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sir david attenborough, the voice of nature

with his new documentary series, "planet earth: blue planet ii," the renowned naturalist presents the beauty and drama of nature, and wildlife's increasing fight to survive us

ancient relative of crabs, shrimps and lobsters is named in honor of david atten

scientists have discovered the fossil remains of a 430-million-year-old crustacean previously unknown to science – a proto-shrimp that they’re naming in honor of british naturalist and television personality david attenborough. the new species, described in proceedings of the royal society b, could...

shrimp fossil is named for british naturalist attenborough

new haven, conn. (ap) — he recently had a polar research vessel named in his honor. now sir david attenborough, the famed british naturalist, also has an ancient shrimp as a namesake. to mark attenborough’s 90th birthday, researchers from yale university and universities in england named in his honor a distant relative of today’s shrimp […]

shrimp fossil is named for british naturalist attenborough

he recently had a polar research vessel named in his honor. now sir david attenborough, the famed british naturalist, also has an ancient shrimp as a namesake.

saturday's tv highlights and weekend talk: 'britney ever after' on lifetime

series planet earth ii noted naturalist david attenborough returns as narrator for this all-new follow-up to the visually stunning 2006 bbc nature series. first up, visits to the galapagos and other biologically diverse islands habitats. 9 p.m. bbc america; also amc, sundancetv the zoo this new...

saturday's tv highlights and weekend talk shows: 'custody' on lifetime

series say yes to the dress grammy-nominated rocker elle king gets fitted for a gown on the reality series’ two-hour season premiere. 8 p.m. tlc planet earth ii a new installment of the nature series narrated by david attenborough explores how animals survive and thrive in jungle environments...

snapchat getting planet earth ii miniseries on february 17

each episode will be between 4 and 6 minutes long and follow the tv show's themes but won't feature the narration of sir david attenborough.

sky announces 4k test cricket, hbo deal and a vr david attenborough

sky will be adding 4k test cricket to its slate of sports offerings, and working alongside hbo on world class drama

sky announces 4k test cricket, hbo deal and a vr david attenborough

sky is adding 4k test cricket to its slate of sports offerings, and working alongside hbo on world-class drama.

'planet earth ii' is packed with wonders, stories and, finally, warnings

"looking down from two miles above the surface of the earth, it's impossible not to be impressed by the sheer grandeur and splendor and power of the natural world," says david attenborough at the beginning of "planet earth ii," the sequel to his landmark 2006 "planet earth." that globally popular...

outrage over united’s treatment of david dao is our anger at what flying has bec

when we saw the video of david dao being dragged down the aisle of the plane, face bloodied, the travel rage we suppress found a voice.

saturday's tv highlights and weekend talk shows: 'planet earth: blue planet ii'

series saturday night live jessica chastain hosts, with musical guest troye sivan. 8:29 and 11:29 p.m. nbc planet earth: blue planet ii this new installment of bbc america’s emmy-winning “planet earth” series premieres simultaneously across several networks. presented by david attenborough, the...

the exact date david sedaris found the voice that made him a star

david sedaris has spent decades mining his life for nuggets he can polish and sell: the time he was a department store elf, going to the dentist in paris, his time in a nudist trailer park.

blue planet 2 is iplayer's most popular show of the year - and now it's in 4k

the attenborough-fronted documentary has beaten out previous front-runner taboo.

inside the passion-fueled, bombastic, cubs-loving, full-tilt life of david kapla

"what's up, sparkles?" the voice comes booming from the shadows, full of energy. "are you ready for this?" it's a warning almost as much as a question. david kaplan ducks under his half-opened garage door and struts into his driveway, bounding into his morning like a puppy let off the leash at...

'curb your enthusiasm' is back and so is larry david, tv's greatest philosopher

“sicko.” “misanthropic moron.” “freak of nature.” “bona fide racist.” larry david has been called a lot of names — most of which can’t be printed here — over the course of “curb your enthusiasm’s” eight seasons. but few have recognized larry for what he really is: a great moral philosopher who...

twin cities finalist on nbc's 'the voice': prince 'taught me to believe in mysel

the burly, bearded, bespectacled dude who’s never had a voice lesson or sung in a choir is trying to find his singing voice. and he’s going about it in a rather novel way.

planet earth: bin chicken

take rupert degas's good impression of david attenborough and add the dumpster-diving ibises of australia, and you have matt eastwood and david johns's magnificent planet earth: bin chicken: "it really is an awful bird." rae johnson, nevertheless, steps up in defense of the bin chicken.

home security gets arty with nature-inspired gate and window designs

who wants to live in a slammer? home security has never been an artful enterprise — few choices exist outside jailhouse grills that seem to incarcerate homeowners rather than block intruders. enter sculptor david hollen, who creates nature-inspired gate and window screen designs that may have thieves...

outside voice: the wild sometimes encroaches even the best-tended gardens

a visit to the beautifully curated getty center gardens in la reveals that nature will have its way with even the best-planned landscape.

tv tonight: ‘dancing with the stars’ finals begin

also, 'the voice' top 12 deliver their live performances, and david letterman is honored

david cunningham jr., former l.a. city councilman, dies at 82

david cunningham jr., who succeeded tom bradley on the los angeles city council in 1973 and emerged as a forceful voice at city hall for african americans, has died. cunningham, 82, died wednesday at kaiser permanente west los angeles medical center following a battle with cancer, said his son...

10 best nature apps and nature sound apps for android

nature is all around us. tech can't replace the real thing, but it can help the experience! here are the best nature apps and nature sound apps for android!

widow of sgt. la david johnson: trump 'couldn't remember my husband's name'

in a phone call with the widow of sgt. la david johnson, president trump stumbled to remember her husband's name, according to myeshia johnson, who spoke to abc's "good morning america" on monday. "it made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it," johnson said....

10 tremendous moments from david tennant’s tenth doctor

today is david tennant’s 46th birthday. the voice actor, snazzy dresser, and general all-round good guy has starred in several high-profile roles including barty crouch jr. in harry potter and the goblet of fire, and kilgrave (murder corpse was taken) in jessica jones. but tennant is perhaps best known for his role as the tenth […] the post 10 tremendous moments from david tennant’s tenth doctor appeared first on fandom powered by wikia.

police release audio in indiana girls’ death investigation

delphi, ind. (ap) — police say one of the two teenage girls killed last week in northern indiana recorded the voice of a suspect in their deaths. indiana state police played a clip of a man’s voice saying “down the hill” during a wednesday news conference. capt. david bursten says the audio came from 14-year-old […]

internal affairs: david vossbrink, san jose’s voice for two decades, is retiring

when david vossbrink started his career as a public spokesman more than four decades ago, he’d print out press releases, stuff them into envelopes and mail them to newsrooms. these days, vossbrink, 65, carries around an iphone and a laptop — immediately responding to emails, blasting press releases on social media and texting dozens of […]

radio dj helen borgers, l.a.'s longtime voice of jazz, dies at 60

for decades helen borgers was a leading voice of jazz in l.a., a drive-time radio personality with a booming voice and an easy laugh. on air, borgers explored both the legends and the up-and-comers who — with some luck and a bit of airplay — might arrive at the threshold of fame. but her voice...

happy 200th birthday, henry david thoreau!

henry david thoreau, the essayist and poet whose book "walden" still resonates with fans of nature and the environment in the modern era, was born 200 years ago wednesday. admirers of the pioneering transcendentalist author can visit walden pond, which is now a national historic monument, or the...

david letterman to fill in for ailing neil young

the nature of young's illness wasn't disclosed. the 71-year-old musician lives off skyline boulevard above woodside.

westminster welcomes hub of tree houses in new nature playground

in an effort to bring nature to the city and encourage outdoor activities among children, the city of westminster is building a nature play area at westminster station park

facebook fails to account for the dark side of human nature

“i found somebody i’m about to kill. i’m going to kill this guy right here. he’s an old dude, too.” i wish i had never heard the voice of steve w. stephens, cold and cocky as he trolled the streets of cleveland on easter sunday. recording a shaky video with his smartphone, the 37-year-old stopped...

amazon opens up echo’s voice recognition tech to everyone

amazon is opening up access to the microphone, voice recognition and software behind the echo, hoping to encourage the spread of its alexa voice assistant.

starbucks launches voice ordering via app, amazon’s alexa

starbucks says it's partnering with amazon's voice platform to offer what it calls "on command" ordering. it's also testing voice orders through its iphone app.

razerbit gaming phone – podcast 098

josh, jonathan, david and adam talk trump's immigration policies, razer buying nextbit, nexus 6 & 9, ai/ar and google voice update. enjoy aa podcast #098.