprisingly weak' opposition to the idea of stopping all immigration to canada. 'these results suggest a serious anti-immigrant movement is not impossible'

john ivison: millions of canadians will pay at least $1,000 more if ottawa taxes

the debate is about to get intensely political, as canada’s doctors and dentists tell voters exactly how much the move to tax health plans might cost them

cannibalism not aberrant behaviour, study finds. it’s actually pretty common acr

until recently, the party line among scientists was that cannibalism occurred in only a few species in the wild, like black widow spiders and praying mantises.

trump is right to not force americans to fund abortions abroad

u.s. policy has historically been never to promote abortions abroad. but too often, u.s. tax dollars help ngos promote and perform abortions.

study finds new bacterial strain can contaminate shellfish

researchers have found a new strain of bacteria thriving along the atlantic coast that can contaminate shellfish and sicken seafood lovers.

monster black hole gorges on record-setting meal

a superm ive black hole has been gobbling up a star for more than a decade — about 10 times longer than any previously known such meal, a new study finds.

common weed from brazil could help fight deadly superbug, study finds

the red berries of a weed found in the southern united states contain an compound that can disarm a deadly superbug, according to research published friday.

'p ion project' brings bryant gumbel back to explore chicago's violence

growing up in hyde park and attending de la salle institute limited bryant gumbel's exposure to the danger he now finds so difficult to comprehend in his hometown. "hyde park was a rare island in the sea of chicago, integrated in a segregated city, well-educated in a blue-collar town, populated...

did pluto's weird red spots result from crash that spawned charon?

mysterious dark reddish spots along pluto's equator may be the aftermath of the giant impact that helped form the dwarf planet's largest moon charon, a new study finds.

baby supernova discovery hints at how star explosions are born

baby pictures of a newborn supernova have captured this stellar explosion after the first half-dozen hours of its life, shedding light on how these giant explosions happen, a new study finds.

where are the trees? not paris, new ‘green view index’ finds

boston (ap) — where are the trees? more important, where aren’t the trees? a lab at the m achusetts institute of technology is helping some of the world’s cities answer both questions in an attempt to make them more pleasant places to live and work. in an effort to enhance the critical role trees play in […]

did a csu study find that space travel makes you younger? not so fast, professor

a new study suggests the intriguing possibility that spaceflight could reverse a key component of aging, but a colorado state university professor who worked on the study says more research is needed to understand what's going on.

millennials eclipse teens as worst drivers on the road, aaa study finds

rookie teenage drivers have long been seen as the worst motorists on the road, but now there's evidence that millennials may be the most reckless people behind the wheel.

syria-born doctor finds comfort in aiding migrants in serbia

yaser harawi wasn't too happy when his father sent him to study in serbia rather than the u.s. or canada. years later, the syria-born doctor thinks it was a touch of fate.

illinois lags in new study that ranks states by residents' well-being

the state of well-being for illinois residents is not so well. that's the conclusion of a report published friday by the boston consulting group, which finds illinois badly lagging most other states, ranking 34th overall on the well-being score card. "given our wealth level, we are probably the...

trump era makes aspen institute’s mission more important, think tank leader says

the day after donald trump won the u.s. presidential election, aspen institute president walter isaacson sent a memo to his staff that made it clear the organization would roll up its sleeves and get to work.

university of missouri launches institute for korean studies

columbia, mo. (ap) — the university of missouri is launching a new institute for korean studies. co-directors will be istant history professor c. harrison kim and istant political science professor sheena greitens, who is gov. eric greitens’ wife. the columbia daily tribune reports (http://bit.ly/2kpdglb ) the institute will foster research on south and north korea. […]

secureworks finds most clients hit by phishing attacks, network scans

a secureworks study of client incident responses found the majority of cyber-attacks involve phishing, network scans or strategic web compromises.

weird chemistry: helium may form stable compounds inside giant planets

deep within giant planets, helium may form stable compounds with other elements, a new study finds — something that was long thought never to happen in nature.

japan high court ruling backs google in 'right to be forgotten' case

daily video: japan's supreme court backs google in 'right to be forgotten' case; hpe acquires security analytics vendor niara; 'malvertising' increases 132 percent in 2016, riskiq study finds; and there's more.

iranian studying in encinitas deported under trump ban; instructor calls her 'ki

sara yarjani loves yoga and meditation. she boasts a 3.89 gpa at the california institute for human science in encinitas, where she is known for her empathy and p ion and is learning how to heal holistically. “she’s the kindest person you’ll ever meet,” said ji hyang padma, director of the institute’s...

study: nearly 60 percent of children like reading for fun

nearly 6 out of 10 young people ages 6-17 say they read for fun, according to a new study from scholastic and youguv, a percentage that has dipped slightly since a 2010 report.

priyanka chopra will promote baywatch on the late show with stephen colbert

peecee will make her first appearance on stephen colbert’s politically charged talk show in february continue reading ...

fat-burning brain hormone discovered by scripps research scientists

a brain hormone that appears to burn off fat during digestion has been discovered by scientists at the scripps research institute. the study, conducted in the model organism c. elegans, found signs that the fat-burning mechanism may exist in humans, and so could lead to new weight-loss drugs. while...

culinary schools struggle with enrollment decline

with enrollment in culinary institutes in decline and programs across the country closing their doors, schools such as the new england culinary institute in montpelier, vermont, which graduated celebrity chef alton brown, and the culinary institute of charleston, south carolina, are committed to staying relevant and in demand.

study: college endowments have worst year since 2009

boston (ap) — hundreds of u.s. colleges lost money on their investments last year, continuing a downward slide that threatens to put a pinch on budgets, according to a new study. among 800 schools included in the study, the average endowment shrank by almost 2 percent, the worst performance since the economic recession in 2009. […]

autism signs may be detectable at 12 months, study says

signs of potential autism spectrum disorder can be detected in high-risk infants as young as 12 months with 80 percent accuracy, according to an international study published wednesday. the study used mri brains scans to provide the earliest physical evidence of autism-associated brain abnormalities...

study finds new bacterial strain can contaminate shellfish

concord, n.h. (ap) — researchers have found a new strain of bacteria thriving along the atlantic coast that can contaminate shellfish and sicken seafood lovers. cheryl whistler and her colleagues at the university of new hampshire discovered the new strain of the leading seafood-transmitted bacterial pathogen in the world. whistler is hoping the discovery of […]

major global warming study again questioned, again defended

another round of bickering is boiling over about temperature readings used in a 2015 study to show how the planet is warming.

texas not enthused about possible import tax to pay for border wall

such a tax is all but certain to have a dramatic affect on the u.s. economy and particularly in texas, which imports far more from mexico than from any other country.