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texas not enthused about possible import tax to pay for border wall

such a tax is all but certain to have a dramatic affect on the u.s. economy and particularly in texas, which imports far more from mexico than from any other country.

on corona and avocados: trump's 20 percent border tax concerns chicago businesse

let's get this out the way right now: yes, your avocados would cost more if a proposed 20 percent border tax on mexican imports were to become reality. that being said, the import tax floated by the white house on thursday as a possible way to fund president donald trump's proposed wall along the...

you can build a wall - except here, a river runs through it

robert eron drove his pickup truck toward the texas-mexico border, past cotton and sugar cane fields, up to a 20-foot-tall metal and concrete border fence — and p ed right through a gap in the barrier wide enough for a tractor-trailer. because of international treaty and flood zone requirements,...

you can build a wall -- except here, a river runs through it

robert eron drove his pickup truck toward the texas-mexico border, past cotton and sugar cane fields, up to a 20-foot-tall metal and concrete border fence — and p ed right through a gap in the barrier wide enough for a tractor-trailer. because of international treaty and flood zone requirements,...

will trump kill the open internet? fcc could be on the verge of ending net neutr

donald trump wants to build another wall. not a physical wall to keep out illegal immigrants, like his proposed mexican border project, but a virtual wall around the internet. and just as with mexico, he wants the people behind the wall to pay for it. president trump seems to want to dismantle the m...

exxon beats 4q profit forecasts

irving, texas (ap) — exxon mobil corp. is reporting fourth-quarter profit of $1.68 billion. the irving, texas, company said it had net income of 41 cents per share. earnings, adjusted for et impairment costs, e to 90 cents per share. the results exceeded wall street expectations, but exxon does not adjust its reported results based […]

would this pay for the wall?

good morning. it is urday, jan. 28. here’s what you don’t want to miss this weekend: top stories and who’s going to pay for it? president trump’s desire to fund the cost of a wall across the southern border with mexico has suddenly brought out of obscurity a border-tax idea that has been around...

what you need to know about the border in san diego and the wall

what you should know about the u.s.-mexico border and the wall trump has ordered.

building trump’s wall? 6 things to know about the u.s.-mexico border

with president donald trump moving ahead to build a mammoth wall, the spotlight is on the u.s.-mexican border. and there’s a lot that most people don’t know about it.

border wall: san diego's been there, done that

on wednesday, president donald trump ordered the “immediate construction” of a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. memo to the white house from san diego: done. while trump has portrayed this as a bold new initiative, reinforced fences have marked the border for decades. today, they snake across one-third...

homeland security head tours border as wall plan takes shape

san diego (ap) — u.s. homeland security secretary john kelly will w up a two-day tour of the nation’s border with mexico on friday as plans take shape to build a wall along the 2,000-mile divide between the two countries. kelly has told lawmakers that he would like to see wall construction well underway within […]

transcript president trump mcca speech: border wall being ‘designed right now’ ‘

president trump said his proposed wall along the southern border of the united states is currently in the design phase during his speech to law enforcement officials at the major cities chiefs ociation winter conference in washington d.c. “the wall is getting designed right now,” trump confirmed, pointing out people claiming that he was “only kidding” on […]

what's behind the great wall of america?

trump's false advertising routine for a mexican border wall provides an apt excuse for lucrative militari ion schemes.

israel's netanyahu applauds trump's plan for wall; mexico not pleased

on urday evening, israel's prime minister tweeted his praise of president donald trump's decision to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. "president trump is right," netanyahu wrote. "i built a wall along israel's southern border. it stopped all illegal immigration. great success....

border groups scramble for message to counter trump's wall, tax talk

a broad-based alliance of border advocates gathered in tijuana on thursday to call for a public paign to highlight the benefits of bilateral trade and the need for u.s.-mexico collaboration — a striking counterpoint to president donald trump’s plans for a border wall and a proposal to fund it...

koch network launches effort to scuttle gop tax plan that would help pay for bor

billionaire industrialist charles koch is launching a paign to sink a border tax under consideration by republican leaders in congress, a move that could complicate the lawmakers’ efforts to find a way to pay for president donald trump’s proposed wall on the u.s. border with mexico. a...

man accused of hiding corpse of student returning to texas

alpine, texas (ap) — police say a second man accused of hiding the corpse of a west texas college student will be returned from arizona to texas. alpine police lt. felipe fierro says chris estrada waived extradition tuesday from phoenix, where he was arrested a day earlier in the investigation of the death of zuzu […]

trump insists he can bring the cost of $21.6 billion border wall ‘way down’

president donald trump vowed in a pair of tweets saturday morning to negotiate the costs of constructing a wall along the u.s.-mexico border "way down," after a government analysis estimated the price at a whopping $21.6 billion.

texas ‘muslim day’ beefs up security over political climate

austin, texas (ap) — muslim organizers of a rally at the texas capitol said they were taking extra security precautions tuesday, including hiring private security guards, as hundreds arrived on buses amid growing discord over president donald trump’s immigration ban. although the “texas muslim capitol day” is a biennial event that was scheduled months before […]

nfl more forceful on texas ‘bathroom bill’ after super bowl

austin, texas (ap) — the nfl is expressing sharper warnings about a texas “bathroom bill” targeting transgender persons than statements prior to the super bowl in houston. nfl spokesman brian mccarthy on friday raised the prospect of texas losing out on future super bowls if there were laws “discriminatory or inconsistent with our values.” he […]

revealed: forcing mexico to pay for trump’s wall could actually send more migran

a congressional research service report obtained by the daily beast shows that forcing mexico to pay for president donald trump’s wall might result in pulling funding from programs that police the border on the other side. trump claimed that if mexico didn’t pay for his wall that he woul...

trump says walls work: 'just ask israel'

when president trump vows to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the u.s. border with mexico, he apparently doesn’t have the berlin wall or the great wall of china in mind. “do walls work?” trump said wednesday. “just ask israel about walls. ... just ask israel.” with noticeable frequency, trump appears...

citizens united lawyer targets texas paign finance laws

austin, texas (ap) — political “dark money” and the founder of an organization tied to president donald trump’s accu ions of voter fraud will be at the center of a texas supreme court case tuesday that could reshape paign finance laws in the country’s second-largest state. chief questions facing the nine republican justices on texas’ highest […]

appeals court stays texas man’s execution for 2004 slaying

fort worth, texas (ap) — a texas appeals court has stayed the scheduled execution of a fort worth man condemned for smothering an 89-year-old man and robbing him of some $6,000 in 2004. the fort worth star-telegram reports (http://bit.ly/2jmoyfp ) the texas court of criminal appeals issued an order friday staying the lethal injection of […]

texas a&m rallies to beat no. 24 lady vols 61-59

texas a&m coach gary blair relied on a lucky coin to help him earn a personal milestone.

texas boy lifts toilet lid, finds rattlesnake hiding inside

abilene, texas (ap) — a snake removal expert says rattlesnakes often hide in rural texas homes, but having one peer up from a toilet is an unusual occurrence. nathan hawkins said friday that he was called to a home near abilene last month after a boy lifted the toilet lid and was surprised to find […]

white house cites 'buffet of options' on paying for wall

the white house says it has yet to determine how mexico will pay for a m ive wall at the mexican border that president donald trump has promised to build.

travel ban, border wall protests outside rep. peter king's long island office

several hundred people chanted for an end to u.s. travel restrictions and called for no border wall at a protest outside the district office of rep. peter king in m apequa park -- capping a week of demonstrations against president donald trump's executive orders on immigration.

texas whopper: $4 billion bond set for man in murder case

killeen, texas (ap) — they say everything is bigger in texas. it’s now safe to say that applies to bail. bell county justice of the peace claudia brown set antonio marquis willis’ bond last week at a whopping $4 billion in the dec. 22 killing of another man at a home in killeen, about 55 […]

us judge blocks texas regulations for fetal tissue remains

a u.s. judge in texas on friday halted texas regulations that would require abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetal tissue through burial or cremation, saying they imposed “undue burdens on a woman’s right to seek a previability abortion.” u.s. district judge sam sparks issu...

trump says he will bring down the price of wall on mexico’s border

president donald trump pushed back early on saturday on assertions that the wall he wants built on the u.s. border with mexico would cost more than anticipated and said he would reduce the price. trump made his comments in two twitter posts but did not say how he would bring down the cost of the wal...

can trump just order a border wall to be built?

can trump just order a border wall to be built? quora questions are part of a partnership between newsweek and quora, through which we’ll be posting relevant and interesting answers from quora contributors throughout the week. read more about the partnership here. answer from catherine beale: ...

the environmental costs of trump’s wall

it looks like donald trump’s “great, great wall” is actually going to happen. its likely impact on human society has been well-noted, but in the longer-term a barrier across an entire continent will also have severe ecological consequences. the us-mexico border is around 1,900 miles (3,100 km) long ...

texas splits with other states, defends trump travel ban

san francisco (ap) — texas is splitting with other states and defending president donald trump’s ban on travelers from seven predominantly muslim nations. texas attorney general ken paxton filed documents with the san francisco-based 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals on wednesday asking the court to reconsider its decision not to immediately reinstate the ban. […]

analyst: costco among retailers most vulnerable to import-tax proposal

an analyst says costco is among the five companies that would be most affected under the border adjustment tax proposed by leading house republicans.