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sunnyvale woman dies of injuries in 3-vehicle crash

an 89-year-old sunnyvale woman died thursday after the car she was riding in collided with two other vehicles at the intersection of lawrence expressway and monroe avenue, the sunnyvale department of public safety reported saturday.

sunnyvale woman, 89, dies of injuries in 3-vehicle crash

an 89-year-old sunnyvale woman died thursday after the car she was riding in collided with two other vehicles at the intersection of lawrence expressway and monroe avenue, the sunnyvale department of public safety reported saturday.

sunnyvale woman dies of injuries in 3-vehicle crash

an 89-year-old sunnyvale woman died thursday after the car she was riding in collided with two other vehicles at the intersection of lawrence expressway and monroe avenue, the sunnyvale department of public safety reported saturday. the passenger, ratikanta shah, was transported to a local hospital but died of her injuries, police said. the driver of […]

sunnyvale: larry stone honored by sunnyvale chamber of commerce

santa clara county assessor and former sunnyvale mayor larry stone was among many others who were honored at sunnyvale’s 52nd annual murphy awards on feb. 25. stone was honored with the lifetime community contribution murphy award. the event is put on by the sunnyvale silicon valley chamber of commerce to recognize accomplishments in business and […]

redwood square opens in downtown sunnyvale

once mired in long delays, downtown sunnyvale is slowly but surely beginning to take shape again under new ownership. the sunnyvale town center—renamed cityline sunnyvale—has made strides recently with the completion of redwood square, which opened to the public after fencing was removed earlier this month. located across from mckinley avenue and target, the square […]

sunnyvale police say woman was sexually assaulted and strangled by neighbor

the sunnyvale department of public safety said thursday that a 37-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and strangled to unconsciousness in her apartment by a neighbor. police say they arrested the victim’s neighbor, 39-year-old idris m. record godoy, on suspicion of attempted murder, kidnapping, assault to commit rape and burglary. according to capt. shawn ahearn, godoy allegedly […]

sunnyvale woman celebrates 23 years running tech small business

for liz o’brien, just about every conversation she has with someone seems to drift at one point or another to one question: “are you having any computer problems?” for more than 23 years she says she has been one of the few female small business owners in sunnyvale to offer computer services. she says she […]

caltrain fatally hits pedestrian in sunnyvale

a vta bus bridge is being set up for passengers at the sunnyvale station, officials said.

sunnyvale: neighborhood wants city to study television reception issue

residents in a sunnyvale neighborhood are worried about a drop in the quality of their over-the-air free television reception following the approval of a four-story building on mathilda avenue. they say tv reception in the neighborhood has already worsened in recent years after office buildings have gone up. the sunnyvale neighbors of arbor including lalinda (snail) […]

sunnyvale police dog’s nose is a valuable tool in county fire investigations

he patrols the streets, he searches for suspects, and he even investigates fires throughout santa clara county. but most of all, the city of sunnyvale’s kodiak just loves chewing on his ball. sunnyvale’s department of public safety has one of the only police dogs in the state cross-trained for regular patrol work as well as accelerant […]

sunnyvale holds second annual technology expo

the latest high-tech fare from sunnyvale-area businesses was on display at the city’s annual technology business expo, held oct. 26 at plaza del sol in the heart of downtown. the event featured informational booths and demonstrations from larger companies with a sunnyvale presence, such as linkedin and google, but also featured a number of demonstrations […]

sunnyvale to explore lakewood library project

the city of sunnyvale is looking to partner with the sunnyvale school district to build a new library and learning center in the lakewood neighborhood. the city council voted unanimously feb. 7 to give city manager deanna santana the go-ahead to begin exploring a partnership with the school district, which will first require crafting a feasibility study. […]

sunnyvale residents joins protest against airplane noise at san carlos airport

surf air announced that they would be seeking to continue their bayside visual approach as well as possibly increasing flight altitude over sunnyvale.

sunnyvale: charter school moves out of disputed pus

summit denali, a sunnyvale charter school, is officially out of its disputed pus on mercury drive. all students moved into a new location on weddell drive last week. the move ends a more than three-year legal quarrel with the city of sunnyvale over the school’s operating on mercury drive, in an area zoned for industrial use. the […]

mayor of japanese sister city visits sunnyvale

sunnyvale had its first official visit from the mayor of its sister city iizuka, japan, last week. a japanese delegation was given a tour of the city and welcomed by sunnyvale mayor glenn hendricks at the nov. 7 city council meeting. “through this visit we strongly hope and would like to deepen our relationship,” said […]

sunnyvale could get nearly $7 million for affordable housing projects

for the first time since 2012 a property in sunnyvale will be paying in-lieu fees for their projects rather than provide below market rate units

sunnyvale: whole foods market coming to rebooted town center

whole foods market is coming to downtown sunnyvale, according to owners hunter storm and sares regis group of northern california. the grocery store could be an anchor and catalyst for growth in the sunnyvale town center project, which is being rebooted by new ownership after years in stasis. whole foods’  leasing the site was announced feb. 23. the […]

now this is ridiculous: $782,000 over asking for a house in sunnyvale

a mile or so down the road from apple's new spaceship campus, a house recently sold for nearly $800,00 over its asking price in sunnyvale. the city now numbers among the bay area's real estate hot spots.

sunnyvale: ex-justice dept. attorney charged with peddling protected court docs

former federal lawyer allegedly tried to get $300,000 for a court filing revealing a whistleblower at a sunnyvale tech firm.

sunnyvale employees vote to allow union leaders to call for a strike

sunnyvale city officials said that they would be seeking a court injunction to keep employees working in “essential city services” following the sunnyvale employees association vote to authorize sea leadership to call a strike earlier this week. according to an sea spokesperson, 98.3 percent of the employees who voted tuesday night voted to allow the […]

sunnyvale city employees to strike monday, citing 5 years without a pay raise

union employees who have not received a raise from the city of sunnyvale for over five years are set to strike monday, which is also international workers' day, officials from the sunnyvale employees association announced this morning.

new seasons market opens grocery store in sunnyvale

a new supermarket is open in sunnyvale on el camino real which promises to bring together local, sustainable foods, affordable grocery brands as well as hot food for residents.

atari-themed sunnyvale apartments purchased for $15.7 million

an apartment building with a video game theme—and a nod to sunnyvale tech history—was sold early last month to a private investor for $15.7 million, according to its former owners.

sunnyvale library’s stem program for girls nets grant, praise

moving into its second year, sunnyvale’s make-her series is introducing more girls to the world of stem and tech, and netting cash and praise along the way. program sessions are held at the sunnyvale public library. to date make-her has won a $3,000 grant from the krause center for innovation, expanded to hold workshops at columbia middle school […]

construction continues at bishop elementary in sunnyvale

construction of a two-story classroom building is continuing at bishop elementary school in sunnyvale, and students literally watched it take shape earlier this month. students from all grades gathered sept. 1 to watch cranes lift and move 45,000-pound prefabricated classrooms into place. when complete, the building will be sunnyvale school district’s first two-story campus structure. […]

google grabs sunnyvale building as footprint widens

google has dazzled experts and observers with its property buying and leasing spree in sunnyvale’s moffett park district, part of a dramatic expansion for the tech titan.

sunnyvale asks for feedback on future of el camino real

a panel discussion on april 26 focused not only on the transportation importance of el camino real’s run through sunnyvale, but also the street’s importance in the realms of housing, business, tax revenue and creating traffic relief. the discussion on “the future of sunnyvale’s el camino real” saw an array of speakers sound off on the importance […]

sunnyvale: blue bonnet mobile park to close soon after conversion report’s appro

blue bonnet mobile home park in sunnyvale could close in six months to pave the way for the construction of townhomes, according to city staff. the closure of the park became much more imminent after a 5-2 sunnyvale city council vote that saw the certification of a conversion impact report, a necessary hurdle for developers seeking […]

sunnyvale recognizes history of yugoslavian orchardists

two panels documenting the 62 yugoslavian orchard families and information on their contribution to sunnyvale were added to the city's orchard exhibit.

apartment complex above new denny’s proposed for downtown sunnyvale site

 a new development could be coming to sunnyvale’s downtown denny’s that would see more residential units, but city officials say the process is still a long way from complete. 

sunnyvale church’s new youth outpost is ‘whimsical’

the sunnyvale church's tree house will be in the shadow of a 93-year-old protected blue oak tree

police make arrest in 2014 cold-case sunnyvale homicide

alfonso gonzales, 25, was arrested april 18 in san diego and has since been charged with one count of murder and eight counts of attempted murder, according to sunnyvale police.

unattended candle sparks fire in sunnyvale home

a sunnyvale resident suffered from minor burns while trying to put out the fire in her home.

sunnyvale rotary and gates foundation donate $75,000 to fight polio

sunnyvale rotary club, in conjunction with the bill and melinda gates foundation, is donating $75,000 to the rotary foundation as part of the “end polio” campaign. an anonymous donor gave $25,000 to the sunnyvale service club for the cause. the bill and melinda gates foundation contributed an additional $50,000 through its matching program. the funds […]

robot-surgery firm from sunnyvale facing lawsuits, reports of death and injury

the sunnyvale robot-surgery company has been hit with thousands of claims from patients, but its devices have performed millions of surgeries, including in the bay area.