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sheet pan chicken with roasted broccoli and potatoes

everyone should have at least one meal that they can make without having to think too hard – a recipe that is easy, reasonably healthy, and totally delicious. these chicken thighs with roasted potatoes and broccoli truly fit the bill. and the best part is that you only have one pan to clean up after dinner! continue reading "sheet pan chicken with roasted broccoli and potatoes" »

sheet pan chicken with asparagus and potatoes

if you’re feeling grateful for spring and eager to put fresh spring vegetables on your table, pull out your favorite sheet pan and make this simple supper. start with new potatoes, super-sweet onions, sliced lemons, and aromatic sprigs of lemon thyme. roast them all together on your sheet pan until they’re tender, then add the chicken pieces. continue roasting, and wait until everything is close to done before scattering the asparagus all around the pan. it’s a clever way of making an entire meal at once, and you don’t even need a sauce because you’ll have chicken juices in the pan to spoon over the meat. your trusty sheet pan does it again! continue reading "sheet pan chicken with asparagus and potatoes" »

oven-roasted salmon, asparagus and new potatoes

my dad pulled out a favorite recipe from his collection of decades old food & wine magazine to make and share with “the people on the website.” a “discussion” then ensued between the rental units for at least half an hour along the lines of “what do you mean this is a favorite recipe? you always told me you didn’t like salmon.” “what are you talking about? i used to make this all the time.” “you’ve never made it in this house!…” and so on and so on. continue reading "oven-roasted salmon, asparagus and new potatoes" »

whole30: one-pan, herb-crusted salmon with roasted broccoli steaks

slice a head of broccoli lengthwise to transform it into gorgeous green “steaks” and roast it in one pan with the salmon for easy cleanup. as you slice the broccoli, save any florets that fall away for a stir-fry or salad — or simply eat them as a snack.

recipe: chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich with spicy roasted tomato mayo

chicken, bacon, avocado sandwich with spicy roasted tomato mayo

new potatoes are in season. we have recipes

what’s in season: new potatoes, those spuds that are freshly dug and sold before curing, are in season, with colorful varieties available from a number of farmers. unlike thick-skinned, cured potatoes, new potatoes are known for a papery-thin skin that rubs off easily, and their flavor is more...

simplest cookbook in world turns out to be too simple

the tree had been lugged up the stairs, the holiday was selected and ready to play. it seemed the perfect night for a roasted chicken — an instagram-perfect meal for a cozy evening decorating the tree. after all, roasting an entire chicken is a breeze, people promised. "takes no time at all,"...

quick and easy: 17 great chicken recipes in an hour or less

chicken roulades, chicken stew, baked chicken, chicken casserole and more. why is chicken so popular? well, it cooks quickly. and depending on the what you buy, it’s both flavorful and diet-friendly. that, and it's versatile — combine it with almost any flavor combination. perhaps best of all?...

recipe: deviled chicken and summer vegetable sheet-pan dinner

deviled chicken and summer vegetable sheet-pan dinner

how to make the ultimate mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes are the perfect comfort food, when done right. now james beard award-winning raghavan iyer is sharing the secret to his ultimate mashed potatoes.

13 great grilled chicken recipes

tired of eating indoors? get outdoors tonight and show your grill a little love. we’ve compiled 13 of our favorite grilled chicken recipes — brick chicken, thai coconut chicken, jerk chicken, lemon chicken and more — that make great dinner ideas whether you’re grilling for two, the family or are...

potato and broccoli curry

years ago, when i asked my friend arthi for her favorite curry recipe, she gave me this sauce, which she adjusted to make what i call her “supermarket” version. that meant i could grab the ingredients at my local market without a special trip to her indian grocery. i love this sauce! it’s rich, but there’s no cream. it’s spicy, but not too hot. when it’s done cooking, you want to eat it with a spoon. continue reading "potato and broccoli curry" »

subway fires back with its own study to prove its chicken is chicken

the canadian broadcasting corp.'s "marketplace" news program recently had a dna lab analyze chicken meat and strips cooked in popular fast-food chains. subway meat, the report indicated, showed significant amounts of non-chicken dna, in some instances more than 50 percent from soy. chicken from...

roasted broccolini with creamy mustard sauce

this simple veggie side dish is a staple in our house because it’s really quick to throw together and super tasty. when you roast slender stems of broccolini, they become tender, slightly crispy, and even a touch sweet! continue reading "roasted broccolini with creamy mustard sauce" »

taiwan demonstrates a newfound love of dogs with a law to stop killing them

the house specialty at the piglet friendly cafe is chopped chicken with carrots, broccoli and egg — with no msg. the most common drink order is water in a bowl. no need for manners here or even utensils. barely acknowledging the busy waitress, a customer named tang-tang dived face first into her...

take five: dublin’s very own rejjie snow chats during his first broccoli city fe

vibe caught up with the up-and-coming rapper in the vip lounge at broccoli city music festival.

rotisserie chicken magic: chicken verde stew

this quick and easy weeknight dinner is made even easier -- and faster -- when you use rotisserie chicken and store-bought salsa verde to create a flavorful chicken stew.

f.u.b.u: broccoli city festival celebrates your blackness & mine

solange, smino, nao, and more celebrate blackness at dc's broccoli city festival.

9 great fried chicken recipes for your next picnic or summer get-together

when it comes to comfort food, perhaps nothing beats fried chicken. fried chicken isn’t fancy food — eating with your fingers is all but necessary. still, good fried chicken requires technique, time and dedication. this is not “fast food.” we’ve compiled 9 of our favorite recipes, using various...

old bay chicken wings

what’s a super bowl without wings? in this chicken wing recipe we are seasoning the wings with old bay, a favorite spice blend for crab which works just as well with chicken. the wings are tossed with in a sauce make with old bay, er, and lemon juice, then baked, broiled, and served with tail sauce. continue reading "old bay chicken wings" »

roasted eggplant and butternut squash with tahini-yogurt sauce

you don’t need to work very hard to make this vegetarian dish look stunning. the vegetables are so colorful! this is golden eggplant is the dish i make whenever we have company for dinner and there are vegetarians among us or i feel like something a little lighter is in order. even the carnivores among us like a meatless meal once in a while, and besides, eggplant is such a meaty vegetable! continue reading "roasted eggplant and butternut squash with tahini-yogurt sauce" »

13 lucky grilled chicken recipes

chicken. it’s a natural for the grill. we’ve gathered 13 great grilled chicken recipes — brick chicken, jerk chicken, thai coconut chicken and more — whether you’re planning dinner tonight or weekend entertaining with company (hint: try the beer can chicken). [email protected] @noellecarter

rotisserie chicken magic: quick, easy asian chicken salad

rotisserie chicken gets this easy, wonderful asian chicken salad from fridge to table in minutes. the secret ingredient that elevates the whole thing? marinated avocado.

perfect party bite: roasted asparagus crostini

these roasted asparagus crostini get sublime texture and flavor from teleme cheese and prosciutto, in this easy, party-ready recipe.

roasted cabbage with bacon gremolata

cabbage doubters, prepare to be seduced. here we have thick slices of cabbage roasted until the edges are crispy and golden, and then served with a crunchy, salty, nutty, bacon-y gremolata scattered over top. plus parmesan cheese. helloooo, gorgeous. this recipe comes from a new cookbook from my friend andrea bemis, the farmer and co-owner of tumbleweed farm up in oregon. she lives and breathes vegetables every day, so if anyone knows how to give veggies some serious curb-appeal, it’s her. continue reading "roasted cabbage with bacon gremolata" »

shortage of lettuce, broccoli in europe due to bad weather

europe is suffering a shortage of lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables, with shelves going bare in some supermarkets, due to bad weather.

good news for matt damon! potatoes can grow on mars

the international potato center has published research showing that potatoes can grow under mars' atmospheric conditions

recipe: classic barbecued chicken

what's the secret to juicy, evenly-cooked barbecued chicken? applying your sauce (a smoky kansas city-style, perhaps) in coats and turning the chicken as it cooks over low heat.

spuds on mars: potatoes can sprout in red planet environment, study suggests

potatoes may be able to feed real-life red planet explorers, just as they sustained fictional astronaut mark watney in the book and movie "the martian," an ongoing experiment suggests.

a cheat sheet to this week's night market: locol, bludso's bbq, the best hainan

who's coming to the first night market this week.

shortage of lettuce, broccoli in europe due to bad weather

london (ap) — europe is suffering a shortage of lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables, with shelves going bare in some supermarkets, due to bad weather. stores in britain were rationing friday the number of lettuces shoppers can buy, with some removing iceberg, sweet and romaine varieties from their online offerings. the shortage follows similar […]

try sheet muching to control weeds

oxalis, a quickly spreading invasive weed, can be controlled by sheet mulching.

national fried chicken day: 5 outrageous recipes

from thomas keller's wildly addictive ad hoc riff to bakesale betty's fried chicken sandwiches, these are the bites you'll want to make for national fried chicken day. and every day.

subway: tests show only “trace” soy in chicken

subway says lab tests it commissioned show its chicken had only trace amounts of soy. that comes after a canadian broadcasting corp. show reported that tests showed only about half the dna from subway chicken samples was from chicken. the rest was mostly from soy. after calling the report “false and misleading,” subway followed up […]

prosciutto-wrapped asparagus

whenever i’m in the mood to give oven-roasted asparagus a little pizzazz – for easter brunch or mother’s day, for instance — i wrap thin slices of prosciutto around the asparagus spears. this is such an easy way to make the roasted asparagus look fancy! i also love how the salty flavors of the prosciutto complement the subtly sweet flavor of roasted asparagus. continue reading "prosciutto-wrapped asparagus" »