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solution to colorado’s teacher shortage is simple economics

you report that colorado requires 3,000 new teachers to fill classroom slots across the state. when the supply of teachers is low, the classic economic answer is to increase wages.

colorado teacher shortage bill gets a passing grade

house bill 1003 requires state and school officials to work together to identify solutions to colorado's critical teacher shortage. the state is 3,000 teachers short of filling existing teacher slots

reasons for colorado’s teacher shortage aren’t a mystery (2 letters)

i look at the legislature's attempt to understand the teacher shortage with amusement and sadness. why would anyone go into a profession where you're treated with suspicion and ridicule?

bill hopes to study, reverse colorado’s growing teacher shortage

a bipartisan bill aimed at studying and fixing the causes of colorado's growing teacher shortage passed the state house on monday and now heads to the senate for approval.

officials tour the state looking for ideas to solve statewide teacher shortage

education officials this week begin a state-wide series of town hall meetings to help come up with a strategy to deal with a severe teacher shortage in colorado.

teacher-shortage crisis? uw researcher says it’s not that simple, and offers som

a new report from the brookings institution encourages states and school districts to use more targeted solutions to address persistent teacher shortages in high-needs subjects and hard-to-staff schools.

a health care solution so simple, even congress could pass it

lost in the political drama is why health-care reform legislation is so difficult to pass in the first place and why the solution to the problem, which is exceedingly simple, is being ignored.

$10 million in pot taxes aimed at solving teacher shortage woes

gov. john hickenlooper earmarked $10 million in marijuana sales tax money in his proposed 2018-19 budget to address problems of hiring and retaining teachers in colorado, where as many as 3,000 teaching jobs are unfilled.

nobel prize in economics is awarded to american for 'understanding the psycholog

the nobel prize in economics has been awarded to richard thaler of the university of chicago for his contributions to behavioral economics. the prize was awarded for "understanding the psychology of economics," goeran hansson, secretary of the awarding swedish academy of sciences, said monday. ...

with principals in ‘crisis mode,’ new washington state law taps into thousands o

the washington legislature this year agreed to help principals struggling with a teacher shortage — especially in special-education classrooms — by tapping into a deep recruiting pool of thousands of paraeducators who already work with at-risk students.

why do teachers quit? they've had it with unruly kids and permissive parents.

to the editor: as a high school english teacher with 10 years of experience in the classroom, i want to adamantly stress that there is only one overriding reason teachers quit: the steady erosion of authority and respect. (“if teachers didn't pay income tax, would they be less likely to quit?”...

colorado construction is addressing job shortage with an academy

houses along the front range can't be built fast enough. part of the problem is a booming population. there's also a shortage of construction workers to get the job done.

nobel prize in economics is awarded to american for 'understanding the psycholog

a university of chicago professor whose research integrating psychology into economics has had broad influence on public policy has been awarded the nobel memorial prize in economics, the royal swedish academy of sciences said monday. richard h. thaler, 72, is one of the leading scholars in the...

union wants more overtime hours as 'stop-gap' for san diego police officer short

paying san diego police officers for more overtime hours could be a temporary solution to the city’s worsening officer shortage, the leader of the city’s police labor union said wednesday. while long-term solutions such as higher pay and better benefits are the union’s preference, san diego police...

addressing colorado’s shortage of construction workers (3 letters)

i loved the article by erin douglas about the shortage of workers in the construction trade. i hope you do more articles on this, especially regarding how schools plan to respond.

is a hepatitis a vaccine shortage coming?

with huge hepatitis a vaccination campaigns underway in many cities, some are beginning to ask whether a vaccine shortage could be on the horizon. though no one is saying there is such a shortage underway at the moment, there are some signs that the demand for doses is starting to strain available...

colorado teacher keeps parents in the loop even if they’re stationed overseas

wendy murphy, colorado springs teacher and instructional coach, believes in keeping parents involved.

sponsored: there’s a teacher shortage in the state of washington

ahead of the curve: programs are helping fill in the gap.

twin cities schools find creative ways to hire, keep teachers

a troublesome teacher shortage has minnesota public schools fighting for hires and scrambling to hold on to newcomers.

richard thaler of the university of chicago wins nobel for work in behavioral ec

richard thaler, a university of chicago professor considered a founder of the field of behavioral economics, won the nobel memorial prize in economics monday for his research using psychology and economics to understand how people make economic decisions. unlike historical economic theory that...

the nobel prize winner in economics may have 'nudged' you to make better choices

a university of chicago professor whose research integrating psychology into economics has had broad influence on public policy has been awarded the nobel memorial prize in economics, the royal swedish academy of sciences said monday. richard h. thaler, 72, is one of the leading scholars in the...

welcome to colorful, crowded colorado; all we’re missing is leadership

when john hickenlooper was running for governor in 2010 in the depths of the great recession, he spoke incessantly about jobs. bringing good jobs to colorado was his top priority. when asked about almost any problem facing the state, his solution was simple: more jobs, more jobs, more jobs. seven years later, with unemployment at 2.3 […]

are the rich more selfish than the rest of us?

by jan stoop, associate professor of applied economics, erasmus university rotterdam, james andreoni, professor of economics, university of california, san diego, and nikos nikiforakis, professor of economics, new york university abu dhabi. businessmen pass by occupy wall street protesters at zuccot...

minnesota's overall bear shortage a paradox amid soaring hunter success

shortage of natural foods causes the animals to make themselves obvious.

how ‘animaniacs’ taught me economics

this is how a cartoon came to influence my view of economics. it is worth remembering stories have this power.

shortage of listings continues to constrain twin cities housing market

the cool-down is driven by the shortage of affordable homes for first-time buyers.

colorado teacher meeting with betsy devos via fellow program

an air force veteran and fifth-grade teacher from colorado is making a trip to washington d.c. to tell education secretary betsy devos about the nontraditional teaching method he uses — and how it could motivate others to become teachers.

colorado colleges concerned about enrollment, economics in the wake of trump’s i

colleges and universities are worried about how trump's potential immigration ban could affect enrollment of international students and ultimately their school's economics come fall.

a soon-to-be grad asks, can i help ease the washington state teacher shortage?

across the state, school districts struggle to fill positions with certified teachers. one reader asks: how can i help?

richard thaler wins nobel for work in behavioral economics

the nobel economics prize has been awarded to richard thaler of the university of chicago for his contributions to behavioral economics.

'salaries are still low': teacher shortage leaves schools searching for new ways

colleges and universities are trying to figure out how to entice more people into the teaching careers to fill vacancies, a dilemma that down the road could pose ramifications throughout educational leadership. the u.s. department of education data on the 2017-18 school year shows nearly every...

shortage of lettuce, broccoli in europe due to bad weather

london (ap) — europe is suffering a shortage of lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables, with shelves going bare in some supermarkets, due to bad weather. stores in britain were rationing friday the number of lettuces shoppers can buy, with some removing iceberg, sweet and romaine varieties from their online offerings. the shortage follows similar […]

north koreans scramble to pumps as rumours point to china being behind unprecede

the shortage, which is extremely unusual if not unprecedented, began last week

washington’s 2018 teacher of the year: ‘be fearless, be kind, get to know your n

mandy manning, a spokane teacher, said she decided to stay a teacher on sept. 11, 2001. on monday, she was named the 2018 teacher of the year in washington state.

opinion: should private developers be required to pay prevailing wage to build h

building more housing is just part of the solution to our shortage of affordable homes. paying a fair wage to construction workers who build the housing is an important element of reform.