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south africa backs morocco for 2026 world cup

south african soccer leader danny jordaan has promised morocco "unqualified support" to host the 2026 world cup in a contest against a combined north american bid.

morocco competes to host fifa world cup 2026

morocco stands alone against a coalition of north american countries in 2026 fifa world cup bid.

morocco 2026 world cup bid hires international consultants

the morocco 2026 world cup bid, which has presented scarce details with six months until the vote, has hired international strategy consultants.

fifa queries morocco world cup bid, to make 2nd inspection

casablanca, morocco (ap) — fifa’s inspection of morocco’s 2026 world cup plans ended with questions about the quality of stadiums and a demand for more details from the bid ahead of a second unexpected examination of infrastructure. bid president moulay hafid elalamy acknowledged on friday that morocco still has to “improve the quality of our […]

ap exclusive: morocco world cup bid masks homosexuality ban

a fifa task force arrived in morocco on monday to inspect a world cup bid that obscures one potential impediment to hosting the 2026 soccer showpiece: homosexuality is a criminal offense in the north african country.

morocco bid to stay in 2026 world cup contest vs americans

fifa struggles to move on from the most tainted chapter in its history, even as it attempts to award another world cup. with less than three months to go until the host of the 2026 world cup is decided, fifa is still assessing allegations of skullduggery around the voting more than seven years ago for […]

a surfer wants to know: how do you say 'hang 10' in arabic?

when bruce brown was shooting his iconic surfing film “the endless summer” in 1963, he hopped around the globe. he never made it to morocco on the northwest corner of africa, though he did get to senegal, nigeria and south africa. brown skipped morocco a second time when he made “the endless summer...

blatter: north american bid 'afraid' to lose 2026 world cup

the north american bid to host the 2026 world cup now seems "afraid" of losing to morocco, former fifa president sepp blatter said thursday.

morocco bid to stay in 2026 world cup contest vs americans

fifa struggles to move on from the most tainted chapter in its history, even as it attempts to award another world cup.

blatter: north american bid ‘afraid’ to lose 2026 world cup

zurich (ap) — the north american bid to host the 2026 world cup now seems “afraid” of losing to morocco, former fifa president sepp blatter said thursday. a change in strategy this week gave the leaders of the american, canadian and mexican soccer federations equal status in a bid that has been heavily favored to […]

morocco challenge to stay in 2026 wcup contest vs americans

fifa struggles to move on from the most tainted chapter in its history, even as it attempts to award another world cup.

morocco pins hopes on 2026 world cup bid

north african nation seeks to bring football's biggest event to the continent for the second time in a century.

morocco's 2026 world cup bid masks nation's homosexuality ban

morocco, which is going up against north america for the 2026 world cup, failed to declare its anti-lgbt law as a risk factor in a 483-page bid document submitted to fifa.        

french prime minister in morocco to boost trade, cooperation

marrakech, morocco (ap) — the french prime minister is in morocco to try to reinvigorate trade and cooperation with the kingdom, which has been steadily positioning itself as a regional economic powerhouse focused on africa instead of its former colonial ruler. edouard philippe arrived wednesday in rabat, morocco’s capital, for a two-day visit and met […]

bruce arena reaching for the moon with call for a world cup title in 2026

bruce arena believes the u.s. will be doing more than just hosting the world cup in 2026. in nine years, arena says, the country could also be competing to win soccer’s biggest prize. “i think 2026 will be the time where we are going to start talking about winning a world cup,” he said. stranger...

morocco king skips w. africa summit after israel attends

morocco's king is skipping a regional meeting of west african leaders amid his country's bid to join the bloc known as ecowas.

algeria vows official support of morocco 2026 world cup bid

decades-long rivalry put on hold as algeria's sports minister declares his country's unequivocal support for neighbour.

ratings agency standard & poor’s drops south africa to junk

johannesburg (ap) — ratings agency standard & poor’s has downgraded to junk its credit grade for south africa. the downgrade is a blow as it signals to the world that south africa any investment is at high risk. it could also affect south africa’s public finances by making it more expensive for the government to […]

fifa says president infantino won't meddle in world cup bids

after morocco questioned gianni infantino's impartiality, fifa maintained wednesday that its president won't meddle in the 2026 world cup bidding contest and reminded the north african nation to abide by the rules.

u.s. considers potential host cities — including denver — for 2026 world cup bid

the united states will not participate in the 2018 world cup, but as part of a unified bid with mexico and canada, the country is likely to host the majority of the 2026 world cup.

chicago drops out of bid for 2026 world cup, criticizes fifa

chicago, the home of the u.s. soccer federation, has dropped out of the north american bid for the 2026 world cup. organizers were to announce their list of bidding cities thursday. chicago was the site of the 1994 world cup opener but declined to be part of the u.s. bid for the 2022 world cup,...

south africa's zimbabwe moment

johannesburg, south africa - for the 23 years it has ruled south africa since the end of apartheid, the african national congress (anc) has resisted populist calls to strip white landowners of their property and redistribute it to black south africans. now the party's embattled leader is calling...

l.a.'s bid to be host city for 2026 world cup takes a step forward

los angeles’ bid for a part in world cup 2026 moved forward tuesday after the city council moved to allow a private group to seek the international sporting event on behalf of several southern california cities. los angeles world cup 2026 host committee, llc, a group that includes the los angeles...

levi’s still in running for 2026 world cup games

a joint bid by the u.s., canada and mexico has listed levi's stadium as one of 32 potential host sites for the 2026 world cup.

north american bid for 2026 world cup backed by oceania

the united states, canada and mexico bid to co-host the 2026 world cup is supported by the 11-nation oceania soccer confederation.

world cup 2026 poised to be the first hosted by three different nations

these guys are teaming up in an effort to host the 2026 world cup.

los angeles makes list of potential 2026 world cup venues

los angeles was among 25 u.s. cities selected wednesday as possible host sites for the 2026 world cup. the soccer federations of the u.s., mexico and canada have joined forces to present a united bid to stage soccer’s world championship in the three north american countries, the first time a three-nation...

africa's inequality stifles growth, says report

africa is experiencing higher levels of poverty than previously thought because decades of economic growth have only benefited a small wealthy elite, says a report released by the british aid group oxfam at the world economic forum africa which started in south africa's coastal city of durban on wednesday.

bruce arena thinks u.s. could win 2026 world cup

the u.s. soccer federation announced this week it intends to bid jointly to host the 2026 tournament with mexico and canada. sixty matches would be in the u.s., with 10 each in the other countries.

united bid committee tries new approach to rescue 2026 world cup bid

with final applications for 2026 world cup bids due friday, last week’s restructuring of the group working to bring the tournament to north america indicates the joint u.s.-mexico-canada campaign may be in trouble. in a letter to fifa’s 200-plus member associations, the three-nation united bid...

south africa’s ruling party backs embattled president

johannesburg (ap) — south africa’s ruling party gave a boost to the embattled president on wednesday, saying an opposition effort to force his resignation after he fired the finance minister would fail. gwede mantashe, secretary-general of the african national congress, also said the party is “gravely concerned” about rare shows of division among top party […]

u.s., mexico, canada launch bid for soccer’s 2026 world cup

the united states, mexico and canada have launched their bid to co-host the 2026 world cup.

los angeles moves one step closer to hosting some 2026 world cup games

los angeles is among 17 u.s. cities that could serve as host sites for the 2026 world cup should the group seeking to bring the tournament to north america prove successful in its bid. the three-nation united bid committee, which represents mexico, canada and the u.s., must submit its final application...

whale-watching comes under scrutiny at south africa meeting

whale-watching is a growing tourist business in many parts of the world, and delegates to an international whale conference in south africa say guidelines to protect the animals are increasingly needed.

chevrolet to pull out of india, south africa

detroit (ap) — general motors co. is pulling its chevrolet brand out of india, south africa and east africa by the end of this year. the company will retain its assembly plant in india but will only make vehicles for export. it is selling a plant in south africa to isuzu motors. gm says the […]